What is super cropping
What is super cropping

Hurt Your Cannabis Plants on Purpose? - What is Super Cropping and Why Do It?

How super cropping can help your cannabis plants grow stronger and bushier

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Joseph Billions on Monday Aug 31, 2020

Super Cropping Cannabis Plants; A Complete Guide

what is super cropping

The goal of every cannabis grower is to use the best combination of growing techniques in the presence of the right factors to ensure that the growing process produces a good yield. Super cropping is one such growing technique that can change the fortunes of any cannabis grower. The purpose of super cropping as a training technique is to ensure that the plant grows stronger buds but it can be quite demanding. Super cropping requires  a lot and so there is a need for concrete understanding if it is to be done the right way.

Why Super cropping?

Super cropping offers a rapid increase in yield. The concept of super cropping relies on the bending and pinching of the cannabis plant to alter and affect the insides of the plant without affecting the integrity of the outsides. This can seem to be counterproductive however, on closer look, it is evident that the plant answers as a response mechanism by growing more stronger cannabis buds.

The stress applied to the cannabis plants allows it to respond with vigorous growths and develops better buds which increases the yield of the cannabis grower. Just like an inflammatory response in the human body, the cannabis plant responds to this internal damage by fueling the growth of the cannabis plant. The female cannabis plants are known to grow trichomes that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes making the plant more beneficial.

Super cropping serves to manipulate the cannabis plant to direct the direction of growth seen in the cannabis plant. Much like the low-stress training techniques, the bending, and pinching done to the branches of the cannabis plant direct the plant to the direction to grow. When the plant recovers from the damage, it develops strong knots which later serve as the support structures for the plant buds. The added beauty of super cropping is that all these can be done with simple tools such as the hands, duct tape, and strings to tie branches.

When should super cropping be done? 

The question of when super cropping should  be carried out is a very important one. The training technique should be done at the right time to ensure that the cannabis plant has adequate time to recover and bloom. For newbies, the training technique should be done during the late vegetative stage which precedes the flowering stage. The reason for this is to ensure that the cannabis plant is presented with enough time to ensure that it recovers and grows strong buds. It is also important to ensure that the cannabis plant is healthy and devoid of nutrient deficiencies and pest attacks as these can affect the expected results.

While for cannabis growers that are more familiar with super cropping, it can be done at different timed stages during the lifespan of the cannabis plant. Super cropping can be done twice, once during the late vegetative stage of the plant, and also in the early flowering stage of the plant. The effect of this is that the plant is set in the ripe stage prior to the stage of stretching and blooming in the flowering stage.


How is super cropping done?

If super cropping is not done the right way, it can result in damages to the cannabis plant. It also increases the possibility of diseases affecting the plant. However, when equipped with the appropriate knowledge and information, going about the training technique of super cropping becomes easy even for those that are not experienced in super cropping.

To begin super cropping, the right branches have to be selected. These branches need to be mature and strong to withstand the manipulations. It is also beneficial when the taller cannabis plants are selected because this enables the formation of an even canopy and uniform grow. Next, the manipulation of the cannabis plant should start from the bottom of the branches. The bending of the branch, as well as the pinching, should be carefully done in order to ensure that permanent damage is not done to the branches.

Once the bending commences, the cannabis grower can work up the cannabis branch to ensure that the manipulation of the cannabis plant is done rightly after which the plant is then tied down with string and zip ties. There will definitely be times of broken branches which means it is important for the grower to be well versed in how to fix broken branches.

It should also be noted that the combination of super cropping with other training techniques can also increase the yield of the produce by giving bigger and better buds.









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