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cannabis liniment cream

Make Your Own Cannabis Liniment For Muscle Pain

Cannabis Cream For Muscle Aches and Bad Backs

Posted by:
DanaSmith on Monday Sep 25, 2017

Make Your Own Cannabis Liniment For Muscle Pain



Cannabis should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet because it has a use for anyone experiencing almost anything. This is especially true for athletes and fitness buffs, although the use of cannabis in this field is still rather controversial.


No matter what anyone says, cannabis has been critical to the success of athletes. Cannabis is also widely used in health, fitness, and exercise. But all of the strenuous activities involved with sports and exercise will mean that muscle pain is inevitable. Sore muscles after working out is referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and this can happen anytime you start a new exercise routine, change it up, increase the duration or add to the intensity of your fitness program. When your muscles have to work harder than it’s used to, or in a different manner, this can cause microscopic but temporary damage to the muscle fibers, and this is what’s behind the muscle stiffness or soreness.


If you experience muscle pain as a result of exercise, there’s no reason to be alarmed. DOMS doesn’t require medical assistance. This is just another condition that thankfully, cannabis can help with. Many individuals, athletes included, use cannabis to help them reduce the pain of DOMS or other sports and fitness-related muscle pains; some prefer to smoke cannabis but cannabis liniments applied to the affected area is also extremely beneficial.


It’s incredibly easy to make your own cannabis liniment to help with sore and painful muscles. This recipe for a cannabis liniment will beat the store-bought variety, any day. Here are the benefits of using this homemade product:


  • Massage into sore muscle before and after physical activity for quick relief from pain
  • Apply on areas affected by gout or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Improve circulation
  • Rub on temples and the back of the neck to treat headaches and migraines


cannabis liniment rub recipe

Cannabis Liniment Recipe




  • 2/3 of a glass mason jar filled with a herbal blend (high-CBD cannabis flowers and trim, around 2 tablespoons each: cayenne pepper, turmeric root, St. John’s wort, helichrysum flowers, comfrey root, arnica flowers, peppermint leaf, devil’s claw root)
  • optional: 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger, finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon menthol crystals
  • isopropyl alcohol or 1 cup of witch hazel





  1. Using a grinder, grind all the herbs together until they reach a fine consistency; then transfer to a quart-sized glass mason jar.
  2. Pour enough isopropyl alcohol to fill the glass jar, but leave around an inch of space on the top. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Cover the jar with its lid, and let the liniment mixture steep in warm temperature for at least 4 weeks, but 8 weeks is best; ensuring that the jar is shaken well every day.
  4. After the liniment is done steeping, strain using a cheesecloth then store the mixture in a spray bottle for easy application. A glass bottle or jar will do if you don’t have a spray bottle, then use a gauze pad or cotton ball for application.



Keep In Mind


This liniment, as well as other kinds, should only be used topically and never on broken skin. For those who have sensitive skin or intend on using the liniment on children, reduce the amount of menthol and herbs by half. Menthol crystals dissolve easily in witch hazel or alcohol, but if you aren’t sure about how strong you’d like the liniment to be, you can always use less then add more to the finished product.


Alcohol is typically used in the creation of liniments because it evaporates quickly and penetrates skin more effectively. Alcohol is also helpful in extracting the medicinal properties of the herbs used, and also has antiseptic properties. Witch hazel is a good alternative to alcohol for people who prefer not to use alcohol, as some find it too try. Witch hazel also has some great beneficial properties for the skin; it helps to reduce redness, swelling, bruises, skin sores, acne, oily skin, and more! Additionally, alcohol-based liniments provide quicker, almost immediate pain relief, making it great for on-the-go support. However, if you’re looking for longer-lasting relief, a cannabis salve is the way to go.










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