cannabis detox drinks
cannabis detox drinks

Need a Cannabis Detox, Fast? - Best Drinks to Flush Your Kidneys and Clean THC Out of Your Body

Need a marijuana detox that help flush your system of THC?

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HighChi on Sunday Mar 28, 2021

Cannabis Detox: What Are the Best Drinks to Flush Kidneys?

cannabis detox drinks

States across the United States are beginning to embrace the value cannabis brings to the medical sector through its natural healing properties. The increased legalization rate being enjoyed  by cannabis has enabled marijuana to become fully integrated into society. 


However, despite the rise in cannabis legalization, some companies and organizations have concerns about how their members use cannabis. Such concerns have led to the demand for cannabis tests, and that is where detoxification comes in. 


To succeed with your cannabis drug testing process, you will need to flush the body to get rid of all traces of THC. Read  on as I unravel everything you need to know this process and the best drinks to take for a cannabis detox. 


Why and when do you need a cannabis detox? 


A person who smokes marijuana often feels the impact of its effects immediately. But some people take cannabis via other consumption methods where some time is required before anything is felt. However, regardless of the method of consumption used or the reason for consumption a certain fact is that once consumed, the marijuana metabolites will remain active in the body for a definite amount of time. What this means is that there will be chemical traces of cannabis present in the body. These chemicals are referred to as cannabinoids, and they can be detected through an individual’s urine, blood, saliva, hair, and even fingernails. 


The drug tests look for the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and all its metabolites. The urine test is the most popular because it is straightforward to collect, and THC stays the longest in the urine than anywhere else. 


Before taking this test, you must detoxify your body from all THC metabolites such that there will be no trace of marijuana in your body. If you detox properly, the traces of cannabis should be out of your body, and your urine should be “clean” before the test. 



How long for THC to remain in the body?


THC is most easily detected in the blood, fat cells, and urine. The time it takes to remain in the body varies based on several factors: 


Your body fat percentage

The kind of exercise routine you engage in 

Eating habits

How frequently you use marijuana.


Traces of cannabinoids can remain in the urine for as long as four weeks after total abstinence. The metabolites can stay in fat cells, build up in the fat tissues, and spread to the blood after you stop taking cannabis for a while. THC can also be detected in the blood for up to seven days (depending on how frequently you use cannabis). 


How does cannabis detoxification and cleansing work? 


The cannabis detox mainly seeks to remove all detectable THC from the body. Several detox options are available, ranging from capsules to shampoos, mouthwashes, chewable tablets, and detox drinks. This article focuses on detox drinks. 


Some people go for cannabis cleansing tea which works sometimes but has some severe risks. Such cleansing teas modify the amount of creatinine in your urine (this is something the tests monitors). If the creatinine levels are abnormal, it implies that there is a contamination, and the person conducting the test will assume that you tried to cheat. 


So even though you get a negative result for the drug test, you may be asked to repeat it for accuracy and verification. Therefore, cleansing teas may not be your best option at this time: they are only effective short-term not if you need a long-term result. 


There are also THC detox kits that are often referred to as “quick fix.” If you are looking to ace your cannabis test on the first try. You don’t want to use these quick fixes because the Food and Drug Administration does not approve them. A lack of regulatory approval means they may be harmful to your body: you may pass the test, but you don’t know the negative impact the kits may have on your body. 


So if cleansing teas and quick fix kits are not recommended, what works? Homemade detox drinks! 


The best homemade cannabis detox drinks to flush your kidneys


Lemon juice 

Lemon juice and water is a classic homemade cannabis detox drink that works. It works because of its natural acidic liquid, which enables extensive detoxification, so now you know why most detox smoothies and drinks have a dash of lemon. 


Squeeze 1/2 lemon in a cup of water (between 8-16 ounces). The water dilutes the lemon juice and provides your body with enough fluids to flush the THC out from the kidneys. 


You can use the lemon juice multiple times days before taking the test. You can also take it on test day because the objective here is to flush your kidneys and body system thoroughly.



Coffee is another effective cannabis detox drink you can make at home. This is a natural diuretic and powerful liquid that evacuates THC remnants such that you pass your drug test with ease. 


While drinking coffee, remember to take a lot of water because you will be urinating a lot. The water you take will continue to encourage your body to flush the THC remnants in the kidneys. 


Get a drink with electrolytes like a sports drink which will help your body adjust to the detoxification process. It would help if you also took B-Vitamin pills a few days before the test: this adds color to your urine while the coffee flushes your system. 


Cranberry juice 

Cranberry is also an excellent detox drink that is just as effective as lemon juice. Cranberry flushes out the substance from your kidneys naturally and very fast in the most thorough way possible. The best way to utilize cranberry is to drink it with lots of water or a sports drink infused with electrolytes. 


Cranberry juice will help you pee a lot, which is essential for the effective detoxifying process. The more you pee, the more traces of marijuana will be flushed out of your system. 


Bottom line


With the homemade detox drink recipes shared in this article; you can get rid of all traces of THC from your kidney, enabling a smooth test experience. With these detox drinks, you get the best of both worlds: enjoying marijuana and detoxing when you have to. 








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