moving to a weed state, what to know
moving to a weed state, what to know

School District, Commuter Rail, Weed Shops - Relocating to a Legal Cannabis State? What You Should Know First!

Are you thinking about moving to a state that has legal marijuana sales?

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DanaSmith on Monday Jul 17, 2023

moving to a legal cannabis state

Thinking About Relocating Somewhere Cannabis Is Legal? Here’s What You Should Know First


There are more and more states that legalize marijuana, either recreationally or medically, each year.


This was unthinkable just a decade ago, as cannabis was still demonized and viewed as a drug harmful to society. Now, with thousands of solid studies being done on cannabis products, it’s undeniable: cannabis is beneficial for physical and mental health. In addition, legalizing cannabis generates profitable taxes for state governments.


As of the time of writing, 23 states have legalized adult-use cannabis, alongside Washington, DC as well as Guam. On top of that, there are 38 states that have medical cannabis laws of some form, including DC and 4 of 5 US territories. There is growing support from the public about the safety and even necessity of marijuana. In a 2022 Gallup poll, 68% of American adults believe that cannabis should be legalized – and experts predict that these figures will only continue to grow.


Unfortunately, there are still several states that are unlikely to ever legalize marijuana. Some are seen to, perhaps, never abolish the criminalization of the most important plant today. These include Kansas, Nebraska, Idaho. Meanwhile, other states have mixed laws or only allow CBD, such as Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, and Mississippi among others. Aside from the United States, cannabis is also legal in Canada, Malta, Mexico, Uruguay, and Malta; to some extent, some territories in Australia have also legalized cannabis. Meanwhile, several nations in Europe have also legalized cannabis, and several other countries around the world including Thailand.

That said, more people are looking to relocate entirely for the purpose of having better access to cannabis-friendly laws.


Cannabis Migration


Ever since Colorado first legalized sales of recreational marijuana sales back in 2014, more people saw the benefits of living in a state where cannabis was so easy to get. Having access to marijuana is actually a factor when people consider where to live, so cannabis migration became a thing back then.


It still continues up to today. People of all walks of life understand the value of living in a cannabis friendly state: patients, parents of sick children, cannabis farmers, job hunters, and business owners are just some of the types of people who are migrating for weed. What exactly are the benefits of living in a canna friendly state?


  • Easy access to cannabis, for medical or recreational purposes

  • Freedom to consume anytime you want

  • Access to a legal cannabis job market

  • Enjoy the benefits of tax profits from your state



That said, relocating is a much more appealing idea if you are currently living in state with mixed laws, or one where it’s completely illegal.


Before You Go


Moving to another country or state in order to enjoy the benefits of legal marijuana can change your life for the better. However, there are certain things you need to understand beforehand:


  • How much does cannabis cost?


The cost of cannabis is different from one state to another. That’s because there are different state laws and taxes that are in place, affecting the price because of factors such as weight-based taxes, percentage-of-price taxes, potency taxes, and much more. The price of marijuana should be taken carefully into consideration and added to your overall living or expense budget, on top of other things you should have researched carefully, such as rent and utilities in your potential new home.


Additionally, medical marijuana users can avail of certain discounts compared to recreational users. In essence, it’s cheaper to be an MMJ patient rather than a recreational user. It may be worth signing up for a medical marijuana card if it’s easier to do so in your new home.



  • Secure your home beforehand. The sad truth is that the rates of homelessness are much higher in adult-use friendly states, and that isn’t rocket science. Many people simply want to live in a place where they can access cannabis but are unable to afford the rents there. It’s critical that you have the savings and have the financial capacity to do so.


Also, keep in mind that legal cannabis has been shown to drive up home prices and rental costs in cities where they are legalized. Typically, the more dispensaries a city has, the higher home values are. This should be carefully taken into consideration for your budget when relocating for cannabis. This is because in cities where pot is legal, there is a higher demand for commercial properties since the cannabis industry requires it for warehouses, retail zones like dispensaries and shops, and land in general.



  • Understand the laws. Different countries, as well as states in the US, are on the spectrum when it comes to consumption and possession laws. You don’t want to risk getting into trouble for smoking pot because you didn’t know that it was illegal to do so in public, or grow it at home. While cannabis laws change frequently, it’s still important to understand the legalities of the current times where you are considering to move to.


For example, some states only have reduced penalties such as Nebraska and North Carolina. Some states only allow CBD such as Indiana, Texas, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Those with the most relaxed cannabis laws include California, Illinois, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and Massachusetts.





If you live somewhere cannabis is illegal or restricted, better access to legal cannabis can dramatically change the quality of your life for the better. Be sure to do your due diligence and homework before you move, especially with the legal and financial aspect.






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