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Marijuana Legalization Will Make America Great, Again.

How Legalizing Marijuana Will Change The Economy

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The Undercover Stoner on Wednesday Aug 17, 2016

Marijuana Legalization Will Make America Great, Again.

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(part of our series, Through The Eyes Of A Stoner, by James Munroe)

In 2015 the state of Colorado alone reported almost 1 billion in medical and recreational cannabis sales. That netted over 135 million dollars in taxes to be redistributed back into the community. 35 million of that went towards school construction projects. That's right, college scholarships are being funded through marijuana taxation. Essentially, legal pot sales have the potential to put your kids through school.


Let that sink in for second.


Now, hear this: full scale legalization of marijuana is going to make America great again.


Ambitious statement? Not in the least.


In 2015, the total amount of money made from legal US sales of marijuana capped its peak at a cool 5.4 billion dollars, marking a 17% increase as compared to 2014. Experts predict that number to rise a further 25%, which will give 2016 record bragging rights over the impressive 6.7 billion dollars in sales that the rise would present.


Yeah, lots of big numbers, but we're just getting started. (Stick with me, it'll be worth it,  I promise.) That 25% increase? Market experts predict that rise to remain constant every year, giving us a mind blowing figure of 21.8 billion dollars in estimated legal marijuana sales by the year 2020.


microsoft gets into weed

The Marijuana industry certainly has enough potential to make Bill Gates drool, but you're not Bill Gates and chances are pretty good you don't have the means to jump into this industry headfirst and create a streamlined business seemingly overnight, so, should you be excited too?


What does all this legalization banter mean for you?


Well depending on your demographic I think it could mean any number of things. From an investor's point of view, cannabis stocks are definitely a fountain of wealth with unlimited potential, but if you're just the average American family grinding out the daily 9-5 humdrum and wondering “Why all this fuss over dope?”, then listen up; this little herb is going to change your existence.


See, cannabis is a plant whose properties can be distributed into every facet of the economy. From the medicine, to the clothing, to the construction, to the automotive industry, there's almost nothing that can't be done with marijuana.


I'm not embellishing either.


Most people have probably seen a disheveled hippie getting around in a multicolored hemp poncho, so it's not exactly news that the cannabis plant can be used to make clothing, but did you know that through hemp, marijuana can be used to produce some of the safest and cleanest vehicles on the planet?


That's right, weed doesn't just heal the sick, or put your kids through school, it builds cars too.



hemp car by Henry Ford


Henry T. Ford was the first pioneer to explore hemp manufacturing in the auto industry and it was in 1941 that the world was introduced to the first prototype vehicle made from hemp. During the build Ford discovered that hemp can actually be manufactured to be stronger, lighter and more pliable than steel, boasting some impressive impact resistance. The auto company Kestrel have perfected their very own model hemp-mobile into a fully functional, fully badass sports car that operates off an environmentally friendly hemp bio fuel diet- so you can look sexy and leave a minuscule carbon footprint at the same time. Sex and sense? The mind boggles.


Planning on building a house? How about grow your own marijuana and use the hemp to live in?


hemp material


Homes made from hemp not only naturally deter rats and mice, but hemp building materials also take more carbon out of the air than they add; so essentially your home will be making the air around you and your children safer to breathe.


Legalization also means innovation. It means a whole new wild and unexplored frontier of career opportunities that the world has never seen. It will provide countless thousands of job titles and inspire the nation to dream up unheard of vocations that will not only reinvigorate the nation, but revitalize the tourist industry.


Your children will dream again. The American job scene is going to be bursting with so many newborn career paths that once again she will be the land of opportunity, but I'm sure you get it by now. Marijuana is great and it should be legal. It's going to inject a surplus of wealth into your community and quite possibly your own personal life.


I could word it many an awe inspiring way, but the fact is if America can lead the charge and free the leaf, the impact will be immeasurable for not only the good of the nation, but for the good of the world.


To be honest with you I could keep waffling on at length about how each one of the estimated 50,000 uses of the cannabis plant is going to inject riches into virtually every nook and cranny of the American stock market, but if marijuana legalization is going to make the nation great again, it has to be about more than money doesn't it?


Sure, all of these staggering monetary statistics and theories on potential fortunes to be made may be enough to make us all smile while we dream of a stronger, braver, more independent America, but money doesn't bring true happiness does it?


As Abe Lincoln noted in his famous speech, a nation divided cannot stand. Riches and power are of little consequence if the country is falling apart from the inside. How can America the brave truly be free if it cowers behind melanin based prejudice in making the use of nature's most beneficial herb a criminal offense?


reefer madness racism


Last week I touched on the bigoted beginnings that made cannabis the public enemy number one in the first place. With this knowledge in mind I have no doubt that full scale legalization will remove the shackles that have oppressed so many for so long.


If we are the people; if we are to be a populace that is totally unified then the walls of racial discrimination must fall.


When the racist agenda of the prohibition fails and the entirety of its narrow-minded imposition becomes fully realized by her inhabitants, the United States of America will truly become the people. Cannabis is going to be the arbiter of peace, it can do no less.

Let's show the world the treasures that cannabis can provide. Let's make America great again, together.


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