cooking with CBD
cooking with CBD

Start Cooking with CBD - How to Start Using CBD in Your Daily Cooking Routine

Should you be mixing CBD in with your favorite meals?

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Jul 17, 2021

How to Cook With CBD at Home

cooking with cbd

Cannabidiol is an excellent compound with lots of benefits, and adding it to your delicious recipes is another great way of enjoying its benefits. The CBD industry has become a billion-dollar industry, and it's all thanks to the fact that it has a non-intoxicating cannabis-driven substance.


Wellness companies globally are keen on harnessing the benefits and value CBD offers, and cooking is one such method. To maximize the benefits of CBD, you must think like the wellness companies and start adding it to your cooking. 


How does cooking with CBD work?

CBD is just like other fat-soluble cannabis substances, and since we require fat while cooking, adding it to your recipes will be very simple. Think about the way you add some olive oil or ghee to your food, and now see how easy it is to use CBD to spice up your dishes. 


You can add CBD to sauces, dressing, and stews; foods that require neutral fats will all taste better with CBD. It is just like coconut oil that works well with your favorite meals. 


Many CBD oils available in the market are made by diluting the CBD extract with vegetable, coconut, or olive oil. The CBD is extracted from CBD-rich cannabis hemp or strains. With these oils in your cooking, you will be preparing a highly nutritious meal. 


However, you must be mindful when cooking with CBD oil: do not expose it to high heat. You will also get better results when you add it to your meals towards the end of the cooking process or too cold dishes (this can be at any point). 


Please remember always to use only high-quality CBD oil made by a reputable manufacturer. CBD oils from low-quality ingredients or made through a sub-standard process will ruin your cooking experience. These are oils with traces of pesticides, bacteria, fungi, and other pollutants you don't want to ingest. 


The benefits of cooking with CBD

  • CBD oil offers a slower and gradual release of CBD into your body. The CBD you take from your food offers a more gradual release into your bloodstream, making digestion easier. 


  • CBD oil is also a more discreet way of enjoying your CBD without using other apparent methods such as smoking or vaporizing. 


  • The CBD oil supplements have a bitter and more intense flavor most people do not like. But you wouldn't get this painful sensation when you add CBD to your recipes. You will also be enjoying all the benefits it offers with a fantastic flavor. 


  • Using CBD oil to cook is healthier than smoking cannabis. Cannabis is mainly consumed via smoking, but it isn't the most beneficial way of taking it. By cooking with CBD, you will be getting CBD-rich cannabis without any health implications. 


  • With CBD oil, you also get a new way to experiment with your cooking and introduce something new and healthy into your recipes. If you enjoy experimenting with food, then this is your chance to have a lot of fun with it. 


The food and drinks you can infuse with CBD.

There are several foods and drinks you can prepare with CBD oils. Of course, we wish you can organize all kinds of foods with it, but that may not be possible just yet. Here are some of the food you can add CBD oil. 


  • Cookies and brownies 

Who doesn't love a good snack? This is yet another classic way of adding CBD oil into your cooking. Whip up a nice batch of CBD cookies and brownies and infuse CBD oil; you will end up with a delicious and filling snack. 


  • Sauces and Dips 

Sauces and dips are also a favorite with CBD oil. You can enjoy hot or cold sauces and dips with CBD oil, as most of them require a generous addition of fat. If you enjoy serving sauces and dips as deserts, or an accompaniment, then you will enjoy mixing some CBD oil into it. 


  • Soups 

There is nothing more delicious and wholesome bowl of soup. Regardless of your preference, hot, cold, meaty, vegetarian, or chunky, you can add CBD oil to a wide variety of soups. 


You can achieve a delicious smoothie blend with CBD oil. You have an endless list of fruits, juices, and vegetables you can use with the oil, and this will help you get your CBD dose daily. 


  • Coffee and tea 

This is a straightforward way to start introducing CBD into your meals. If you enjoy taking CBD in the morning, this wouldn't be a bad idea as it will help kick start your day. CBD tea is a common way to steep CBD into your breakfast time meal.


Here's how you can cook with CBD

The first idea to consider using CBD oil to cook is to know the quantity you will require per serving. Calculate how many food servings you will offer and add the standard dose into every serving. 


So if you are making five soup servings and you take ten drops of CBD oil daily, it means you will need 50 drops in your recipe. But please start with tiny drops if you have never taken CBD oil or cannabis before. 


After measuring the dose, prepare the food according to your recipe and add the CBD oil when it's time. Don't lace the CBD oil into direct contact with high heat. This means if you are making a stir-fry dish, for example, it is best to add it at the end of your cooking.  


You can also use other variants of CBD, such as CBD flowers. Simply know the number of flowers you will need per serving, grind it, and heat it. Then strain the oil or butter to remove all plant pieces and add it to your recipe. 


Bottom Line 

So we have covered the details of cooking with CBD from the basics to other aspects that will help you get it right. CBD is a versatile substance that has become highly sought after in the medical, personal fitness, and wellness industries. 


As a part of the culinary industry, you will have various meals and recipes you can add create with CBD. Get some CBD, find a recipe you love, and make some magic in your kitchen!








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