CBD smoothie
CBD smoothie

CBD Smoothies and Shakes For Healthy Living at Nectar in Maine

How Do You Make a CBD Smoothie That Tastes Great?

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The Undercover Stoner on Friday Oct 6, 2017

CBD Smoothies and Shakes For Healthy Living at Nectar in Maine

Can You Add CBD to a Smoothie or Coffee? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


00:08 Kirk: Hey, everybody. It's Kirk with cannabis.net and we are cruising around the world. Today, we come to you from Bridgton, Maine. And if Maine sounds familiar, you may know that it is also a State that has approved recreational cannabis, as well as already having a medical program. But today, we have a different story. We are gonna be talking CBD smoothies and shakes with Drew from Nectar. We are gonna pan around. Welcome, Drew, cannabis.net.


00:37 Drew: Good morning.


00:37 Kirk: Tell us what we have going on right here at Nectar's. And how you came up with the idea for CBD smoothies.


00:42 Drew: Yeah. We're on Main street here in Bridgton, Maine. We decided that we wanted to not only do Superfood smoothies, but incorporate CBD. Since it's good to go ahead and take CBD as a supplement, get it in your body on a daily basis. A Superfood smoothie was a good vessel for that.


01:02 Kirk: Now, this CBD is from cannabis or hemp?


01:05 Drew: It's from agricultural hemp.


01:07 Kirk: Agricultural hemp, sir?


01:08 Drew: 100% organically-grown hemp.


01:10 Kirk: Alright. Now, with Maine approving recreational recently, we still have a few months to go. Will there be a Cannabis CBD smoothie when things change in July?


01:20 Drew: Yes. We hope to be able to... When people ask, be able to add a nice modest 5 to 10mg smoothie with the actual THC itself. And maybe a combination of both if people wish to have that.


01:35 Kirk: Alright. Well, take us in Nectar's. Let see what a CBD smoothie looks like. For those that are just joining us, you'll see, we're in Bridgton, Maine. Maine has a medicinal program. And now it will a little bit easier and quieter to hear. We are on a Maine way here. And we are at Nectar in Bridgton, Maine. And as you saw last week when we put up the photo, we're here because of that special add on, CBD oil smoothies and shakes. Alright. Go ahead, tell us, ladies. Why CBD?


02:09 Barista: Well, it's a great way to introduce people to the plant. My husband and I really do believe in whole plant medicine. So smoothies are a great way to have a healthy lifestyle. And CBD is just one of those things that's gonna help with stress, it's gonna help with anxiety. It's gonna help as a very large anti-inflammatory. Apart from that, it helps with arthritis, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress syndrome. Countless amounts of things. And every day they're discovering more.


02:41 Kirk: Alright. Out of this board of wonderful smoothies, let's show everybody, what do you wanna make today? What do you think should be something we should show everybody. What's your [02:50] ____? Gimme your specialty. Is it a Maui Wowi? Is it a Blue Dream? Sweet Tooth? White Russian? For those that might recognize a few of these names. Mango OG. Banana Kush. I could try all of these today.


03:03 Barista: Since you're in Maine, why don't we do a Blue Dream.


cbd shakes


03:05 Kirk: We're gonna do a Blue Dream. We are in Maine and for those that don't know, blueberries are a wonderful part of Maine that they're famous for. We're gonna be making a CBD Blue Dream, with Maine Blueberries, bananas, local syrup, spinach, acai or acai, depending on how you say it, chia seeds and hemp milk, we're gonna add in the CBD oil for everybody to watch. What are we doing over here?


03:28 Barista: I just put in some bananas. We've got some organic acai berry, frozen. We've got some organic spinach that we're gonna put in here.


03:35 Kirk: So we got acai, bananas, spinach.


03:43 Barista: You come over here.


03:45 Kirk: Jump in, Drew, if you got something to say. Wow! Look at this. Let's just show everybody the smorgasbord of delicious healthy things here; pineapples, strawberries, acai, those are the blueberries, Maine blueberries everybody. If you've never been to Maine, you should come up here, come to Bridgton, and certainly try blueberries from Maine.


04:02 Drew: One thing I want to add too is that 90%, maybe 90 to 100% of our smoothies, the base is hemp milk.


04:10 Kirk: Oh. Okay.


04:11 Drew: That's another thing.


04:12 Kirk: Is there CBD in the hemp milk alone?


04:13 Drew: There is no CBD in the hemp milk.


04:14 Kirk: Okay.


04:15 Drew: But there are very healthy benefits.


04:18 Kirk: If we're talking about the entourage effect, you're getting it with the hemp entourage effect between the milk and then adding in the CBD. Alright, show us what we have going on here.


04:26 Barista: We have no ice. We have no artificial sweeteners. This is local organic Maine maple syrup from Gray Farm up the street.


04:35 Kirk: Okay. So we're using...


04:36 Barista: A little splash of that.


04:37 Kirk: Did you say organic maple syrup?


04:38 Barista: That is correct.


04:39 Kirk: So we have Maine blueberries and organic maple syrup going in here.


04:43 Barista: And one of the great things about hemp milk is, it is very high in protein, omegas, it doesn't have any dairy in it. And it also has no nuts. So people with allergies can enjoy the benefits of non-dairy milk.


04:57 Kirk: Alright. So no dairy.


05:00 Barista: Nothing in here has dairy or gluten.


05:02 Kirk: Alright. This looks delicious. Again, we have organic maple syrup, blueberries, hemp milk, bananas, spinach, acai berry. And that's all we have so far.


05:15 Barista: That's what we got so far. We're gonna add chia seeds and CBD at the end.


05:19 Kirk: Okay. Why chia seeds? Tell people what's so great about chia seeds.


05:22 Barista: Another great anti-inflammatory. They're fantastic for hydration and digestion. A lot of people will throw Chia seeds right into their smoothie dry. They may soak them and then put them in their smoothie. I like to soak them and then put them on top of the smoothie, because it adds a different texture, really helps to retain hydration in your body.


05:45 Kirk: Alright. There we go.


06:02 Kirk: And when your customers come in, what are some of the medicinal or pains or conditions they have that they enjoy a shake of CBD?


06:12 Barista: People usually come in here 'cause they need energy. They're looking for a meal replacement. They're also looking for something that's just gonna make them feel good, help their stress levels, their anxiety levels and...


cbd for autism

06:28 Drew: We have people with autism come in.


06:30 Barista: Absolutely.


06:31 Drew: And anxiety. Was there some of the other ailments you would...


06:35 Barista: Migraines.


06:36 Drew: Migraines, that's true too. Cayenne pepper is something else we offer that's good for migraines, as well as CBD.


06:42 Kirk: And what is the average person... I know you wanna sell as many as you can... Weekly dosage. What are people doing? Are they going at shake three times a week or...


06:51 Barista: We see people in here sometimes everyday.


06:54 Kirk: Everyday for their... Do they get the same thing? Do they alternate?


06:57 Barista: They don't. And we actually have a challenge card. We like to, instead of... A lot of other smoothie or coffee places will say, "Get 10 smoothies, get one free." We like to challenge people to try new ingredients, to try new Superfoods. So if you try every smoothie, then you get one free.


07:15 Kirk: I got you. Okay.


07:17 Barista: And, of course, we're always happy to customize for people if they do get what they like.


07:22 Kirk: And you guys can see some of the different things here, so we're doing the CBD. This is hemp oil CBD, Maine has approved, they do have a medicinal program, if you missed the beginning. They have approved recreational but it won't be probably 'till next July, so at this time, hemp CBD is the option to use. Come next July, there will be options to use a cannabis-based CBD, and an entourage-type oil, but for now... And there goes the chia seeds, let's get in there. They kinda come in a gel, they kinda come hydrated like that, I'm not a chia seed expert. For people that don't know, it's not just sprinkling seeds on like the salt guy.


08:02 Drew: She soaks them.


08:03 Kirk: She soaks them.


08:04 Drew: How far have you soaked them?


08:06 Barista: I usually soak them overnight.


08:07 Kirk: And what are they soaked in?


08:09 Barista: Just water.


08:09 Kirk: Just water. Okay. Gotcha.


08:11 Barista: Our cups, our lids, our straws are all made in the US. They're all made of recycled material and they're all compostable. And there you have it.


08:20 Kirk: Wow! Look at that. Delicious. What of the big board, tell us a little about... That was a Blue Dream, for those that missed the beginning, that's what we made right there. What are some of the other more popular ones or what do people come in and get?


08:34 Barista: People love the Power Plant.


08:35 Kirk: Power Plant. Okay.


08:37 Barista: That's a very healthy smoothie, a very green smoothie, but it's not bad-tasting green smoothie. It's a super immune booster for people that are feeling that they're getting sick, especially this time of the year you get the sniffles. The Sweet Tooth is like a carrot cake smoothie.


08:52 Kirk: Sweet Tooth, carrot cake. Okay.


08:54 Barista: The Alice in Wonderland is not as popular, but it's one of my favorites because it's very unique in flavors. Chaga mushrooms grow locally here in Maine, and they're the most potent antioxidant in the world. They're great for people that are trying to get pain relief, and it's also a hunger suppressant, so it's a very good meal replacement smoothie.


09:19 Kirk: Gotcha.


09:19 Barista: It'll give you energy throughout the day and keeps you from feeling hungry. The avocado in that also really helps as a natural added protein.


09:30 Kirk: And what about the Maui Wowi? That looks like a popular one.


09:32 Barista: It is.


09:33 Drew: It's number one.


09:33 Kirk: Number one.


09:34 Barista: It is a salted caramel vegan milkshake.


09:38 Kirk: Okay. That's a great point, vegan.


09:39 Barista: Its decadent, it's sweet, yes.


09:41 Kirk: Is everything vegan on here?


09:43 Barista: Yes, correct.


09:44 Kirk: Okay. Sounds good. Sounds good. Now we are at Nectar, in Bridgton, Maine. Maine, again, has medicinal approved for cannabis, recreational coming. You guys have your own hemp line coming out, this is getting so popular, tell me a little bit about that.


09:56 Barista: We do.


09:57 Drew: Yeah, we are the retail side of things. We sell so much of the pain cream and pain spray. CBD is also good for [10:07] ____. If you're having pain, really anywhere you can rub it on your body and then it absorbs into your skin and you almost get instant relief. A lot of people pair that up with ingesting the CBD oil for added effects and benefit. We've decided to launch our own line of pain cream, all-organic essential oils. Our pain creams have Arnica in it, which is also a great anti-inflammatory pain reliever and that should be launching sometime this year.


10:38 Kirk: Okay. How would people, if they wanna order your specific brand or know more about it, where should they go? How should they contact you?


10:45 Drew: I would say go on our website which is nectarofmaine.com.


10:48 Kirk: That's nectarofmaine.com.


10:49 Drew: Nectarofmaine.com, Maine the state, not main street, because we are on main street as well.


10:55 Kirk: Gotcha. We see a Mary from Cleveland, she says, "Hello." What's the address that we're at Bridgton, Maine, right now?


11:01 Drew: 59, Main Street.


11:03 Kirk: In Bridgton, Maine?


11:04 Drew: Bridgton, Maine. Yes.


11:04 Kirk: Bridgton, Maine without the E?


11:05 Drew: Mm-hmm.


11:06 Kirk: Gotcha. Okay. Alright. We are at Nectar, in Bridgton, Maine. Come on up for a smoothie. A lot of people come in the summertime to Maine and this is certainly on the way to the mountains and kind of in a centrally-located area. I'd like to thank the entire staff of Nectar, and we're gonna try some smoothies. If you have any questions, don't be shy, make sure you check out their website; nectarofmaine.com. And you can shoot them questions. You can check out their private supply that they are getting ready to sell online. It can be shipped because it does... It is a Hemp-based CBD. We hope you guys will check out the site and when you're in Maine, come try a CBD smoothie. Hey, thank you very much, everybody, it was a great time to be here and I'm looking forward to this smoothie.


11:54 Barista: You can find us on Facebook and Instagram as well.


11:56 Kirk: Okay. What's the Facebook page? What do they type in?



11:58 Barista: It's Nectar of Maine.


12:00 Kirk: Nectar of Maine.


12:00 Barista: For both that and Instagram as well.


12:01 Kirk: Okay. Nectarofmaine.com, and then also on Facebook and Instagram. Give 'em a follow. Give 'em a like. You can shoot them a question, they're very responsive. Thanks, Kevin. It looks awesome too, I can't wait to try it. We are gonna try some smoothies now and if you have any questions, make sure you check 'em up. Thanks, everybody.


Go visit Nectar Of Maine, click here or the logo.

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