stretching your weed out
stretching your weed out

Stretch Your Stash - How to Get the Most Out of Your Weed

How can you make your last bud go the farthest?

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christalcann on Wednesday Oct 2, 2019

How to Get the Most Out of Your Weed?

stretch your stash of weed

Whether you’ve got money to burn or if you’re a consumer on a budget, having access to high-quality cannabis isn’t cheap.

Oftentimes it comes at a steep price.

Furthermore, you may have more than enough dough to spend but the availability of such a high-value commodity makes it hard to hoard and hog them in such large and copious amounts especially now that cannabis is used not only for recreational purposes but also to address medical concerns.

Having said, consumers wonder and think of ways on how they can maximize the yield and the efficacy of their favorite botanical plant matter. So, without further ado, here are tips and tricks that are proven to let you make the most out of your weed.


Grind It

Regardless if you use a vaporizer, pack a bowl, light up a bong, roll a spliff or a joint, grinding the herbs allow you to get not only better results but more efficient and effective sessions.

Here’s why.

Dried plant matter is either combusted or is vaporized by burning or heating. The herbs themselves react better to heat when they’re ground and cut into smaller and finer pieces. Botanicals are heated and are burned evenly, giving you better results and prevents wastage. Moreover, grinding herbs allow you to cover better surface area letting you pack more. Joints are firmer, bowls are packed tighter, and vaporizer chambers are filled with more weed for a more potent experience and better airflow.

Using grinders also let you collect one of the most important components of cannabis – kief.

Kief, or pollen, is the resinous substance found in flowers. Known as the most potent form of unprocessed weed, kief carries a lot of the major and potent active ingredients of weed. While it contains cannabinoids, it also has the terpenes and the flavonoids which give your weed its distinct and unique aroma and flavor.

Without a proper grinder, kief just falls on your table or sticks in your fingers. There are a lot of dry herb grinders on the market today that are designed and engineered to collect the pollen from your weed. The best we’ve found so far are the ones made by SharpStone. Give the SharpStone website a visit and see for yourself.


Store It

To be more precise, store it properly.

Keeping your weed in Ziplock plastic bags may not be the best idea. While Ziplock plastic bags make for a seemingly air-tight container, the plastic material itself may bleed overtime causing some of its chemical compounds to rub off on your weed. Furthermore, plastic containers encourage sweating, its transparent nature also lets light in which contributes to drying out the herbs.

See, when weed dries out, they tend to slightly loose its aroma and flavor. It decreases the number of pollens on the bud therefore affecting not only flavor and aroma but also potency.

Moreover, plastic bags and even plastic containers promote static shock which kills off some of the pollen you might have had in your weed.

Make sure to use glass containers whenever possible and store your weed in a cool, dry, and dark place, away from excessive moisture and from home appliances.

Proper weed storage will prove to be a beneficial practice allowing you to prolong the life of your botanicals and enjoy them longer.


Don’t Use Papers

Whenever possible, avoid rolling your weed in paper.

It may not be the most popular tip but it’s a sensible and a practical trick.

When smoking joints, weed is burned as fast as paper is. To put it simply, you have no control of how slow or how fast your weed is consumed.

Picture this, you’re smoking weed with your friends when your buddy who’s holding the spliff starts telling a story. You look at the spliff he’s holding and realize you could be inhaling that smoke that’s otherwise wasted as it simply just evaporates into air.

This is why group sessions involving rolling papers tend to put a certain pressure to those who partake in it as you lose precious active ingredients every moment.

Which brings us to our next tip...


Use Vaporizers

One of the best ways to maximize and get the most out of your cannabis is by using vaporizers.

Not only is it good for your health but also for your wallet.

Vaporizers that have variable temperature settings allow you to enjoy a slew of effects and upshots from your weed. Low temperature profiles induce mild euphoria and a light body buzz which allows you to stay functional throughout your day. Higher temperatures, on the other hand, promote more of a knock-off-your-socks experience. Having said, a vaporizer allows you to customize your sessions and select a specific effect depending on how you want your day to turn out.

Furthermore, because vaporizers allow you to heat weed in lower temperature levels compared to just lighting it up, you’re basically getting the same high as smoking weed while using less.

There are a lot of study revolving around the benefits of using a vaporizer compared to smoking. Look at it as an investment as you’ll most likely end up saving money for hospital bills for future lung-related ailments.



Ever heard of the term entourage effect?

It’s when all the components found in your weed interact with each other and synergize to produce a well-balanced high. These components include cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Having said, there’s a way to build a more potent high without using more weed.

The terpene Myrcene enhances the effects of the active compounds in cannabis. This means that with the usual amount of weed you consume; it’s possible to get even higher highs with a little dose of added Myrcene.

The good thing is, you don’t need to cook chemicals or add anything in your ground-up weed. Myrcene can be found in fruits, like mango. So, eating a mango before your session increases your chances of achieving that elevated state of mind without using more weed from your stash.










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