How to make your weed last
How to make your weed last

Money Saving Marijuana Practices - How to Stretch Your Weed Stash Out

How can you make a little cannabis last a long time?

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Reginald Reefer on Monday May 20, 2019

How to Stretch your Weed: Money Saving Marijuana Practices

how to make your weed last

Let’s face it, smoking weed can become an expensive habit to maintain. Especially if you’re buying ‘premium product’. While it’s still very possible to get cannabis for cheap prices, many of the newer products come with an elevated price tag. And even though the price per gram is dropping across the board, the fact of the matter is that the average cannabis user spends well over $1000 per year on their buds.

Most people have learned how to measure their consumption to make their weed last, however, sometimes there’s just too many ‘days for your monies’, meaning that at times you have to go to “extreme budgeting” when it comes to your habit.

In today’s article, we’ll be talking about some “best practices” to help stretch your stash further, and allowing you to have “emergency tokes” for those rainy days you don’t have a stash.


Get a Good Grinder

One of the best ways to stretch your weed comes through a low-tech solution. Having a good grinder will allow you to collect the kief (pollen). Granted, at first this doesn’t seem to be like much, however over time you can collect quite a bit of kief.

What makes Kief such a great asset to have in your arsenal because it’s very versatile. For starters, you could use kief to make ‘lesser weed’ more potent. By sprinkling some kief on any joint or bowl will give it that extra “umph” you’re looking for.

Kief can also be smoked by itself. Granted, the “toke” is much smaller, but considering that Kief is just a whole bunch of THC, it will get the job done when you don’t have anything to smoke.

Finally, by compressing and heating kief, you can turn it into hash. You’ll need quite a bit of Kief to pull this off, however, it’s a quick and easy way to get your hands on some homemade hash.


Don’t smoke joints

Smoking a joint is the most common way to get high, however, it’s also a very wasteful way of consuming cannabis. Even Bongs can technically consume less than a joint. This is mainly because a joint burns even when you’re not smoking it. If you’re in a bind and need to conserve your weed, rather use hitters or pipes with small bowls.

Often enough you don’t need “that much” weed to get high, with a hitter/pipe with small bowl you can measure your tokes more effectively.


Consider Vaping

One of the ways to stretch your weed is through vaping. You get roughly 5 times the amount of “tokes per gram”. Since there is no combustion involved, you can roughly get between 15-20 tokes per bowl, compared to 4-6 on a pipe.

Furthermore, the AVB (already vaped bud) that remains can be used for different things including, smoking “low THC weed” that doesn’t get you high, but does help remove a bit of anxiety. Additionally, you can use the AVB to make tea or milk. Some people use AVB to infuse with salves or oils. It won’t get you high but will be good for the skin.


Quality over Quantity

While cheaper weed might seem appealing, getting higher quality weed actually costs you less in the long run. When you have lower quality weed, you need to smoke more quantity to get “as high” as a toke from “premium” bud.

I’ve done a few experiments where I pitted low quality and good quality weed against each other. In terms of smoking low grade pot (6%-8% THC), you need to smoke three times as much as when smoking higher grade weed (15%-20% THC).

Even though the cheap weed has a lower cost per gram, I require three times as much for the same effect as the higher quality weed.

It gets even better with concentrates. If you’re really in need of cutting down costs, get yourself a portable vaporizer that can vaporize concentrates. With 5 grams of concentrate, you could not buy weed for up to three months.

This is because you can milk a gram of concentrate for every last drop. Sure, the price tag is far steeper, however you get high grade pot delivered very discreetly and eliminate any smoke. The initial cost is something to overcome, but with concentrates you will see the value over time.


Let’s hope you never have to resort to these tactics

I wrote this article when I was waiting to buy some more weed. My usual hookup wasn’t available, I only had a few grams left and had to pace myself. Hopefully you never have to use the tips provided in this article, hopefully you always have plenty of weed on hand. However, if you ever do find yourself in a tight spot…perhaps these tips will carry you over.



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