cannabis flu drink tea
cannabis flu drink tea

The Cannabis Flu-Killer Brew Recipe - A High Tea to Help You Fight Off the Flu This Season

What is the best cannabis-infused drink to fight off the flu?

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Feb 19, 2021

The Cannabis Cold-Killer Concoction – A Brew to Help You Fight the Flu Season

flu cannabis drink

Chamomile, Ginger, Honey, Lemon, Cannabis Oil


As I’m writing this article, I’m hunkered in my bed with a heater desperately attempting to warm the room temperature. It’s not fun sitting in subzero temperatures, but it’s even less so when you’re nose is congested and you’re fighting off the flu.


I’m talking about the “common-cold” and not Covid. However, I’m almost certain that the concoction I’m about to introduce will help alleviate some of “The Vid’s” symptoms as well.


I’m talking about the “Cannabis Cold Killer” which is a powerful, all-natural warm brew that will give your body the boost it needs to straight up drop-kick the flu back to whence it came from.


Considering that it’s “flu season”, coupled with the “Rona” running rampant, I thought it was a good idea to get this information out there. So without any further delay – let’s dive into the “Cannabis Cold Killer” or the “Flu Murderer” or something of the sorts. Whatever name works.


Ingredients needed:


In order to make a Cannabis Cold-killer Concoction, you need a few simple ingredients which are;


Chamomile Tea




Cannabis Oil


Most of these items are quite easy to find but if you can’t get your hands on full plant cannabis oil, you can substitute it for PCR-CBD Oil instead. This won’t be as robust due to the lower concentration of THC – but it will help give you the boost you need and if you’re worried about breaking the law; CBD is virtually legal everywhere nowadays.


Why the Brew Works!


Before we actually make the concoction, we first have to take a closer look at all of the different medical properties of the ingredients.


Chamomile Tea:


There have been several studies conducted on Chamomile tea. Some of the benefits on can obtain from drinking chamomile tea include; Reducing Menstrual Pain, Lowering Blood Sugar, Slowering or Prevention of Osteoporosis, Reduction of inflammation, Cancer Treatment/Prevention, Sleep and Relaxation, Treating Cold Symptoms, Treatment for mild skin conditions.


As you can see, simply drinking Chamomile by itself would provide you with a plethora of benefits, but then – you add in…




The next thing on our list is super simple to get and adds a significant “zing” to the brew’s taste. I for one, love it! As for added medical benefit, here’s some of the benefits one can obtain from lime.


Lime helps with; Rejuvenating the skin, helps with digestion, Fights infections, Lowers Blood sugar, Reduce Heart Disease, Reduce inflammation, Cancer Prevention.


As you can see, there are several overlapping elements between the benefits of lime and chamomile, but when you add Honey, things become even more complex.




If you get good honey, you can count on; antioxidants, Lower blood pressure, Improve cholesterol, Lower Triglycerides, Positive effect on heart health, Suppress Coughing fits.


One of the aspects of honey is that it provides added “nutritional value”.  Usually when people have the cold, they tend not to have an appetite. Honey gives you some nutritional value to keep the body strong for fighting off the disease.




Ginger is a powerful natural medicine. While it may have a peculiar taste – the medicinal benefits are plenty. Firstly, it’s got Gingerol in it. Gingerol has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as plenty of antioxidants.


Additionally Ginger can help with; nausea, helps with weight loss, Lowers Blood pressure, strengthens heart health, Help treats chronic indigestion, Reduce menstrual pain significantly, lowers cholesterol, anti-cancer properties, may increase brain function, helps fight infections.


Finally, we have one more ingredient to add.


Cannabis Oil


Our final ingredient is the one that will put this concoction over the top. Many of you are firmly aware of the medicinal properties of cannabis, but for those who are just learning about it, let me talk about what cannabis adds to the mix.


Cannabis provides additional benefit such as; anti-bacterial, anti-viral, boosts immune system, stimulates appetite, regulates sleep, regulates pain, anti-inflammatory, maintains homeostasis in the body, anti-cancer properties, anti-nausea properties, helps regulate emotional states, etc.


I could go on about the benefits of cannabis, but that could fill enough pages to publish a book. I think you get the picture about the added health benefits of cannabis.


Let’s put it together!


We’ll start by boiling up some water. I like to get a garlic crusher or something similar, and cut a few pieces of ginger. Once the water has boiled, soak a premium brand chamomile tea in it for up to 2 minutes. Squeeze in a half a lime into it and about 2 tea spoons of honey.


Place the ginger in the garlic crusher, and squeeze. This will prompt the juices to come out without breaking off the ginger because ginger is a root. It doesn’t break the same.


You can also squeeze out the juice in whatever else way is most convenient. Then take between 3-5 drops of cannabis oil and drop it into it.


Once you have combined all of it, let it sit for a bit and then keep on stirring it before you take sips in order to have everything mixed well.


You can drink up to 5 of these cups per day. The other day I had to tend to my  partner who had a cold and with a mix of chicken soup and this cannabis concoction and she was right as rain within 3 days. No meds were needed.








What did you think?

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