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Organic Pipes

The Most Common “Organic” Pipes?

Need To Smoke A Veggie or Something Organic?

Posted by:
Reginald Reefer on Friday Apr 29, 2016
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The Most Common “Organic” Pipes


Organic Cannabis Pipes You Need in a Pinch from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


The MacGyver smoker is someone who has the ability to turn anything into a functioning pipe or bong.  Within the MacGyver stoner’s arsenal, fruit and vegetables are often used. Today we’ll be talking about  some of the most common “organic” pipes you can MacGyver when you find yourself without a smoking device.

Some of these will not technically be “pipes”, but rather a method of safely smoking marijuana when you’re out of paper or glass. So pull out your eighties haircut and let’s go MacGyver on all these veggies!


The Apple Pipe


It gives a completely new definition to “an apple a day”. The apple pipe is by far one of the most common organic pipes you can make. You simply have to drill two holes, one right from the middle of apple’s circumference and one right down the center. Make sure that both of the holes connect at some point.


Make sure that the top-middle hole is in a shallow “cone shape” to create the bowl. Simply fill the bowl with weed and start hitting that apple pipe. I know a lot of stoners who finish off the apple by eating it, making it a perfect cotton mouth killer.




Similar to the Apple Pipe, a potato pipe is easy to make and works like a charm. Following the same dynamics of the apple pipe, you simply need to drill two holes that meet in the middle. Unlike the Apple pipe however, eating it isn’t an option.

It is less “juicy” than an apple pipe making it ideal if you’re going to be using it a few times over.


Coconut Bong/Bamboo bong

This is a bit trickier than the above mentioned pipes, however it looks pretty damn cool. I only once made a coconut-bamboo bong and sold it for a few hundred dollars. I’m no expert in bong making, but this particular piece was a beauty.

What you need to pull this off is;


1 – Full coconut shell

2- Bamboo

3 – Smaller piece of bamboo


Essentially the bigger bamboo piece will act as the mouth piece. The coconut will act as your water chamber and the smaller piece of bamboo, roughly a half an inch in diameter will act as your stem. For my bowl, I used a small nut which I cut in half. To make sure that everything stuck together I used quick drying resin to coat the entire device once I assembled it.

You can buy bamboo bongs in a head shop, but rarely will you see the combination of a coconut bamboo bong. I highly recommend you build one.


Watermelon Carrot Bong


Taken from the pages of “Trailer Park Boys”, the Watermelon Carrot bong is a spectacular sight. Using the watermelon as the chamber, you’ll drill a hole right down the middle of the carrot lengthwise. This will act as your stem. Insert the carrot into the watermelon and make a bowl in the middle. In Trailer Park Boys they used a pineapple, however anything will do the trick.

This is a sweet tasting bong but can be messy.


Lemon Peel Hitter


Whether you’re using a lemon peel, lime peel or orange peel…they all work. This is a quick way to smoke weed when you’re out of papers. Simply remove all the fruit and only leave the peel. Take the peel in between your two fingers and insert the cannabis in the middle. Simply clinch your fingers together and spark that sucker up.

It’s like a little hitter and you won’t be able to toke for a very long time, but you can definitely get high using this method. I have done it on several occasions when out in the wild and it works like a charm.


Cucumber steam roller


While I’m not a big fan of this one, it still is very doable. The cucumber is natures steam roller; however, an Egg plant could work just as well. You simply need to hollow out the middle, drill a hole at the far-end of the “mouth piece” and create a make-shift bowl. Many people use aluminum foil however you can experiment as you wish.

These were some of the most common organic smoking devices. If you have other designs, why not drop a comment below and let’s continue to expand the knowledge base.



Until next time,

Happy Toking!






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