The SOG growing method
The SOG growing method

The Sea of Green (SOG) Growing Method - Better Yield or Just Hype?

What is the SOG growing method for marijuana plants?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Aug 5, 2020

Advanced Cultivation Techniques; Sea of Green (SoG) Growing Method

SOG marijuana growing

With the continuous emphasis on yield when it comes to cannabis cultivation, it is understandable why more and more new ways to improve and perfect the growing conditions are being introduced into the world of cannabis cultivation. These techniques range from training methods, trimming, and other forms of manipulation activities solely aimed at ensuring that the health and growing capacity of the plant is protected to bring about rapid growth and maximize the yield of the cannabis plant.

When it comes to the growth of the cannabis plant, more like any other plant out there, there are specific conditions and factors that play a huge role in determining the success of the growing process. If the cannabis plant is to grow successfully, it is important that the soil, type and amount of light available to the plant for growth, essential nutrients, watering cycles, temperature, relative humidity, and pH are properly modulated to ensure they impact the plant in the right way to necessitate growth. When these factors and conditions are present, it is then necessary that they are followed through by different practices and techniques to complement the impact of the factors on the growing process.

What is Sea of Green?

Low-stress techniques are growing techniques mostly used indoors to optimize large space by introducing manipulation techniques to help ensure the success of the growing process. Sea of Green is one such manipulation technique that involves the use of many small plants in small pots for even square meter space. The Sea of Green growing method is an advanced cultivation technique that works basically on the principle of maximizing the growth potential of the small plants individually to give rise to buds over a short period of time while maximizing available space.

Sea of Green growing method allows for the cannabis plant to produce one single cola while allowing for few secondary buds to grow as well. In a bid to improve the efficiency of the growing process, the lower branches are cut off in a bid to ensure that all necessary plant energy is directed towards the dominant bud which grows with the refocused energy. The reduced time needed for the production of the buds under the Sea of Green growing method helps to make this process efficient and effective to the benefit of the cannabis cultivation process.

Advantages of Sea of Green Growing Method

Cannabis strains of sativa origin spend a longer period at the flowering phase and a shorter period at the vegetative phase while those of indica origin spend a longer period at the vegetative stage which is followed through by a shorter stretch of the cannabis plant. The use of the Sea of Green growing method allows for less time at the vegetative phase for the cannabis plant and with the refocused energy being directed towards the dominant bud, the plant stretches at the flowering phase to give a good turn over to the benefit of the grower at harvest.

Sea of Green growing method also allows for a substantial amount of yield per square meter of the cannabis plant and with an even distribution of the plants across the growing area, the grower is privileged to a good amount of yield. All the cannabis plants grown in the same small-sized pots have access to an equal amount of light and when the watering cycles and quality of nutrients are kept constant, a high turn over and short vegetation is to be expected.


Growing method

When growing under the Sea of Green growing method, the early life of the plant must be carefully taken care of and modulated if the health of the plant is to be assured going forward and if the yield is to be expected. The early life of the plant occurs in small pots and the grower needs to ensure that proper training techniques are utilized to ensure the plants stay healthy before being transferred into bigger pots.

To allow for a good result from the cannabis plants, the air circulation around the growing area must be appropriate enough to evenly replace the hot air that may be in the grow area and replace them with fresher air and ensure that the exchange of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water molecules at the stomata of the plant is adequate.

The growing method also requires the removal of underdeveloped branches of the cannabis plant that may be far from the source of light and draining energy and redirecting them to the larger apical branches closer to the source of light. The vegetation also gives a strong canopy of plants which accounts for a beautiful sea of green vegetation and a good turn over to the benefit of the grower.

Sea of Green growing method is slowly growing more and more among experienced cannabis growers and it could be what you need to make your grow operation more successful.








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