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How to become a CBD Influencer? (and Gain Wholesale Prices on CBD Products!)

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BehindTheWaves on Tuesday Jan 15, 2019

How To Become a "CBD Influencer" (And Gain Wholesale Prices On CBD Products!)

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Take part in a unique project: Share your experience with CBD and get wholesale prices for the best quality CBD products.


This week’s start-up spotlight looks at CBDHEMP-OIL.com and how the CBD hemp business is expected to skyrocket now that the Farm Bill has passed in the USA.  So what is a “CBD Influencer” and how do you get started?  Cannabis.net sat down with CBDHEMP-OIL and talked about influencers and CBD.


That is where CBDHEMP-OIL.com comes in.


What is CBDHEMP-OIL.com?

Cbdhemp-oil.com is an online site selling full spectrum CBD oil in a wide variety of products. We offer USA made CBD products from the highest quality, extracted by the purest CO2 method and GMP approved. Our mission: To provide the customers with the best quality products for the best prices in the US, and to create a free CBD information platform that will answer all the questions hovering around the product and it’s consumption. 


The lack of information

Although there is a massive growth of CBD consumers, there is no official authority that can tell consumers how to use CBD oil, which products to use for every medical condition and what the right dosages that needed to treat every issue. In addition, the FDA has no official license to offer any information on CBD, nor provide any answers.


The Wisdom of crowds

In order to solve the problem mentioned above, Cbdhemp-oil.com decided to adopt a more creative approach to the matter. We decided to create a unique venture that will answer all the burning question regarding CBD: How to use CBD, or what dosage of CBD oil to take, and how it affects your body according to your gender or age, etc.

How? Easy! By using the most reliable source of information existing: Using the wisdom of the crowds.

Let’s say you have a medical problem and you are interested in the CBD solution and you have a friend that use CBD oil for years, would you approach him and ask where he buys it and how he uses it? Sure you would! Your friend will not have any reason to feed you with false info or recommend bad products – and this is the whole idea behind the venture; connect people who have information to people that look for it.

The wisdom of the crowds is a popular concept that says large groups of people are collectively smarter and more accurate than even individual experts when it comes to problem-solving, decision making, innovating and predicting. Crowd wisdom has been proven to be even more accurate than professionals and doctors’ opinions.

CBDhempoil.com are searching for people who already use CBD oil to treat or maintain their general health. The goal is to collect as much information as they can from CBD consumers, and based on it, create an information center. Any type of information is valuable – it can range from people’s usage habits to the type of products they use and their effectiveness. The goal is clear- real people will tell other real people how they use the products and how it effects on them.


Do you donate your information for free?

Don’t worry we have a special treat for you as well! Every person that will donate information will get special opportunity to get amazing CBD products for wholesale prices!


Join the exclusive club, the CBD Wise Influencers Program (CWI)

If you are already using and benefiting from CBD, you have the chance to join a community of CBD influencers that report about your CBD habits and benefits. Cannabis.net would like to offer CBD users an opportunity to join the special CBD Wise Influencers Program (CWI).

Through this program, you’ll get the unique chance to influence and help people all over the world understand CBD better and show them the amazing influence it has over our body and mind. In addition to joining the CWI program, users will also be offered CBD products for amazing wholesale prices —the lowest prices you’ll find in the USA (guaranteed).

For example, an elderly lady aged 88, used CBD to help her with severe joint pain. After taking 2 drops, she found it to be ineffective so added 2 additional drops which helped her immensely. After offering this information to CBDhempoil.com, it would be documented by the CWI, and all future consumers would be able to see her dosage and how effective it was.

All the information you share will be published in this way and you as a CBD user will have a small part in contributing to the wisdom of the crowds. The CWI program has only 100 places and the readers of cannabis.net have a unique chance to enroll and become a CWI member.


How to Join?

For a chance to enroll, click here to submit your details, or send us and email info@cbdhemp-oil.com.

Special offer for Cannabis.net readers: 20% Off All Website Products! Use coupon code: CAN20.



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