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What is pensimple

What is PenSimple?

Simply the best push-button dispenser on the cannabis market

Posted by jsp1073 on Tuesday Dec 19, 2017
  2569 Views sits down with PenSimple, the push-button dispenser that gets rid of messy and sticky fingers.  As a startup in the cannabis space, wanted to know how PenSimple got started and where they see PenSimple going as legalization moves forward.



Hi, and thanks for joining us today.  What sparked the idea for the PenSimple?

Like many inventions, PenSimple was born from a personal problem. I was in Ohio with my last grinder full of herbs and I went outside to enjoy them. As I was opening my grinder, it stuck a bit which caused me to spill all of herbs across the grass. Given the significant change in my afternoon plans, I sent out to prevent this from happening again. I sketched out some initial designs and called my good friend at the time who was a mechanical engineer. After some initial prototyping and market research, we found out that we were on to something and threw ourselves into development.



What is the biggest problem you are solving with the PenSimple?

While there are a few problems we are solving with PenSimple, the main one is helping improve the loading process of many consumption devices. The process that common hockey puck grinders use is slow, insecure, and you end up with sticky and smelly fingers. With PenSimple we envisioned a process that was fast, secure, and could all be done with the push of a button.


simple parts of pensimple

What part of the device was your favorite to design?

The most satisfying and also most challenging part of PenSimple to work on was the dispense mechanism. Potent herbs can be very sticky and this makes moving that material difficult. In order to address this we tested several mechanical methods of dispensing sticky herbs. Some of these were as crazy as a lawn mower pull-starter like mechanism. After some in-depth product testing we realized that push button dispensing was critical and opted to use circuitry and a motor to master push button dispensing. Testing tons of different herb strains was the best part of the design process since different herb types acted very differently when being dispensed. After testing numerous versions, what we ended up with was tons of unique dispensing features that combined to make PenSimple’s herb dispensing truly unique. In the end a gear motor, vibration motor, usb port, rechargeable battery, LED, jam detection logic, error detection logic and a self positioning dispense blade were all added to the final dispenser design to make it as compact and efficient as possible. 


Where are you selling them?

We mainly sell PenSimples directly through our website as well as through Amazon. However, we also have more than 200 retail store locations that currently have PenSimple in stock. On our website we accept major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and even BitPay which allows customers to use Bitcoin to purchase PenSimple. 



What is the main intended use for this device?

 The PenSimple dispenser is really the star of the show for this device. As we discussed earlier, the dispenser took about 90% of our total design and engineering time and we are happy with what we ended up with. PenSimple is for people who like things done efficiently and the dispenser is proof of that. The portability combined with the dispenser is great for on the go use, whether hiking, biking, boarding, or skiing. However, PenSimple is much more convenient for regular use at home compared to hockey puck alternatives. If you have a hockey puck grinder that has a consistency that you like, you can take advantage of that and use the full PenSimple for storage and dispensing. While PenSimple can replace your hockey puck grinder, it is designed more to be a partner to one.



How many ways can you use the device?

 There are two main ways to use the PenSimple and a third configuration that can be used in a pinch. The standard PenSimple configuring uses the removable grind teeth to grind your herbs directly into the storage section. This allows for the full process to be encapsulated within the PenSimple device and provides a little over one gram of storage capacity. By removing the grind teeth and using the included loading funnel, you can use your full PenSimple for storage and dispensing. Using the PenSimple in maximum storage mode gives you almost three grams of your favorite herbs available at the push of a button. The final mode is direct grind mode, where the point piece connects directly to the grind teeth with the dispense section removed. This allows the user to add in their fresh buds, point, and shoot their herbs exactly where they want them to go. The PenSimple process keeps your fingers clean and helps get the most out of your herbs.



What other products do you have in the pipeline for this / other devices?

We keep a very open line of communication with our more than 10,000 customers. We are currently designing modifications and accessories for PenSimple, as well as working on an improved version for PenSimple v2. Some areas we are currently exploring include alternative grind teeth that allows different grind consistencies, a scale attachment to help quantify consumption amount, and a kief collector that can dispense kief at the push of a button. We are always looking for new problems to solve and our development priorities change based on what people want. If you have a cannabis consumption problem you need solved, reach out to us and let us know.


Bottom line, Why should I buy a PenSimple?

Once you get used to a PenSimple there is no going back to just a normal grinder. If you fill bowls, papers, or vapes, PenSimple is the best way to store and dispense your favorite herbs and the removable grinder adds additional functionality. Whether you want something to store and dispense ground herbs from your favorite grinder, or want the whole process in one, PenSimple provides what you need. If you or someone you know has spilled a grinder, experienced sticky, smelly fingers or just can’t quite pack their consumption device of choice without spilling a bunch of herbs on the table, PenSimple is the perfect purchase. Until the end of January we are even offering 15% off any PenSimple order. Use code “” on our website to get 15% off your total.


To check out PenSimple and their automatic grinder visit or click here.



Thank you for a great interview, today!









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