best strains for a warm climate
best strains for a warm climate

Best Strains To Grow In Hot Climates

Warm Climates Are Great For Growing Cannabis

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DanaSmith on Thursday Mar 30, 2017

Best Strains To Grow In Hot Climates

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The climate where you live is an important deciding factor when discerning which cannabis strain you should be growing in the outdoors. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your beautiful cannabis plants thrive well in the great outdoors, and it will also save you money on electrical bills which could otherwise be wasted on energy and lights just to mimic the plant’s ideal climate and lighting.


If you’re fortunate enough to live in a sunny, warm location, you’re lucky because the options are virtually limitless when it comes to growing weed. You’ll need to choose the right plants, and since summer is coming up here are some excellent strain recommendations that will thrive in hot climates:

northern lights strain

  • Northern Lights is one of the most well-known strains in the international cannabis community because it’s simply a legendary strain. You can’t go wrong with Northern Lights especially if you enjoy smoking indica strains – this is one of the best out there for sure. This strain is ideal for those suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, lack of appetite, and stress. Northern Lights is also one of the fastest-growing strains, and flowers in around 47 days in late September. It can grow to 2 meters in the outdoors, resembling a tree, and can produce more than 600g from each plant.


amnesia haze strain

  • Amnesia Haze is another legendary plant especially in Amsterdam. This sativa grows well in sunny and relaxing climates thanks to its heritage which is traced back to Jamaica and South Asia. Amnesia Haze is popular as daytime medicine especially for stress relief, fatigue, pain and headaches. It’s also well loved among artistic types because of the creative high it delivers. Amnesia Haze has a potent THC content and yields as much as 700g per plant. It takes a little longer to flower and is usually ready to harvest by late October.


tangerine dream strain

  • Tangerine Dream loves hot and dry climates, and will have you coming back for more of its fragrant orange aroma. This strain is pretty flexible when it comes to growing although it’s suitable for novice growers and can result in a generous yield when harvested. Tangerine Dream takes around 9 or 10 weeks to flower, and is ready for harvest during late October and can provide around 450g per plant. Tangerine Dream is loved by creative types who enjoy working on projects under the influence – this strain just might inspire you to create the next masterpiece or write a new song!


lsd cannabis strain

  • LSD is a great indica to grow if you enjoy a good couch lock (Netflix, anyone?). The cerebral high of LSD comes in many stages, but medicinally this strain is ideal for depression, fatigue, lack of appetite, stress, and pain. LSD is also a favorite among novices to grow because it’s naturally resistant to many of the common pests that plague cannabis plants. LSD isn’t high maintenance or sensitive and easy to grow outdoors in hot climates, expect to yield around 600g per plant and it’s ready to harvest in the middle of September.


grape ape strain

  • Grape Ape is popular not just for its medicinal properties but also for its very distinct grape-like smell that you won’t find in other similar strains. Users love Grape Ape for the relaxed and carefree high it delivers. Grape Ape produces dark purple leaves which become even darker when the plant reaches full maturity. This strain is ideal for insomnia, so much so that it’s been said it can even put an ape to sleep! Grape Ape is also therapeutic for those suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. Grape Ape thrives in sheltered places in the outdoors so that it receives both sunshine and warmth to grow well. It can yield around 750g per plant. It loves moderate temperature and will produce quite generously if you grow it in extra hot climates with 50% humidity especially. However, this one needs to be trimmed regularly and is ready to harvest by middle September.


What strains do you enjoy growing where you live? Share with us in the comments below!








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