Boracay High
Boracay High

Epic High #3 - Getting Toasted In Boracay

Travel the World And Find New Friends To Smoke With

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Jun 14, 2016

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Epic High In Boracay


My adventures in transporting dozens of joints on a boat to get to a party island in the Philippines 


During my university days, I was such a huge pothead. I loved how it made me more creative during class discussions so I had no hesitation going to class stoned (except for that one time I smoked kush and got too stoned for my own good right before an important thesis meeting, but that’s a story for another time).


One semester, my friends and I decided to go to the party island of Boracay for Halloween. The idea was borne out of a drunken night out, and we quickly got to work in making sure it happened. As college students we were broke so we decided to go there by boat, which took us longer but it was also safer this way (read: safer to bring pot and our choice of recreational drugs).


The Line Up


My friends and I met a few times to discuss what we were going to bring, and how to bring it. They definitely were more experienced in this sort of thing than I was, so I just went with it. We were going to bring a few tablets of ecstasy, 4 bottles of mushrooms in jam, a couple of space brownies, and dozens of joints.


The mushrooms and E were already set and disguised, we spread them out on our duffel bags. But there was still one major task that needed taking care of: rolling joints!


The night before we left, I slept over my friend’s house. She was the master-roller, an expert who could do it even with her eyes closed. So we spent the evening in her bed rolling dozens of joints – there must have been around 40 in there. Needless to say, I learned from the best (I had no choice because I had to help!). She had the brilliant idea of stuffing 2 or 3 joints in small zip lock bags which we then hid in a big bottle of baby powder that still had some talc in it. Yes, we got high on our own supply too that night…


The following morning, we all met up at the port to get on the boat.




This day stands out as one of the scariest in my life. Of course, nobody wants to get caught!


We lined up our bags for inspection – more like sniffing – by adorable Labradors. I was shaking and got cold sweats because I was so nervous, that I even reached out to pet the dog. The security guard scolded me and I forced an apologetic smile and said sorry.


So there we are, 6 of us with our bags being sniffed. Those few minutes were the longest in my life.


We were finally in the clear! Apparently the dogs were only trained to sniff bombs, not drugs…


We brought our bags up to our cabins which had 2 bunk beds for my friends and I to share, while others were in a nearby room. Our cabin was the designated “party room” for the 12 hour boat journey from Manila to Boracay.


With so many goods on us, we didn’t even know what to start with on the boat. We opted for some space brownies. After half an hour all of us got really stoned, and we began playing fun party tunes. An hour later, the boat hadn’t left the port yet and we were told that there were going to be some delays.


No problem!


We had so much fun in the cabin that day – we enjoyed the hit of the brownies for the next hour or so.


We passed out after that and woke up in time for dinner. We were all still a little groggy from the brownies, but it was all good.




The next morning, we finally made it to the crystal clear waters and white sand beach of Boracay. One of my friends took the plane and was already there. I remember seeing her on the shore with a huge smile as she awaited our arrival from the tiny boat that transported us from the ship to the island.


We settled into our hotel room and got down to business: lit up a few joints, donned our swimwear, and headed straight for the beach!


The next few days were a blur: endless margaritas, happy hours, mushrooms, and spectacular evenings on E on the powdery white sands was definitely unforgettable. Our hotel room had a nice balcony, and it was where almost all the mischief happened (if those walls could talk…). Even after taking other kinds of recreational drugs like E and mushies, I love smoking pot afterwards because it helps me come down so much better.


We made sure to be really careful because given that Boracay is a party island, there are always a lot of cops around.


That adventure was a decade ago, but I wouldn’t risk transporting weed anymore these days. The police have gotten smarter, and so have I.










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