san fran dispensaries
san fran dispensaries

San Francisco’s Hippest Dispensaries

San Fran Dispensaries Are Busting Out Cool and Dank

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San Francisco’s Hippest Dispensaries

San Francisco, home of the cannabis legalization movement, is also home to some of the most unique and hip dispensaries you won’t find anywhere else. The cannabis scene in San Francisco is evolving faster than you can say craft cannabis, but before we say more, you should check these pot shops out yourself and here’s why:


sparc SF

  1. Sparc SF has been given the moniker of being the Apple Store of cannabis dispensaries for one main reason – it’s so high tech! Sparc welcomes cannabis enthusiasts to explore gadgets and other mind-blowing high-tech features such as a computerized menu, talking digital displays, and so much more. The shop was founded back in 2009 and today serves over 400 customers a day, some even willing to shell out as much as $300 for an ounce of really rare cannabis strains. You’ll want to stay longer and explore the features of Sparc thanks to its award-winning interior design, communal tables, and warm lighting. Easily the most famous pot shop in town, it’s no surprise that Sparc has been the recipient of an award by the AIA SF. Sparc also operates as a nonprofit, so it only retains the funds needed for operations; anything more than that goes to various charities in San Francisco as donations.



The Apothecarium

  1. The Apothecarium is one of the most popular yet unique dispensaries in San Francisco. It’s an upscale, posh club that just relocated to a new space spanning 5,000 square feet - definitely is laid out with elegance, class, and plush interiors for discerning cannaseurs. The Apothecarium is decorated with neutral colors and clean, modern design. The long, marble counters invite patients to have a chat with the friendly budtenders. They have a wide range of concentrates, topicals, edibles, and flowers to choose from. They’ve recently relocated to Market Street right next to Whole Food, and its interiors have upgraded as well; giving you the feel of being in a cigar bar or a hotel lobby with velvet couches, sparkling luminescent chandeliers, and even an art gallery perfect for appreciating masterpieces when you’ve reached a higher state of consciousness.



  1. Grass Roots Collective is the first dispensary in the city to have joined a union, and is a non-profit collective.  The people behind Grass Roots firmly believe in the importance of community and learning; and invite everyone to come and attend lectures, demonstrations, and other cannabis-related events sponsored by the shop. Established in 2005, Grass Roots has a lively atmosphere where modern industrial lighting meets warm and cozy wooden furniture, giving you an eclectic vibe unlike other dispensary in San Francisco.



blue room collective san fran

  1. Bloom Room Collective invites cannabis enthusiasts who are crazy about every single aspect of the plant. One can’t help but admire the beautiful flowers on the counter, inviting you to look at them and take in the delicious aroma. Edible lovers will go crazy at the Bloom Room Collective – there are colorful sour gummy belts, chocolate-covered espresso beans, glazed peanuts, and so much more. The Bloom Room Collective also has its own small but intimate vape lounge with 2 Volcano vaporizers just right for a mid-day toke. At Bloom Room, visitors are invited to appreciate not just the medicinal properties of the plant but of botanicals in general – don’t forget to check out the beautiful hanging plants in the foyer before you head out.



Barbary Coast Dispensary

  1. Barbary Coast Dispensary may share a name with the old red-light district of San Francisco, known for its bloody past, brothels, and saloons. Walk in to the Barbary Coast Dispensary today and it’ll feel like you’re taken back in time with design and ambiance reminiscent of saloons of the 1800’s. Exposed brick, polished wood, and stunning carpets all add to the elegance of this one-of-a-kind dispensary; but it’s offerings are anything BUT old. Unlike other industrial and hipster-style dispensaries, at the Barbary Coast, customers are invited to sit on wooden barstools as you explore the different varieties of herb. They don’t have a vape lounge but they do also have super elegant couches that make you feel like you’re in a set of Boardwalk Empire. While far from high-tech, Barbary Coast has a style all its own- even leather bound menus.



What are your favorite unique dispensaries in San Francisco?










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