childproof packaging for cannabis
childproof packaging for cannabis

Are Medical Marijuana Patients Getting Locked Out By Childproof Packaging?

Childproof packaging can cause some patients to loose out on their medical cannabis

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Lemon Knowles on Monday May 23, 2022

childproof packaging for cannabis

For many medical marijuana patients getting access to the needed products can prove to be very difficult even after procurement. This problem could be attributed to the childproof packaging used on these products. Some of these childproof packaging has proven not to be user-friendly for many medical marijuana users. Read on as we explore just how much of a fact this is among medical marijuana users and its possible implications.

Medical Marijuana Products Packaging

Medical marijuana has been a revelation in helping many patients to deal with different types of incurable illnesses. It is particularly beneficial because there is no risk of long-term side effects. Using the right brand with the needed THC-to-CBD ratio can be all a patient needs and there is a relief. Unfortunately, the type of packaging used for such products doesn’t seem to factor in the disabilities of the patients that will use the product. Most states require medical marijuana products to be sold in child-resistant packaging. A move that gives more problems than solutions to the final consumer.

There are different forms of medical marijuana products to meet the needs of patients. Some products are solid and come in capsules, others are liquid and come in bottles and other containers. Such types of containers come with special packaging forms. This is due to the nature of the products within however this can prove to be a major hindrance sometimes. A patient suffering from chronic pain and seizure disorder is bound to have problems with a child-safety closure when in need of their drugs. Likewise, blister packs with foils that need to be peeled off also have a way of damaging the product further prompting discomfort.

The issue with the packaging of medical marijuana products spans a wide range of products. The packaging used differs from brand to brand. While some brands are way easier to access, others are very challenging which requires consumers to change brands most times. Some vapes come with special push-down-and-twist caps that are very hard for many open. Some consumers in a bid to open to such products end up damaging the product or spilling it. Some child-resistant packaging is either too short for the fingers to grip or require a great deal of patience and dexterity to open.

Issues with regulations for packaging

Some medical marijuana patients will find it hard to relate to the problems others face with cannabis packaging. This is because there is a lack of consistency in cannabis packaging from state to state in the United States. Therefore, cannabis packaging in some states can favor all while some can favor only agile users.

California for example legalized medical marijuana over 25 years ago yet its restrictions for packaging are very problematic. Other states that followed its footsteps did the same in terms of regulations. Surprisingly, regulations to reduce child resistance to recreational products passed quickly after legalization in 2016. This can be attributed to the fact that recreational marijuana is more popular and pulls in more money.

John Hartsell, the co-founder, and CEO of DIZPOT a nationwide supplier of cannabis and hemp agrees with the lack of regulation being a problem. He stated that there is a lack of standard packaging of cannabis in the US which has caused the problem at hand.  Chris Driessen, CEO of SLANG Worldwide, a firm that deals with branded cannabis packaged products agrees with the lack of regulation as a problem. He stated that packaging is one of the banes of existence and regulations will help to make them user-friendly.

Impact of Childproof Packaging on Producers

With varying regulations in different states, producers end up incurring added costs and battling unnecessary complexities. The biggest complexity still is that the products have to be safe enough to prevent children and accessible enough to elderly users. The additional materials used for the manufacturing of these child-resistant packaging also increase the price of such products. The lack of legalization of medical marijuana at the federal level means that regulation might be a problem for some time.

Producers also have to always be on their toes as requirements and regulations seem to change daily in the cannabis industry. Childproof containers that are patient-friendly require such producers to think deeply and factor in a lot of conditions. Some producers tend to make use of trials with elders and children to determine how accessible and childproof their products are. This method has proven to be very useful in assessing how user-friendly products are though it prolongs production.

Medical Marijuana Packaging is not all bad

While it is true that some medical marijuana packaging is very problematic, it is still needed for some. Edibles for example need a great deal of child-safety protections. This is because children are more likely to find such products attractive and want to indulge in them. It is therefore important to have such products in childproof containers. Nonetheless, there still needs to be balanced across the divide.    

Custom packaging for dispensaries is what is needed for most medical marijuana products. It saves the cost of plastic and materials needed to produce child-resistant packaging and prevents discomfort for the user. Proper implementation of this might just be what producers in the cannabis industry as the answer to all their packaging problems. It must still be stated that nothing substantial can be done without the right laws and regulations in place.

Bottom line

To understand possible problems of medical marijuana packaging we must be willing to see from both ends. While it is important that products are safe and protected from children, the place of accessibility for those who need it should not be neglected. The onus lies in the hands of regulatory bodies and producers to find a lasting solution. Present regulations vary from state to state meaning nothing is fully established yet. Until proper regulation is established, producers and consumers alike will continue to be at the receiving end of such discomforts.





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