Best Cannabis Strains for Introverts

Best Cannabis Strains for Introverts

What marijuana strains will help you come out of your shell and be more social?

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DanaSmith on Monday Oct 28, 2019

Best Cannabis Strains For Introverts

cannabis strains for introverts

There are hundreds of cannabis strains out there, and the good news is, even if you have a specific personality type, there are many that can be perfectly suited to your needs.


Introverts, for example, would enjoy cannabis strains that are far different from what an extrovert would enjoy. You can use cannabis strains that make quiet, solitary times and reflection much more enjoyable. Perhaps a few strains that would enhance your creative activities and passions, even.


Cannabis, unlike alcohol, has the ability to help slow things down. Inner emotions can be amplified as well as creative thoughts and your senses, which then would allow you to have a newfound appreciation for the world. For many introverts out there, they see cannabis as a social clutch in the same way that extroverts do with alcohol. It can help quiet those anxious thoughts while making it much easier to perceive the world in a negative way.


On Friday nights, introverts are more likely found in the comforts of their own homes, binging on a Netflix series or reading a book instead of out partying with friends. Cannabis can help make this experience more enjoyable; allowing you to be comfortable in your own shell instead of having to face social time with others.


Enjoy your alone time with these cannabis strains that are great for introverts:

pineapple express cannabis strain

  • Pineapple Express is both creative and productive, so can use this strain to accompany you for hours of creative work. No matter what it is you enjoy – movies, writing, painting, or even photography, Pineapple Express has long been considered as one of the best cannabis strains for introverts because of its positively uplifting and euphoric high. It’s also great for relaxation and in the right dose, give you an added boost of energy.  As a bonus, it tastes like tropical fruit!


durban poison marijuana strain

  • Durban Poison is a popular landrace sativa from South Africa. People love it for its energizing effects, which makes it recommended for introverts who need to face social situations. It can be frustrating for many introverts to have to face the anxiety that comes with having to face the world, but Durban Poison can help you with that. It’s uplifting both physically and mentally, making it a good daytime strain. Durban Poison also has a distinct earthy and piney flavor, and its strong aroma is loved by many introverts out there.


critical mass cannabis strain

  • Critical Mass is a delicious, earthy indica with hints of citrus. This is a potent indica that is widely used for relaxation as well as going to be. If you’re an introvert that also struggles with anxiety and insomnia, Critical Mass is highly recommended in the after-hours to induce you into a deep, satisfying sleep. Additionally, Critical Mass has just the right CBD content that helps get rid of paranoia while lulling you into a sweetly intoxicated state. This is the strain to toke up with if you have to stop by a social event after work, but need a little help to make it as enjoyable as possible.


the blue dream marijuana strain

  • Blue Dream is a famous sativa-dominant hybrid that has its roots in California. It has earned a legendary reputation not just in the West Coast, but all over the country too. Introverts in particular appreciate the gentle cerebral invigoration and calm euphoria brought on by Blue Dream. It has a sweet berry aroma and provides mild sedative effects that won’t induce a couchlock, unless you smoke enough of it. If you are looking for a versatile daytime and nighttime strain, Blue Dream is highly recommended.


master kush cannabis strain

  • Master Kush is a famous indica, whose origins come from Amsterdam and Pakistan. It has a subtle earthy smell but more than that, users love its full-body high that relaxes without submitting you into a couchlock. Introverts enjoy the increased sensory awareness that Master Kush brings about, because it enhances pretty much any activity that you get yourself into. Unlike other indicas that tend to numb the brain, Master Kush is gentler, which makes it more enjoyable for introverts that are still new to cannabis.


Some cannabis strains for introverts work better than others, so you may find that some strains make you more social while others promote introversion even more. Experiment with these strains until you find one that’s best suited for you.








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