cbd for ED erectile dysfunction
cbd for ED erectile dysfunction

Can CBD Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Cannabis CBD help with ED and problems in the sack?

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Chiara C on Thursday Feb 27, 2020

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction

cbd for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, can be a tough condition to live with. For many men, it can be embarrassing and can affect their confidence in the bedroom, which then only leads to more performance anxiety, which then exacerbates their ED. But it isn’t anything to be embarrassed about. ED is actually common and affects more than 30 million men in the United States.


ED involves a man’s inability to maintain a firm enough erection to have satisfying sexual activity, whether with a partner or alone. Causes can run the gamut and are difficult to pin down, whether physical, mental, emotional, or a combination of all three. These include heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, advanced age (over 50), obesity, anxiety/depression, drug use, alcohol use, smoking, and relationship problems. Hormonal or endocrine problems can also cause ED.


To treat ED, doctors usually prescribe a variety of medications such as slidenafil (also known as Viagra), testosterone, tadalafil, and vardenafil. However, many of these meds can have unpleasant side effects. Experts also recommend lifestyle changes such as increasing exercise, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and seeking professional help from a therapist to deal with emotional or mental issues. Supplements such as ginseng, L-arginine, racemosus, DHEA, and vohimbe have also been found to be beneficial in addressing ED.


With the rising popularity of Cannabidiol (CBD) and its ability to treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions, it begs the question, can this wonder cannabinoid also help treat erectile dysfunction? Experts seem hopeful that it can.


In the last few years, more and more studies on the benefits of CBD have been done. Researchers have found that it has a number of beneficial health properties, including but not limited pain management, weight management, reducing inflammation, reducing seizures in people with epilepsy, reducing anxiety, and sleep management. This has led many to extoll its benefits and has made the industry one of the fastest growing in the world. Today, CBD can be seen in health stores and groceries across the United States and people from all walks of life have been able to reap its benefits.


So it only makes sense that it would also be beneficial in the sexual health department as well, and some studies suggest that it in fact is. After all, there’s a reason why CBD lube has recently become an increasingly popular product on the market; one that many swear by.


Here are some ways CBD can help with erectile dysfunction:


Reduces performance anxiety - CBD is a known stress-inhibitor and can help one feel more at ease and relaxed during sex. This can help those whose ED stems from performance anxiety. A study published in the journal Neurotherapeutics found that Cannabidiol helps reduce social anxiety disorder.


It can enhance pleasure - When applied topically, as with lubes, CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, making sex more comfortable and reducing any pain or discomfort one might experience.


Increases sex drive - In 2017, a study on cannabis’ users found that cannabis could activate the part of the brain that controls sexual arousal. It’s also a natural way to boost your libido compared to some popular pharmaceuticals that are known to cause adverse side effects.


Interacts with the all-important endocannabinoid system (ECS) - The ECS is crucial for overall optimal health. It helps regulate a number of bodily functions and has been found to have an interesting interaction with one’s sexual response.


In 2017, a study done in Germany found that masturbating to orgasm can trigger the production of a natural cannabinoid called 2-arachidonoylglycerol or 2-AG. The results led researchers to believe that cannabis may be helpful in treating sexual problems such as loss of libido or ED.


The endocannabinoid system is so important that some experts believe that a deficiency of endocannabinoids can lead to a number of conditions, including migraines, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome.


How to use CBD for erectile dysfunction:


Edibles - Ingesting CBD edibles can help reduce anxiety before sex and get you or your partner in the mood.


Massage oil - CBD oil can be used as a topical massage oil to help reduce stress and muscle pain, thereby improving blood flow. Increase blood flow can help stimulate nerve endings and heighten arousal.


CBD lube - A number of companies now sell CBD-infused lubricant. Popular ones include Foria Wellness’ Intimacy Lubricant, Kush Queen’s Ignite CBD Lube, and Privy Peach’s CBD-Infused Intimate Oil. Be sure to check the ingredients before using in case you have any allergies.


Oral supplement - Take a broad or full-spectrum CBD capsule to reduce anxiety and boostthe release of serotonin, inducing calmness and helping you perform better.


So whether you’re looking to address a problem with erectile dysfunction, or just want enhance your sexual experiences, CBD may be your new go-to bedside companion.









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