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Cannabis For Pets

Can Your Pet Benefit From Cannabis?

Can Medical Marijuana Help Your Cat or Dog?

Posted by Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jan 3, 2017
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Can your pet benefit from Cannabis?




It is just natural for us humans to think of our furry friends when it comes to ease their pain and suffering in the best way we can think of. Even more so, now that cannabis is legalized in more than half of the states of the United States for medicinal purposes for humans, naturally we would like to let our pets share in that. After all, they suffer many times similar health issues as us humans.



Pets also have an endocannabinoid system, just like us. Cannabis does what it does best. It mimics the natural messenger compounds in the body. In pets, the message delivering is just louder, stronger and longer.



The natural messenger cannabinoid of your pet is called anandamide and (2-AG) 2- Arachidonoylglycerol. The CB1 receptor in the brain and CB2 receptors in the body are stimulated by them. The difference between the human body and that of an animal is, that the cannabinoids in marijuana attach to the receptors, but don’t let go easily. They hang on longer. Drugs that can hang on longer onto the natural messenger receptors are called an agonist. The chief agonist cannabinoid in marijuana is THC and CBD. 



Does it help the pet in any way? Scientifically not enough tests have been done on pets yet. The American Veterinary Medical Association has not taken any official stance also. Even in states where cannabis is legal, veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis for pets.  Veterinarians that prescribe carefree, fail to take the following points in consideration:



  • They are assuming that the cannabinoid system in dogs and cats work the same as that of humans
  • They say that the ingredients in cannabis is practically harmless for pets



None of this has been tested yet. Dogs and cats metabolize Cannabinoids quite different from us. No veterinarian can with all surety say they know what the effect of cannabis will be on the pet. However some preliminary results have shown promise.



How can we help our pets then?



A bulldog suffered two years by lying down or vomiting until his owner started to give him a daily dose of medical marijuana. Now he plays like a puppy. A 12 year old Lab mix suffered from liver and lung cancer. After his owner started to give him medicinal tincture made from marijuana, he started to regain appetite. A Boxer’s skin cancer started to heal after marijuana oil topically was used. These are all stories of hope.



Another lady has an older cat that suffers from severe arthritis and wouldn’t come out of the closest for days. After she bought medical marijuana for pets in a spray form, almost immediately her cat has become her old self again and wants to be petted, eats better and sits on her lap.




It also looks like medicinal marijuana with high CBD, reacts better. A product called Canna-Pet is used to treat a 3 year old Rottweiler in Vermont. The dog is treated for seizures and anxiety, and after 8 months, there are far fewer seizures. Dogs are very sensitive to THC, but it seems that CBD has the acquired affect.



Vets and Marijuana- Vets find themselves in a difficult place, because even though some would like to help with medicinal cannabis, their hands are still bound. It is even dangerous to mention it, because it can have career-ending consequences.



While it is not clear if medical cannabis is bad for your pet, it is also not clear if it is good for your pet. There are just not enough research on medical marijuana and your pet yet. Dosage amounts for cats, dogs or any other pet will be different from that to us humans. It is advisable to start with small doses and to be sure to stay within vet protocol.



With marijuana legal in many states, there is also a higher risk for intoxication and a high dose can lead to the death of the pet. Dogs might be more prone than cats to eat edibles, but that could be something very harmful to a dog, especially if it contains chocolate and raisins, as both are highly toxic to dogs.



It is recommendable to stick to pet products that are made from hemp based material and is high in CBD. It is also recommendable not to give medical marijuana to your pet without research. It is a deadly uncertainty as veterinarians cannot prescribe the correct dose, especially when THC is involved, not enough studies yet.



In conclusion, it is still too much error by trial, but if you have success or know of cases that worked out well, the prerogative is all yours. At this moment it the healing matter of our pets are mainly based and testimonies by owners that had success with the treatment.













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