cannabis for endometriosis
cannabis for endometriosis

Cannabis #1 Pain Medicine For Endometriosis Says Study

Medical Marijuana for Endometriosis is on the Rise

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Cannabis #1 Pain Medicine For Endometriosis, Says Study


For the 176 million women around the world with endometriosis, pain is a part of life. Pain is just a hallmark symptom of this condition; it can occur during ovulation, during or after sex, and during menstruation. Pain levels can vary; for some they may be mild, while for others it can be so severe and debilitating that it can prevent them from going to work or completing minor tasks for over a day. Pain is common among those with endometriosis, but there are other symptoms as well These include excessive bleeding, diarrhea, fatigue, bloating, and face the risk of infertility.


But many women have found great relief from using endometriosis. Cannabis has been proven to treat endometriosis pain, and we’ve got research to prove it.


The newest study proving the efficacy of cannabis for endometriosis pain comes from Australia, and was published in the medical journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. A team of Australian researchers polled 484 patients with endometriosis to find out about their self-medicating strategies.


According to the respondents, cannabis was the most effective in knocking out the pain symptoms, rated with 7.6 out of a 10-point scale. Among the participants who medicated with cannabis, 77% said that it was effective enough that they were able to cut down on their use of conventional medication by a minimum of 25%.


On the other hand, the patients rated CBD extracts or hemp oil as the 4th most effective way to self-medicate, with a rating of 6.3 out of a 10-point scale. The authors noted that even if there was a subjective efficacy observed in cannabis products, not all participants reported using it.


“Cannabis, while only used by 13 percent of women in this survey, had the highest pain relief score and greatest reduction in medication usage of any strategy assessed… Future clinical trials in this area are required to determine any possible role in endometriosis management utilizing legally obtained and quality assured medicinal cannabis,” concluded the researchers.


It isn’t surprising, given that the endocannabinoid system also helps regulate reproductive system processes and organs including those that are affected by endometriosis. A 2010 study says, “We found that CB1 receptor agonists decrease, whereas CB1 receptor antagonists increase, endometriosis-associated hyperalgesia,” said the researchers. “Together these findings suggest that the endocannabinoid system contributes to mechanisms underlying both the peripheral innervation of the abnormal growths and the pain associated with endometriosis, thereby proving a novel approach for the development of badly-needed new treatments.”


THC and CBD, the two rock star cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Since inflammation is the culprit of the progression and development of endometriosis, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cannabis intake is fighting behind the scenes to reduce the chances of a flare-up while treating pain, or at the very least making it more tolerable.


For endometriosis patients who don’t want to get high, CBD products are another great alternative. CBD possesses potent analgesic properties as well as a host of other therapeutic benefits that can greatly help endometriosis patients. CBD can be smoked, vaporized, taken in pill form, eaten and drank, and even taken as a suppository.


Aside from pain, cannabis and CBD can also help treat the side effects and other symptoms of endometriosis. Many women with this condition suffer from diarrhea and nausea, oftentimes from the excruciating pain caused by endometriosis. Cannabis is a natural remedy that can help you feel better almost instantly without the addictive qualities and side effects of pharmaceutical medications. Cannabis also relaxes the digestive system, helping you feel better both inside and out while making it easier to keep food down. It’s also not uncommon for women with endometriosis to suffer from insomnia due to the symptoms of this condition, making it too uncomfortable or painful to sleep. Cannabis can help with that too!



All the data we have so far strongly supports the use of cannabis for treating endometriosis pain. We have the science, and there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence as well. If you suffer from endometriosis and are looking for an effective alternative medicine, you can safely use cannabis. Just make sure to consult with a medical professional before weaning off other pharmaceutical medications to avoid potentially undesirable interactions.








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