cbd and hair loss
cbd and hair loss

CBD and Hair Loss - Can CBD Help Grow Your Hair Back?

Can CBD now help grow hair on your head?

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Chiara C on Monday Mar 2, 2020

CBD and hair loss

cbd for hair growth and to stop hair loss

Hair loss affects millions of people every day. Male pattern baldness, in particular, affects 50 million men in the United States, and half of all men by the age of 50. Women aren’t immune to hair loss, either. However, unlike men who develop bald spots and suffer receding hairlines, androgenetic alopecia (the medical name) affects women with a general thinning of the hair. Everyone experiences hair loss to varying degrees. Up to 100 strands of hair loss per day is considered normal. While androgenetic alopecia is hereditary, there are several other causes of atypical hair loss, including hormonal changes and stress.


With CBD moving into the public’s general awareness as a beneficial health supplement, many have started wondering, can CBD help with hair loss, too? Cannabidiol, CBD’s scientific name, is a phytocannabinoid found in cannabis. Studies have shown that it can be effective in treating a number of illnesses and conditions, including insomnia, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and a range of other maladies.


Today, various applications of CBD, from tinctures and lotions to food and beverages have all but taken over the market and can now be found in health stores and groceries in cities across the United States and beyond. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which effectively legalized its use and production, many new products infused with CBD have become readily accessible to millions of people, including CBD shampoos and hair serums. So do these products work for hair loss? And why or how do they work exactly?


Before we dive in, let’s explore the factors that affect a person’s hair in the first place.


Age: When it comes to hair, age isn’t just a number. Like a lot of things as we get older, hair growth starts to decline and a variety of bodily functions no longer work as they used to, including hair growth. However, age isn’t the only factor.

Genetics: Unfortunately, a lot of the time, male/female pattern baldness does come down to genetics. If it tends to run in the family, chances are, it’ll affect you.

Diet: This is where you can step in and mitigate factors like age and genetics with a healthful diet, particularly one rich in omega fatty acids like fish and nuts.

Hormones: Specifically dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) is the hormone responsible for hair loss in both sexes. DHT miniaturizes hair follicles and causes hairs to stop growing as they normally would.

Mental/emotional health: Stress is known to cause telogen effluvium, which causes temporary hair loss. The stress pushes hair follicles into a resting phase so they don’t produce new strands, causing hair to fall out more easily.


How can CBD benefit hair growth?


In recent years, outside of its benefits when taken orally, the use of CBD has also spread to the beauty industry as well, showing up in many skincare products, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. In the same way it benefits skin, it can also benefit the hair.


CBD is known to improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure. Improved blood flow, particularly in the scalp, is known to promote hair growth. In addition, in some studies, CBD has been shown to reduce cell death due to its potent antioxidant properties.


CBD can also reduce inflammation and stress in the body. Stress can be one of the leading causes of hair loss. As the use of CBD helps promote restful sleep, the body’s cortisol production can be regulated. Overproduction of cortisol is linked to hair loss.


When applied topically as a hair serum, hemp oil’s moisturizing properties can help prevent hair breakage and create an ideal environment that promotes hair growth, as well as increase volume and shine.


What CBD hair products are currently on the market?


1.     Nomad Transcend Serum - Apart from CBD, this serum also contains white tea extract, chamomile, rose water, which soothes scalp irritation, and lactic acid, which boosts cell turnover and promotes hair growth.

2.    CBD Daily Shampoo - Each bottle contains a whopping 10 mg of CBD, which, when combined with beneficial-on-its-own Argan oil and other essential oils, work to nourish the scalp and condition as it cleans.

3.    Emera Nourishing CBD Shampoo - This shampoo’s a double-threat as it contains both avocado oil and hemp seed oil, as well as green tea extract and chamomile to protect the hair from free radical damage.

4.    Prose Shampoo - This one combines CBD with other beneficial ingredients like pro-vitamin B and licorice root, which, like CBD, also has anti-inflammatory properties.

5.    CBD hair treatments - Some salons in the US and UK now offer CBD hair treatments. In London, Hari’s salon offers customers a pipette of CBD oil to be taken sublingually before the session even begins. This relaxes customers and puts them in the right mood to receive the therapeutic treatment. The therapist then massages the hair treatment into their scalp. The CBD mixture is blended with coconut oil, Tamanu (a Polynesian nut oil), and other essential oils. They’re also given CBD tea while they sit back and let the treatment work its magic. Customers have reported feeling intensely relaxed after a session.








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