microdosing cannabis
microdosing cannabis

Different Ways To Microdose With Cannabis

Microdosing Cannabis Can Be Done In Different Ways

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Aug 8, 2017

Different Ways To Microdose With Cannabis



Microdosing cannabis is one of the newer, albeit more effective concepts that has been used in administering the plant as medicine.



However, the concept of “less is more” is still taking some time – it clearly hasn’t gone mainstream yet, despite the several proven benefits of microdosing. In the cannabis industry, most manufacturers profit from catering to recreational users, who think that using more to get a stronger high is better. Walk into any dispensary and budtenders will likely lead you to products that contain up to 100mg of THC. Such high doses that are so easily available may turn out disastrous for novice users.



The cannabis market needs more low-dose products; but more importantly, consumers need to be educated about the benefits of microdosing.



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What To Expect From Microdosing


Microdosing is the most effective solution for reducing the occurrence of potential side effects of certain cannabis strains, such as headaches, paranoia, the munchies, cotton mouth, dry eyes, and red eyes. Depending on the cannabinoid profile and terpenes available in the strain you’ve chosen, you’ll likely feel more energetic, relaxed, and more focused… In short, you’ll be able to experience all the positive benefits of cannabis when you microdose, as opposed to the negatives. Some users report heightened spiritual awareness, effective stress relief, quicker pain relief, and an increase in creativity.



Microdosing Techniques



Finding your ideal microdose will take time, practice, and a lot of patience. It’s important to learn as much about the plant as you can, especially if you are microdosing for medical purposes.



Here are a few ways you can microdose with various administration techniques:


microdosing vaping

  • Smoking and Vaping: These are the most popular methods to ingest cannabis in general, as well as for microdosing. The primary benefits of this administration method is that it’s the easiest and you’ll only need very little supplies. Best of all, the effects of microdosing cannabis through smoking or vaping can be felt in seconds. Smoking is ideal provided that you don’t have respiratory or heart ailments.



It’s pretty simple to find your ideal dose through smoking. Just take one puff, then wait 10 minutes until you feel its full effect. Gauge how this makes you feel; only then do you decide if you need more. Then you can get creative once you determine that even one puff gets you much higher than you want – pack smaller bowls and roll smaller/thinner joints.


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  • Tinctures: Consuming half a drop of a drop into a liquid is a discreet way to medicate and microdose. You can also just put ¼ of drop under your tongue, for almost instant relief (keep in mind that this is best used when a non-alcoholic tincture was used otherwise it can burn the underside of your tongue!)


One dose of a cannabis tincture can be anywhere from 1 or 2 doses, so if you’re microdosing, ½ to ¼ is usually safe to start with. Wait up to 20 minutes for it to take effect, then evaluate how you feel and decide if you need more.


edibles cannabis

  • Edibles: The upside to medicating with edibles is that it’s easy to find products in the market that have clearly specified how much THC and CBD they contain. However, the downside is that many edibles are usually made to be very strong, and that it takes a lot of time for your body to metabolize it – therefore requiring a longer interval between doses for you to accurately evaluate how high you are before you pop another one in your mouth.


When microdosing with edibles, start with the smallest amount possible. Some products clearly indicate that each bite only contains 5mg of THC, so eating two bites will surely get you high. Try waiting after one bite and see what it does for you, by waiting around 30-45 minutes, before you take another. When consuming edibles that have much more THC, control your intake by quartering or halving them to lessen its strength.



cannabis joint

  • Combusting: This is the most difficult method of controlling your cannabis dose. One single hit can contain as much as 10 mg of THC, which can be extremely overwhelming for someone who has a low tolerance.


What is your favorite technique for microdosing and why?










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