cannabis for schizophrenia
cannabis for schizophrenia

How Cannabis Helps With Schizophrenia and Other Neurological Disorders

Medical Marijuana For Schizophrenia and Alzheimer's Disease

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Thom Baccus on Monday Jun 26, 2017

How does cannabis help with schizophrenia and other neurological disorders?


Marijuana as a remedy for various neurological disorders may sound a little off sync. But, it is important to know, that the facts work the other way round. Cannabis is a very effective but an underused therapeutic. in the case of various neurological disorders like Alzheimer's disease, Epilepsy, Depression, etc. These disorders will lead to both psychological and physical abnormalities, and when marijuana is used as a treatment, these conditions are addressed by different cannabinoids, and brought under control.



Recent research experiments talk about the positive effects that cannabis has on schizophrenia. It is well known that cannabis consists of various cannabinoids and THC and CBD are the popular ones among them. Each of these two cannabinoids will have different effects on schizophrenia. CBD or cannabidiol is said to bring down the anxiety and suppresses the effects of schizophrenia, while the THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol is psychoactive and any psychoactive reactions, can only worsen the condition of schizophrenia. This means the debates also have got a point. But, there are several other reasons, as to why Cannabis or CBD to be more precise, is safe and effective than other synthetic non-psychoactive medicines; one of them is that it is free of side effects.


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Pills vs. Chemical-free and safe Cannabis, which is better??


How to make the best use of cannabis for schizophrenia?


Choosing the Cannabis strains, that has high CBD content, is the first step. CBD will suppress most of the effects of schizophrenia, safely and healthily, with no side effects.



CBD's prime role is to nullify the psychotic activities in the brain and of THC and THC-like molecules. When this is done, naturally, various symptoms of schizophrenia will be kept in check.  Most of the neurological disorders will have anxiety as a common factor, and this factor will decide the intensity of a particular neurological disorder, most of the times. So, bringing down the anxiety levels will be as important as taking direct medicines to that particular condition. Cannabidiol or CBD has the anxiety-reducing property, with which, the patient can be brought into calm and stress-free condition, in less time, which clearly, means that cannabis is indeed a very good answer for various symptoms of schizophrenia.



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Cannabis for movement related neurological disorders-



Movement-related neurological disorders are very difficult to deal with, as the patient will have no control over their body parts, and their movements. This makes to the day-to-day activities, daunting for them. Addressing these conditions in the earlier stages also becomes very important, as these conditions in the advanced stages become incurable.



Again here, it is CBD that will suppress that negative outcomes of these disorders, while the cannabis containing high THC, can only worsen the condition.



Anxiety and stress are common elements observed in the case of movement-related neurological disorders too, and calming the brain is the key to addressing most of them, such as Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, etc. Due to cannabis's instant effect, one can see results, in no time, with zero side effects.


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Studies show that Cannabis is the answer for various neurological disorders.



What makes CBD, a good therapeutic, for neurological disorders?



CBD is one powerful molecule that has an influence on various receptors in the brain and the body, and this influence is not only limited to cannabinoid receptors but other receptors too. Various research experiments have shown that CBD has very strong, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti-depressant, anti-psychoactive, and many  neuro-protective qualities.  Beta-amyloid plaque, which is the key compound that causes Alzheimer's, can be removed by CBD. Last, but not the least, CBD, along with the THC, can stimulate the neurogenesis, i.e., the formation of new brain cells. All these above-mentioned qualities together, will prevent the deterioration of the neurological health of the patients, who are in the earlier, and near advanced stages.



So, will the pure CBD, in the absence THC, suppress the effects or the symptoms of various neurological disorders, more effectively? The answer is no. CBD will have its effects to the fullest, only when it is in combination with the THC.



Each other's presence enhances each other's curative or therapeutic abilities. However, one need not worry about THC's psychoactivity having an impact on their medical condition, as CBD is always there to suppress the psychoactivity of THC and enhance its pain-killing and other positive activities. However, the ratio in which these two compounds are in combination matters. The CBD ratio should be higher than the THC, for the desirable effects. Different cannabis strains will have different concentration of the cannabinoids. And, it is also important to know that, not all combinations (ratios) of THC and CBD, can work for all the health conditions. Talking to a doctor or a Cannabis expert will help one, better.



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Best way for CBD intake -


Some people smoke or vape, while a few intake CBD orally, in the form of lozenges, beverages, tinctures, and gel caps. These different means of consumption decides the time taken for the onset of the effects, and the duration it lasts. Acute disorders can be effectively and readily addressed with the inhalation, as one can see the results within 2-3 minutes of the consumption, and the effect here lasts for not more than 2 hours. Coming to the oral consumption, the time taken for the effects to be seen is comparatively larger, say, 30-90 minutes, but the effects can last up to five hours or more.



In spite of having these therapeutic benefits, this is one herb that is highly misunderstood and under-used for curative purposes.  Science will continue to uncover more information on the how and why cannabis is so effective in treating symptoms of the brain which are on the increase in our modern world, and need to be addressed with an unbiased, and eyes wide open attitude. 


Author Bio

I am a firm believer in the herbal use and an advocate for recreational cannabis. My wife of over forty years, who abstains for her own reasons, and I have been living on the farm for nearly as long as we have been married. We have five successful adult children to be proud of.


I was educated in Agriculture/ Horticulture at the OAC at the University of Guelph where I graduated with honors. I worked in many different farm occupations and silviculture , and am a firm believer in organic farming and cultural practices that are eco-friendly and safe for people. I also advocate mixed farming that includes livestock and crop production. I have developed some of my own innovations in plant husbandry that came out of years of experience and observation and tempered with advanced training in agric/hort. Science. I feel it is important to re- educate people about cannabis , expose the “snow job” that it has been a victim of, for almost a hundred years in North America. “It will be a tough row to hoe”, but we are determined to bring the truth to cannabis and its positive effects when grown in natural environments.



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