cbd for cats
cbd for cats

How CBD Can Help Your Cat for a Variety of Things

Is CBD good for cats and what about feline medical issues?

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christalcann on Thursday Jan 9, 2020

How CBD Can Help Your Cat

cbd for cats

Cats! You either love them or you hate them! But whatever the case, they do take the number one spot on YouTube. If for no other reason then, let us look into the effect cannabis has on our feline friends. Being mammals like us humans, they do have an endocannabinoid system equal to ours. Many of the same diseases treatable with cannabis in us, would also be treatable in them.

True cat owners are always looking for ways to treat their cats in the best way. It is not strange then, that cannabis as an alternative medicine would be explored too. Similar conditions like inflammation, seizures, pain, and cancer symptoms are all treatable by cannabis. Even anxiety and behavior could successfully be addressed.


How can CBD help?

With all the focus on cannabis as alternative medicine, it is not weird that cannabis is also targeting pets, or animals as a whole. Almost entirely, cannabis pet remedies are cannabidiol inclined. The reason why CBD is preferred is that it has no psychoactive effects like THC. There are not many clinical studies out there yet, so veterinary doctors are cautious to prescribe it outright, but they are experimenting with it and saw positive results.


Is CBD Safe for Felines?

As mentioned before, there is a lack of scientific studies when it comes to the treatment of pets. But some holistic veterinarians believe that CBD oil is safe for pets. If side-effects like upset tummy or sedation are observed, with discontinuation it easily disappears. The main objective is to give the correct dosage. The golden rule remains; start small and keep it low.


Typical Conditions CBD could help with

Cannabinoid receptors are found all over the body in the endocannabinoid system of all mammals. These receptors react to the cannabinoids in marijuana. Some conditions treatable by cannabis in cats are:

Pain in arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis, and feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD)

Reduce seizure frequency and acts as a neuroprotector

Reduce cancer-associated symptoms

Reduce bronchial spasms in asthmatic cats

Lower anxiety and stress

Strengthen the immune system

Lower the severity of dementia

On a test with older cats suffering from joint pains, the aches were effectively relieved. To the surprise of the veterinary doctors, the cats that also had a history of feline interstitial cystitis (FIC), had no problems after 2 months as the symptoms disappeared. Mobility and comfort increased dramatically, and the cats had a much better life.


Can CBD Treat Feline Urinary Tract Disease?

One of the things cat owners have a real hard time with is Feline Urinary Tract Disease. Apart from being very painful, it is also stressful. What makes it more difficult is that FUTD is not a specific disease. It can affect the urethra or urinary bladder. It is very important to take your cat to a vet if you notice the following symptoms:

Hard time urinating

Painful urination

Trying to frequently urinate

Blood in urine

Urinating outside the litter box

Behavioral changes


Unable to urinate at all


What causes FUTD?

Bacterial infections are the main cause of Feline Urinary Tract Disease. It is not that common in younger cats, but older cats suffer from that. Cats can also develop bladder stones. The most common ones are magnesium ammonium phosphate and calcium oxalate related. Sometimes, there is a blockage formed by cysts, debris, proteins, or crystals that cause severe muscle spasms and inflammation. In certain cases, it is a defect or damage done that did not heal properly. Cancer also could cause FUTD. The worst is idiopathic cystitis or inflammation in the bladder. There is simply no known cause and most cats suffer from this.


How can CBD Oil help?

CBD oil has strong antibacterial properties. While bacterial infections are not likely to cause infection in the majority of cats, fighting bacteria during sickness is not bad. Inflammation is very much part of urinary tract disease and cannabidiol helps with inflammation too. When your cat shows signs of urinary infection, CBD oil will mediate the cat´s immune system and reduce inflammation and irritation.


What about anxiety and stress?

Anxiety is just as common in cats than in humans. Signs of this behavior often manifest in being needy, scratching furniture, and meowing excessively. CBD is also an anti-depressant and is can reduce stress levels and improve cognitive impairment. With micro-dosing, the behavior of the cat will change over time.


Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation is not necessarily only related to FUTD, but old age and injuries could also be part of it. The quality of the cat could greatly improve by adding CBD Oil to its diet. Inflammation often goes hand-in-hand with pain. So, when inflammation is reduced, pain lowers too.


Final Thoughts

As cats form part of the family, there is no reason not to look into the benefits of CBD on your cat. If there is any way to make them more comfortable, grab it with open hands. Be sure to involve your vet in the process or get help from a holistic healer. Safety always come first.


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