cannabis strains for lupus
cannabis strains for lupus

The Best Cannabis Strains for Lupus

5 Medical Marijuana Strains For Lupus Patients

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DanaSmith on Wednesday May 17, 2017

Best Cannabis Strains for Lupus

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Lupus is a condition that medical marijuana is commonly used to help manage. Lupus causes the immune system to become hyperactive and healthy tissue in the body is confused as harmful bacteria or viruses which the immune system ends up attacking. Because of this, patients end up suffering from extreme chronic pain, swelling, fatigue, mouth sores, skin rashes, anxiety, depression, fevers, seizures, weight loss, tissue damage, and a host of other painful symptoms that tend to vary among individuals.


There are different kinds of lupus, and certain forms are even caused by legal prescription medications. Other kinds of lupus affects babies as well as adults. There is no known cure for lupus although many adults have already taken to medical marijuana to help ease the symptoms and try to regain a normal quality of life.


Inflammation and pain are the two primary symptoms of lupus, which are also conditions in itself that cannabis is known to be extremely effective in treating. Both CBD and THC have excellent properties that can help lupus patients manage inflammation and pain.


If you have lupus and would like to explore strains that can help address the symptoms, these are the strains widely used by patients:

charolettes web cannabis

Charlotte’s Web is easily the most famous cannabis strain used to treat a lupus and many other conditions. Lupus patients love Charlotte’s Web for its high CBD content, making it an excellent choice for general day-to-day medication without giving you a buzz. If you’re a new patient, use Charlotte’s Web with caution as some first-time users reported feeling slightly dizzy so try to use it in the comfort of your own home first. Patients who are suffering from severe pain can benefit greatly from this strain.


harlequin cannabis

Harlequin is recommended for lupus patients who are suffering from anxiety and pain. It’s one of the best strains with a high CBD content, making it a top choice for lupus patients particularly those who are suffering from anxiety. Harlequin is also ideal for patients suffering from chronic pain as a result of lupus, and it’s one of the most effective and fast-acting medical strains out there. Some patients report experiencing cotton mouth after using Harlequin, so just make sure that you have some water nearby.


og kush cannabis

OG Kush is a classic American strain that has a wide range of medical applications. Patients appreciate OG Kush’s ability to send them straight into a state of euphoria; ideal for those suffering mentally and emotionally from being diagnosed with lupus and other conditions. OG Kush is commonly used to treat pain and stress, but it has a tendency to numb the body so it’s definitely better for evening use. Some patients report feeling mild headaches, dry eyes, and cotton mouth after using OG Kush but stay hydrated and in a comfortable state at home; you’ll be fine in no time.


grand daddy purple cannabis

Granddaddy Purple is recommended for lupus patients looking for nighttime relief due to insomnia. The symptoms of lupus can make it very difficult for patients to fall asleep, because pain can strike anywhere and anytime even while you’re lying down. Try Granddaddy Purple as evening medication; it’s effective in treating pain, muscle spasms, and appetite loss while sending you into a deep state of relaxation for total healing as you sleep. Granddaddy Purple also delivers feelings of happiness and euphoria among patients. However, some patients report experiencing dry mouth, dry eyes, mild paranoia and headaches with this strain although it’s uncommon and manageable.


afghan kush cannabis

Afghan Kush is another terrific strain for lupus patients seeking evening medications.  Afghan Kush is used by patients for its powerful sedating properties, so don’t attempt to use this strong indica strain during the day. Make sure that you are in the comforts of your own home when you medicate with Afghan Kush. This is an ideal strain for lupus patients suffering from extreme stress, chronic pain, depression and anxiety and thus have a hard time sleeping well. Afghan Kush is also known to deliver the stereotypical effects of indica strains so if you’re after a relaxing kind of medicine, this strain is for you.



Have you used cannabis to help manage the symptoms of lupus? Which strains do you find work best for you? Share with us in the comments below.








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