CBD for women's health
CBD for women's health

More and More Women are Taking CBD as a Daily Supplement, Here is Why

Why CBD is the best supplement for women's health

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DanaSmith on Sunday Apr 10, 2022

CBD for women's health supplements

Demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products continues to soar in the United States.


Last 2020, the value of the CBD market reached $2.8 billion, according to data from Grand View Research. Its healing benefits are what drives the demand, plus there is also an increasing acceptance in its use since CBD is the most popular cannabinoid due to the absence of psychoactive effects compared to THC.


It’s also surprising to see that women have been significant in spurring the CBD market growth for many years now. Studies show that more women use CBD compared to men, and another study by Ease which analyzed 450,000 cannabis consumers showed that female baby boomers were the biggest segment of CBD users. Meanwhile, another study found that women were more likely to use CBD for a medical condition, and men tended to use CBD for overall health and wellness.


While the conditions that cannabis has been proven to treat aren’t gender-specific, for a great deal of them, women lacked access to proven safe remedies for women’s health problems.  That’s why it’s become so much easier to supplement with CBD for overall women’s health; it can be taken in many forms the way you would supplement with other things such as vitamins. Additionally, women can safely take oils and other consumption methods without having to worry about side effects. And there are a growing number of women who are taking CBD-based medicines even without consulting their doctors, thanks to the research and anecdotal support that can be found online and within our communities.


Let’s take a look at the reasons why CBD is the best and safest supplement out there for women’s health:


  • Pain: Men and women perceive pain differently, and there are biological reasons for this.


Women are prone to fluctuating female hormones, which can affect how pain is perceived. An example of this is when the menstrual cycle is ongoing or after menopause, there is an increase in pain receptor activity due to lower estrogen levels. This will then result in the body becoming more sensitive to pain. In addition, women possess greater nerve density, which causes them to experience pain more intensely compared to men.


CBD can be used to treat many pain conditions including migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and so much more. Women are prone to all kinds of pain in all stages of life, and these are where CBD can help because CBD reduces pain when it interacts with the endocannabinoid system to cut down on inflammation.



  • Pelvic pain: With at least 6.5 million women in the US alone suffering from endometriosis, and a majority of women struggling with dysmenorrhea during their periods, pelvic pain is simply something men do not understand but has become a normal part of women’s lives.


However, pain shouldn’t be normal. Some 20% of women have dysmenorrhea bad enough that it can interfere with daily activities, and for those who struggle with endometriosis, we can tell you that the pain can sometimes be much worse than childbirth. CBD is an excellent tool that can help ease the inflammation causing both of these conditions as well as the flare-ups of endometriosis.


Last year, a survey conducted by researchers linked with the University of Michigan revealed that women who struggle with chronic pelvic pain use CBD frequently to help them with their symptoms. They also use it instead of other prescription medications, says the data, which has been published in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology.These findings were similar with others, verifying that more and more women use cannabis products to treat chronic pelvic pain while reducing dependence on opioid medications.


Remedy Review, a natural health product website, polled some 1,000 women to see how they make use of CBD. Pain relief was touted as among the top reasons why Generation X females use CBD, though baby boomers also use CBD for pain relief.


  • Anxiety and depression: Women are doubly prone to anxiety and depression no matter what age, compared to men. Many of these mood changes are caused by hormonal changes, but there are other factors too, such as life experiences and some inherited traits.


The risk for developing depression begins in puberty, which is when women are exposed to fluctuating hormone changes. It continues during premenstrual times of the month, pregnancy, postpartum depression, then perimenopause and then finally, menopause. Women who supplement with CBD can greatly benefit from its ability to help provide balance to the hormones; a study even shows that it can also help to regulate the production of cortisol, a stress-activating hormone.



  • Beauty: These days, CBD can be found in countless serums and other beauty products. Studies show that CBD is beneficial in treating and preventing acne breakouts because of its ability to reduce skin inflammation while regulating oil production.


These benefits also extend to its anti-aging properties. CBD is a powerful antioxidant that does an excellent job of eliminating the signs of aging. You can consume CBD orally but also apply it topically through serums as well as creams and lotions to enjoy localized benefits on your face to prevent wrinkles.



  • Sex: CBD-infused lubricants are helping countless women find joy in their sex lives again. These greatly alleviate dryness and the pain associated with sexual intercourse that some women suffer from. You can also take CBD orally to promote muscle relaxation, while treating performance anxiety.

With all the stress and mental health problems that women are prone to, it can make enjoying sex difficult which is evident in painful intercourse. CBD can help with that too. THC-infused lubricants are newer to the market but are getting strong reviews from couples where access to these products is more available.



With all these benefits and more, one can’t deny that CBD is an essential supplement that women can benefit from at all stages in their lives.


Have you taken CBD for any of these concerns? How has it helped you?








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