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cannabis for appetite loss

Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Appetite Loss

Bring Back Your Appetite With These Marijuana Strains

Posted by DanaSmith on Monday Mar 27, 2017
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Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Appetite Loss



While the rest of us think that getting the munchies could be a fun (but fattening) aspect of smoking pot, for patients of serious illnesses or those going through chemotherapy treatments, a larger appetite could save lives.



Many conditions can cause appetite loss: eating disorders, cancer itself, depression, anxiety, stress, HIV, COPD, heart failure, liver disease, and so much more. Thankfully there are certain strains of cannabis that can boost the appetite, greatly needed by patients who need the nutrients in their system. 



Check out these strains that are guaranteed to give you a good case of the munchies:



girl scout cookies

  • Girl Scout Cookies will make you hungry in more ways than one. This is one of the best medicinal strains out there thanks to its parent strains OG Kush Hybrid and Durban Poison Sativa. Girl Scout Cookies has a delicious sweet aroma and earthy undertones that are so good, it might be too difficult to quit smoking! This strain will give you blissful euphoric feelings combined with an intense body relaxation. For double the bliss, why not smoke some Girl Scout Cookies before you dive into a bowl of your favorite pasta dish? Girl Scout Cookies is also known for its powerful analgesic properties, ideal for patients suffering from appetite loss due to chronic pain.


pine apple express strain

  • Pineapple Express will tickle your senses with its pineapple, pine, and cedar aroma. This one will give you a potent, uplifting high so if you take this for the munchies make sure that you’re in a comfortable place and don’t have to operate machinery! Have a few puffs in your car before you dine at your favorite sushi restaurant – it might just be the best meal of your life. Pineapple Express is well-loved by patients for its ability to relax and be energizing at the same time. It’s a useful medicinal strain for its ability to induce appetite while managing mood disorders, headaches, stress, and pain too.


orange kush

  •  Orange Kush is the ideal strain for patients who are experiencing so much stress that they find it difficult to eat or even enjoy a meal. Orange Kush is a popular medical strain for its ability to effectively treat chronic pain and headaches, symptoms which are also common if you’re going through extreme stress as a result of work or personal and emotional issues. Orange Kush will sink you into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation, making it easier to forget about your troubles and focus on the smoothie bowl in front of you – and appreciate it for its beauty, not to mention all the good nutrients in it!


tahoe og kush strain

  • Tahoe OG Kush is a great daytime strain, but it’s a fast-acting one so you may want to make sure that you use it at home right before you dive into a meal. Because its effects are quick, you might be better off trying this strain a few minutes before you expect your lunch delivery to appear at the front door! Tahoe OG Kush is excellent for treating insomnia and pain as well. This strain has a delicious lemony taste with a lemony and earthy tone. Tahoe OG Kush will get you stoned AF but if you eat too much, you might get into a food coma and fall asleep (but that isn’t exactly a bad thing is it?)


candyland strain

  •  Candyland is a hybrid, but it feels more like a pure sativa. This strain will keep you awake and energized for many hours throughout the day, so if you need some help with your appetite why not give it a try when you wake and bake? Have a toke, some coffee, and a big delicious breakfast with all the fixings? You’ll definitely have the energy to power through all the tasks that you need to do for the day with Candyland, it’s no wonder that this strain is also a favorite of creatives such as writers, musicians, and artists. Candyland is also an excellent strain for managing headaches, fatigue, pain, and depression.



If you’re taking any of these strains to improve your appetite and get the much-needed vitamins and nutrients that you need from food, make sure that your choice of munchies is healthy! Instead of hitting up Taco Bell or Pizza Hut, opt for dishes that are loaded with superfoods, vegetables, fruits, fish, and the good kinds of fat.










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