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joint pain cannabis

Top 5 Strains for Joint Pain and Arthralgia

Medical Marijuana For Arthralgia Joint Pain

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christalcann on Wednesday Aug 23, 2017

Top 5 Strains for Joint Pain / Arthralgia



Arthralgia is a word that means joint pain. There are many causes that can contribute to joint pain, such as infections, injury, allergic reactions, immune disorders, and degenerative diseases. Many people often confuse arthritis with arthralgia, but according to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), arthralgia is defined as “aching or pain in the joints (without swelling)”, while arthritis is “inflammation (pain with swelling) of the joints.” However, many people with arthralgia also experience swelling.



Arthralgia is an extremely painful condition, just like with other kinds of joint pain. These are the best cannabis strains suitable for treating arthralgia:


super sour diseal

  1. Super Sour Diesel is a potent sativa whose benefits come from its excellent genetics, thanks to its parent strains Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. The effects of its parents are also evident in Super Sour Diesel, such as a strong cerebral high. If you suffer from joint pain but need an effective daytime medication, this strain is highly recommended. Not only will Super Sour Diesel help you stay alert and awake; it also delivers a happy, euphoric, and relaxing buzz that will wipe out your joint pain. However, if you aren’t used to strong sativas or tend to suffer from paranoia or headaches, medicate moderately with Super Sour Diesel. This strain can also help with nausea, stress, fatigue, and depression.



green crack strain

  1. Green Crack is loved by patients for giving an outstandingly sharp focus and a high that lasts several hours without making you crash afterwards. Green Crack is an excellent daytime medication for joint pain too, since its effects are sativa-dominant. Patients love Green Crack for delivering a high-energy buzz while helping them feel uplifted, euphoric, and happy. Aside from its far-reaching medical properties, Green Crack also has a distinct mango-like flavor that makes it a joy to use. If you suffer from fatigue, stress, or depression, Green Crack can help with those too.



blue dream strain

  1. Blue Dream is such a versatile strain for medicinal properties that it should be part of everyone’s first-aid kit. This sativa-dominant hybrid has achieved a legendary reputation among medical and recreational users alike. Blue Dream relaxes the body while gently invigorating your mind. It’s not too strong, and is recommended for both beginners and veteran users. This is an excellent strain for beating joint pain as it offers quick relief without making you feel too sedated. Blue Dream is another top choice for daytime medicating if you have joint pain. It can also treat headaches, depression, stress, and insomnia.



purple kush strain

  1. Purple Kush is one of the world’s most powerful strains. The average THC concentration for Purple Kush is 15%, so it may be best suited for experienced users. Purple Kush is distinct in its flowery, strong aroma with grape undertones and a woody scent. Another characteristic that sets Purple Kush apart, which is also one of the reasons why patients love this strain, is the fact that it delivers such a long-lasting hit, sometimes delivering a potent high for as long as 2 hours. Purple Kush gives a euphoric and happy high, while relaxing the body preparing you for a good night of rest. This strong indica is best suited for nighttime medication, ideally if your joint pain prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. If you tend to suffer from dizziness or paranoia after smoking cannabis, try medicating with Purple Kush because it’s one of the strains that are known not to have this side effect. This strain is also excellent for treating headaches, stress, insomnia, and depression.



girl scout cookies strain

  1. Girl Scout Cookies is a world-famous, award-winning hybrid, and it’s definitely much more than what it sounds like. This strain has achieved a far-reaching reputation for being extremely enjoyable to medicate with for smokers from all areas of the spectrum. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran smoker, Girl Scout Cookies has something for you. This strain is the result of a cross between OG Kush Hybrid and Durban Poison, resulting in what’s now known as one of the best strains in the country and around the world. Girl Scout Cookies will help you manage joint pain effectively, but it’s also delightful to smoke thanks to its sweet aroma and earthy undertones. Patients love Girl Scout Cookies for the euphoric high it delivers while relaxing the body. This strain is also helpful for treating lack of appetite, stress, insomnia, and depression.









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