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reggie weed

What Is Reggie Weed And Why You Shouldn’t Smoke It

Reggie Weed is Low Grade Cannabis With Low THC

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Apr 25, 2018

What Is Reggie Weed And Why You Shouldn’t Smoke It

What is Reggie Marijuana? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


As creative as we stoners are, we come up with names for everything related to cannabis.


We now know there’s top-shelf bud, which we also refer to as loud or dank. That’s the good stuff. But if you ever come across reggie weed, just say no.

Reggie weed, in short, is weed that’s considered B++ or even C+ in quality. It has extremely low THC levels and a rather strange odor. With all the different varieties of cannabis in the market, it can get confusing to know what kind you’re really paying for and getting.


Readers, beware of reggie weed. Here’s how to identify reggie weed:


What’s In A Name


Also known as regular weed, reggie weed is just that – a sub-par strain of low quality that discerning smokers should avoid. From growing to end product, not much love has been put into growing reggie weed. In short, you deserve better.




The color of reggie weed ranges from a dark green and in some cases, even brown. Top-shelf bud usually shares the same range of color, but reggie weed has a strange dark color to it.




Reggie weed is definitely not that good in taste, which can be described as more of herby or grassy. The taste of reggie weed is a far cry from good-quality cannabis, which can be pungent, smoky, or even delicious depending on its characteristics. Many stoners find the taste of reggie weed unpleasant at best, something that’s not described as enjoyable whatsoever.


Too Many Seeds


One of the distinct characteristics of reggie weed, which can be identified visually, is that it has way too many seeds. Many reggie varieties have seeds that outnumber the leaves, since it’s known for producing way too much seeds. If you ever have to resort to using reggie weed, you’ll need to carefully weed out the seeds otherwise if you smoke it, it will be rough and painful and may even cause nausea.


Low THC Content


THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the cannabinoid that most recreational and some medical users find valuable. THC not only has therapeutic benefits, but it’s the very compound in cannabis that gets you high. Many users find the THC levels of a cannabis product as a metric for quality, but with reggie weed THC levels are only around 2%. The average THC content of a cannabis strain is 10%, but what you’ll find in dispensaries today are usually around 25% THC. The low THC content of reggie weed means that you’ll have to smoke a ton of it just to get a semblance of any kind of a high.


Poor Quality Growing


Reggie is the result of poor quality growing and fertilizing; this is why it produces so many seeds. Once the female reggie plant produces seeds, it diverts the energy that should have gone into THC production and growing buds into growing even more seeds. This causes the quality of the plant to deteriorate. Additionally, reggie weed is typically grown outdoors in fields. Unlike hydroponic or controlled indoor growing, growing reggie weed can easily be done outdoors with no care and attention whatsoever.



Aside from an extremely low THC content, the hit you’ll get from reggie weed, if any, will only last for a short period of time. Its effects are extremely mild and subtle, and if you’re an experienced toker it’s likely you won’t feel it at all. It lacks a punch, and isn’t what a real high should be like. Plus since it’s so weak, you’ll easily develop a tolerance for it after smoking it perhaps just 5 times.


Easy To Find


Beware, if you’re desperate for weed and don’t have access to a dispensary or MMJ card. Reggie weed is prevalent among dealers who are eager to make a quick buck, so it’s easy to find in the black market. It’s cheap and for inexperienced users, it will do the job.




Reggie weed is a variety that you should stay away from. It’s a waste of your money – you will barely get high and won’t get any medicinal benefits from it. You’re better off spending your money on quality weed if you can access it.


Have you ever tried reggie weed? What was your experience like?

What Is Reggie Cannabis And Why You Shouldn’t Smoke It from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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