Delta-9 or Delta-10 THC
Delta-9 or Delta-10 THC

What is the Difference Between Delta-9 THC and Delta-10 THC?

Does one get you higher than the other, what is the big difference between Delta-9 and Delta-10 THC?

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Laurel Leaf on Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

What You Need to Know About Delta 10 and the Differences Between Delta 9 and Delta 10 THC

delta 9 or delta 10 thc

In the cannabis industry, knowledge is important if one is to get the best out of the products available. It is also more important to ensure that accurate information is what you have in your hand so as to avoid unwanted misinformation and whatnot. We will be addressing one of the areas of cannabis that is confusing many recently and that is Delta 10 THC. Many often hear of THC and believe that anything that includes THC talks about the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. Well, this is true in many ways and untrue in some too. Read along as we clarify and explain all things concerning Delta 10 THC.

What is Delta 10 THC?

Most of us are probably familiar with basic chemistry so we will start from there to explain what delta 10 THC is. Delta 10 THC is a structural isomer of delta 9 THC which produces psychoactive effects in the human body. Though psychoactive, delta 10 gives rise to a different type of feel compared to delta 9 THC. Delta 10 occurs in trace amounts in the cannabis plant which makes it very hard to get substantial quantities of the product available for use. The chemical difference between both compounds is the carbon-carbon double bond which is located at carbon 10 in delta 10 THC and carbon 9 in delta 9 THC.

What we call THC in the cannabis plant largely refers to delta 9 THC as it was the first psychoactive compound extracted from the cannabis plant. The origin and discovery of delta 10 THC can be classified as serendipitous because it occurred after a fire incident in California. A batch of hemp saved after the fires were unwittingly contaminated with a fire-retardant. After processing, it was discovered that a strange crystal formation had appeared in the extract which was later identified as delta 10 THC. Further testing showed this newly identified compound has similar psychoactive effects with delta 9 THC but some degree of different pharmacological effect.

Delta 10 THC comes in different ranges of products in the market which is similar to its delta 9 counterparts. Varieties of products available include disposable pens, vape cartridges, gummies, tinctures, and flower and pre-rolls with delta 10 THC sprayed on it.

Differences between Delta 9 and Delta 10 THC

As stated earlier, the difference between the chemical structure of delta 9 and delta 10 THC gives rise to different chemical effects in the body. When compared side-by-side, it is easy to see the uniqueness of delta 10 THC and why it is possible for it to be the next big thing in the cannabis industry.


Delta 10 THC is known for its high-octane and energetic feel. It is a mood enhancer that is proven to improve cognitive ability and also give rise to a special stimulating euphoric feeling. Delta 9 THC on the other hand has a special sedative and relaxing effect culminated with euphoria at high doses. The effect of delta 9 THC varies in different people as some people experience relaxing and sedative effects when delta 9 THC is used in medium doses. Therefore, larger doses of delta 9 THC will be required to give the expected stimulating and energetic feel. Delta 10 THC has more stimulating effects than sedatives which means it is prone to stimulating effects in small and medium doses compared to delta 9 THC which needs larger doses. 


The legal stance of delta 9 THC is common knowledge at this stage with the FDA still classifying the natural product as illegal. However, a good number of states have legalized the use of delta 9 THC for medical and recreational use. yet, it's important to check if Delta-9 THC is legal in your specific state or region before consumption. Delta 10 THC on the other hand has less restriction especially because it can be derived from hemp. The natural compound is presently legal federally and in 38 states in the US. This is largely due to its less dramatic high and lower potency.


The market availability of both compounds is quite different as expected especially given the different legal status of both compounds federally. Delta 10 THC is more available given its reduced federal restriction which means it can be easily ordered online anywhere in the legal states. Availability of delta 9 THC is more limited given its legal status. It is also to purchase delta 9 THC in states where it is legal especially states where local governments have regulations limiting who legally produces and sells delta 9.  


On average, the difference between the cost of both products is entirely enormous. Delta 9 THC is regarded as cheap with the average cost ranging from $0.02 to $0.08 per mg. Delta 10 THC on the other hand is regarded as moderate in terms of cost with one mg ranging from $0.07 to $0.12. These variations in prices are not exactly static everywhere as situations around each market can affect prices.


The standard dose for beginners with delta 10 THC is 5 to 10 mg while the standard dose for delta 9 THC for beginners is 2.5 to 5mg. It is important to state that the best way to go with these products is to use trial runs to establish the right dose that will give you your required effect. Getting your product from the right source is also important if you are to get the intended dose of the product.

Bottom line

Considering the uniqueness of delta 10 THC, it is easy to see its market appeal and why it could just be the next big thing in the cannabis industry. On your way to enjoying the recreational effects of delta 10 THC, it is important to always factor in the purity of the product being purchased and used as well as evidence of third-party testing. This helps to ensure the product being used is not contaminated and protects the user from unwanted deleterious effects.








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