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James DEA

Why DEA Agent James Hunt Would Have Fallen For Nazi Propaganda

Blindly Following Bad Laws Because It's The Law Can Lead To Trouble

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Jun 14, 2018

Why DEA Agent James Hunt Would Have Fallen For Nazi Propaganda 


I read the headline; Top DEA agent slams de Blasio’s edict on marijuana, and saw it was a relatively short article. Essentially, Blasio suggested that no one arrests people for smoking weed in public. The DEA agent in question, James Hunt responded to Blasio’s suggestion by saying “As long as there are Federal laws on the books…we’re going to enforce it!”


This got me thinking, not so much about the entire debate between the agent and Blasio, but rather about the mentality of the agent in question.


How Nazis became Nazis


The first thing you must understand about “Nazis” is that they are people just like you and me. I know, people like to separate themselves from the ‘bad’ in life…and what’s worse than a Nazi?


The thing is, those evil scummy Nazis were schoolteachers, doctors, scholars, musicians and so forth. They were people just like you and me that bowed under the pressure of a government policy. Perhaps, the combination of their fears and prejudices allowed them to be duped into following the sadistic plans of Hitler; however, they weren’t evil reincarnated to begin with.


This is important to understand, because you can’t polarize your thinking when it comes to atrocities. You have to at least attempt to understand the motivations behind the actions of evil. Only like this can we learn to avoid similar actions in the future.


This brings me back to the core of Agent James Hunt’s retort to Blasio, “If the laws are on the books…we’re going to enforce it!”


The Core of Nazi Success was Blind Obedience


The only way the Nazi became so powerful to start with was the fact that the local population followed blindly the ideologies of a government party.


Under the premise that, “We’ll enforce it because it’s legal” is the main reason for most of our atrocities around the world. The fact that something is legal doesn’t make it right.


When a human being subjugates their own will, and installs the will of the “entity” above their own critical thinking…bad things happen.


Under the core belief of Agent Hunt…if slavery was legal…he’d enforce it.


I’m sure, if he would ever read this article he’d argue…”Of course not! Slavery is wrong!” However, so are marijuana laws yet he has no problem enforcing those.


Hell, a case could even be made suggesting that cannabis prohibition and slavery are distant cousins, working in tandem to create a cheap labor force through the mass incarceration of people exercising their right of consumption.


Yet, Agent Hunt could give two shits about that. “The Law Says”…..


Well…Hunt…the Laws are tyrannical policies aimed at oppressing the individual and depriving those people of their liberties turning them into state property to be exploited for cheap labor. Sure, it’s legal…but is it right?


If tomorrow a law passes that all Jews should wear particular clothing to be identified as a Jew…would you enforce those laws too?  At what point does your own critical thinking come into play.


All it takes for Evil to reign


The old adage, “All it takes for evil to reign is for a few good men to do nothing” is truth. The Nazis would never have reached the height of their power if their own population exercised critical thinking. If enough people realized that the “laws” were oppressive, unrighteous and a violation of individual liberty…they would have opposed Hitler and their ilk.


The problem was that most people played ball…”because it was legal”. They went along with the atrocities because of a government policy. They remained quiet too long, until the Nazi party blew up to the monster it became and any opposition was snuffed out of existence.


Agent Hunt reminds me of those people. I also think this is the problem with most laws in the U.S and the world. The idea that “Law” is this all-powerful thing that should never be broken and always enforced, is a recipe for disaster.


When the Individual loses its individuality


This can only happen with people who are either “federalists” or “statists”. What does this mean? It means that to these people, the “will of the state” trumps their individual wills. They assume the collective identity of the policies that make up the “state”.


The state’s moral views become their own. They drink all of the Kool-Aid with a smile on their faces.


Anyone who would dare stand up against the “state’s moral views”, are considered the enemy.


Agent James Hunt shows clear signs of this within his statements. He has bought into the idea that the “State is right”. A perfect little Nazi.


Now, while I know that this article would never reach the eyes of people like Agent Hunt, I hope that it does reach the eyes of people they know that might be able to provide some influence within their own way of thinking.

If you are in law enforcement, I know that you are led to believe that you “MUST” follow their ways. I’m here to tell you that you don’t! You are an individual.


The illusion of the state is nothing more than that…an illusion. If you let that stoner or any other drug user, who is merely putting something into their own bodies without affecting anyone else…then


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