Cannabis Tycoon Style Game WeedCraft Coming in 2019

Cannabis Tycoon Style Game WeedCraft Coming in 2019

Get ready to grow your own stash and move up the ladder

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Oct 8, 2018

A Stoner Game That Describes The Current Political Environment of Marijuana in the US

The current political landscape surrounding marijuana in the United States is a mess. Conflicting laws, new regulations, politicians flip-flopping on issues and federal delays all come into play. It can be quite daunting to embark on a legal cannabis business venture simply due to the complexity of these laws and regulations.

For Scott Alexander, lead writer for Weedcraft Inc., the current cannabis landscape resembles Tycoon games. You know, games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and the likes. These games are all about surfing complex problems, trying to balance your spread sheets and to promote your business.

Weedcraft Inc. attempts to simulate the current cannabis environment by creating a robust landscape of legal and illegal marijuana ventures. Your cannabis business can start from within the illegal market and blossom into a fully legal cannabis corporation. Not to mention the ‘intention’ behind your cannabis grow will dictate the type of weed you grow and so forth. I’ll explain this more further down.


How the Game Works

While the game isn’t going to be released till 2019, the game play follows a similar format to that of your average Tycoon style game. Starting off small, you perhaps are growing some weed in your basement. You’ll have to plant seeds, have soil, get grow lights and everything related to growing weed.

Once your plants are ready for harvest, you go through that process and eventually bring it to the street where you’ll set the price of your weed and hopefully unload it.

Small scale operations typically don’t have a big problem with getting busted by the cops [in game], however if you want to increase the value of your crop you’ll have to increase the quality of the soil, lights and irrigation systems.

The problem however, is that a move like that will draw more power and could attract the attention of the local police department. This brings in an entirely new dynamic to your list of options.

Within the game, much like Dungeons and Dragons, everything has been given an “alignment”. Something could be illegal/ but good because you’re growing weed for medical purposes. On the other hand, you might be corporate but try to muscle out competition. This could be classified as “Legal/Shady”.

Depending on the alignment of your interactions, you could do anything from trying to bribe an officer of the law or trying to find dirt on a politician to black mail them to shift policy in your favor.

While this only paints a basic picture of the game, the truth of the matter is that the complex environment of the game definitely reflects what is happening in the real world.

The moral compass of your actions within the game will be up to you. Will you be the rebel grower providing medicine to the masses, or the corporate troll trying to monopolize a fresh new market? Only you will know.


Does this Promote Illegal cannabis activities?

Weedcraft Inc. won’t be promoting anything other than being a mirror to the way society is currently handling the transition from illegal cannabis to a legal framework. I believe it will provide insight and even could generate some unique ideas on how we could effectively integrate marijuana into society where everyone wins.

Of course, there will be some people experimenting with their intention within the game only to be faced with the repercussions of their choices. However, just like Grand Theft Auto allows you to break the law within a virtual simulation, it doesn’t promote criminal activity. I mean, it’s not like “Go out and jack that car fool!”

The virtual landscape acts as a way for people to explore their criminal minds without causing harm to society and without having to engage with the dangers of being an actual criminal. I believe Weedcraft Inc. will also act as a way for people to “scratch the proverbial itch” and to become more familiar with the way things actually work within the cannabis industry as is.

Once the game is released, I’ll be sure to download it and give you guys my honest review on performance, content and so forth.


Final Thoughts

I wish more games like Weedcraft could come into play. I think it’s a great way for people to get some perspective of how the current landscape of marijuana is. It’s a disaster to say the least. These kinds of projects help legitimize cannabis more so than any other medium due to the immersive nature of the dynamics of game play.

Cannabis is quickly becoming an integral part of society, despite the fact that there has been an active campaign to keep it illegal for so long. Congratulations to Scott Alexander and his team for attempting this Tycoon style game. We can’t wait to play it!



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