Singapore death penalty
Singapore death penalty

Singapore Government to Hang Omar Yacob Bamadhaj for Carrying 1 Kilogram of Cannabis

The country with the harshest drug laws plans to hang Omar Yacob Bamadhaj over 1 KG of marijuana

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Oct 19, 2021

Singapore Government to Murder Someone for Transporting 1 KG of Weed

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The Visiting Singapore website lists the “10 Amazing Things You Never Knew about Singapore!” On this list you’ll find things like, it’s made up of 64 Islands, it’s got a night zoo, and that it pioneered the first Formula 1 Night Race.


All exciting stuff!


However, another Amazing Thing you might not have known about Singapore is that they have one of the strictest drug laws on the planet. In fact, it ranks with the five worst places to get busted for drugs with.


This was exemplified with a news story that was circling the internet a little while ago where a man in Singapore lost his death-sentence appeal for transporting 1 kilogram of weed. That’s right, in Singapore they will put you to death for transporting weed and they’ll do it by hanging you.


Since the year 2000, Singaporean government has murdered 105 people for drug related offenses with five of them being foreigners. However, from 1991 to 1999 they did kill 256 people for drug related offenses. At least we saw a significant decrease over the past twenty years.


While this may be shocking to some of you who are reading this article, Singaporeans are not opposed. In 2005, support for Capital Punishment was 95%, which dropped down to about 80% in 2020. That is still a very large majority in favor of this antiquated practice the Singaporeans adopted from their British Invaders.


Needless to say, in a world that is quickly moving towards a cannabis-friendly environment – it will be interesting to see how these ultra-extreme countries will react to the change.


The Future Obituary of Omar Yacob Bamadhaj


On the 12th of October, 2021 – Singaporean courts issued a death warrant on the life of Omar Yacob Bamadhaj. Was Omar a murderer, a depraved rapist, or any combination of villainous traits? No – he was caught with 1,000 grams of plant matter that happens to get you high.


According to Omar, he went with his father to go shopping in Malaysia, when two people planted the packages in his car – unbeknownst to him. The police painted a different picture, where Omar knew that the packages contained cannabis.


The truth of the matter is that we won’t ever know – because Omar changed his story once or twice and the police has no incentive to tell the truth. However, even if Omar was telling the truth it wouldn’t matter much.


The Singaporean government believes that transporting some plant matter across imaginary lines is an offense worthy of one’s life. Without too much deliberation the Court of Appeals dismissed Omar’s appeal explaining that they were satisfied that the trial judge examined the case correctly.


A few pen strokes later and Omar was condemned to hang by the neck until all of the oxygen was depleted from his brain, the blood flow cut off by the rope as his body weight dragged his soul into the afterlife.


80% of Singaporeans agreed with this action – I’m sure his father was part of the 20% who disagreed.


Is Singapore safer now that Omar is no longer with us? Did they stop the flow of drugs? Maybe “Xavier” their dystopian patrol robot can give us its insights. If it wasn’t too busy blasting warnings at people doing undesirable social behavior.


Rest in Peace Omar, even if your life ends this year – know that at least your story touched the minds of people outside of Singapore. It got the world talking – and overwhelmingly the world thought that what the government did to you was ‘backwards and barbaric’.


What the world said about the death of Omar…


This story has been published in several major media outlets and when I saw this, I thought it was important to spread the word. I believe in a world where the individual’s rights are sacred and while in some situations we do need to concede some of those rights – that we as a global society should strive to preserve as much of individual liberty as possible.


The story even made it to Reddit on the Official Singapore Subreddit.


The “Hurt_Cow” said this;


This kind of hyper defensiveness prevents any real change from happening. Are a lot of conceptions that westerns have about Singapore hyperbolid and untrue ? Of course.


That doesn't change the fact that this is an absurd and unjust crime, weed is not a hard drug. Weed addicts don't rob stores, assault people or kill those trying to withdraw from it. It's not 100% safe but its harm is far closer to that of legal drugs such as Alcohol and Ciggarets than Methapahtines that these tough laws are targeted towards. We need to end this madness.


While riddled with some spelling mistakes, the major points of his argument holds true. People in the West have accepted the fact that the War on Drugs is mainly a war on people. That cannabis in particular does not lead to increased violence or harm to others and that it can be a medicine where other solutions have failed. Additionally, the fact that alcohol is legal – which is a drug – makes the entire argument for killing someone over drugs a hypocrisy.


Other people also chimed in like, EazR82,


Sickos who raped their own kids should get death sentence. Not this Guy…. Justice people 🙄


Of course, laws are meant to make the world safer – yet when you’re looking at these arbitrary laws, we know it’s not about safety but about asserting dominance. It’s the state telling you, “If you break our LAW you will die!” It’s an affirmation of authority and that the state is so powerful that it will end your life even if the law is ridiculous.


Other people are a bit more complaisant with the ruling;


Such as “strawburyfacechop” who had this to say;


the point is, he know the absurd consequences, he took the risk, he pay for it.


the warning signs: death penalty for drug trafficking in singapore is labeled EVERYWHERE. they didn't even tell u how much, they just straight up let u assume even a grain of drug is punishable by death. and yet people still do it, oh well


to all who says this law is ridiculous, yes it is, so don't do drugs, simple


as well as Biasedrapier26 who said;


I find it weird leh. Sure the law will hopefully eventually change to exclude cannabis in the future, it is still illegally to transport in the current time what. So you break the law, you accept the consequences? Not to mention he change statement 3 times, how to make people trust you?


We expect people to follow the law, then we charged them when they are caught whether it is rape, outrage of modesty, robbery, murder etc. So what change here? Just because other countries legalise cannabis, doesn't mean we can transport in SG.


Maybe I am just heartless la, cause I believe in rule of law.


While technically speaking, it’s true that in Singapore everybody knows that trafficking drugs will get you the death penalty – it doesn’t make it right. The Nazi’s were also just “following the law” when they systematically tried to eliminate all of the “impure” from the world.


Nonetheless – 80% of Singaporeans still favor the “rule of law” above the value of life. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing, perhaps it’s willful ignorance or perhaps it’s governmental conditioning. It doesn’t really matter because Omar will probably die because of it and in 2021, we can see that some countries are still living in the Dark Ages when it comes to cannabis.








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