smoke mids and your mom wears army boots
smoke mids and your mom wears army boots

Stoner Trash Talk - You Smoke Mids and Your Mom Wears Army Boots

How did smoking mids become the ultimate stoner diss

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Nov 5, 2022

smoking mids

The marijuana culture goes beyond just getting stoned. While the quality of the marijuana directly impacts the euphoric effects, stoners also take pride in never purchasing bad marijuana. If they do, it's a stain on their rep. Hence, stoners' worst nightmare is hearing that "they weed mid." Generally speaking, "mids" is one of the few names for marijuana that isn't precisely top-shelf but isn't unacceptably bad. It's average or, at best, a C-student of bud. Because mid-grade marijuana is typically less expensive and of lower quality than most other strains, the term "mid" is often an insult in this context, mainly to refer to an individual as cheap.


However, the overwhelming majority of classifications for mid-grade cannabis are neutral to positive, typically suggesting that it still induces high enough as intended. As the name implies, it falls somewhere in the middle between high- and low-quality marijuana. They are generally green and covered in adequate trichomes. Mids gives users a cost-effective and pleasurable alternative. They also go by the names middies, the thirties, middle shelf, and other aliases.


Contrarily, loud weeds are the standard. They are the finest cannabis available. Some strains have bright colors, while others have dense, colorful buds. The cultivation method is precise, and the seeds are from superior genetic material. The optimal temperature, humidity, and illumination are present for these plants' growth. Cultivators use superior soil or organic media, and few chemicals or pesticides are used in their cultivation. The primary distinction between loud and mids begins with cultivation.


What are mids?

Weed, which is categorized as mid-grade, is average. You should try mids if you want to upgrade your cannabis experience from Reggie (lowest weed quality). Mids receive better care than Reggie while growing and are cultivated from improved seeds. If you want to identify quality weed strains using a reliable provider is an excellent way to start, even though it's not that straightforward. Your weed will at least be mid or loud rather than Reggie.


Marijuana buds with mid-levels of resin and trichomes have a striking appearance. They deliver recognizable scents and higher THC, with levels often ranging around 16%. Although they differ from strain to strain, the aromas are pretty intense. The results are also more spectacular. Mid-grade marijuana was previously grouped with Reggie, but as production methods advanced, it became better.


In fact, tokers confuse mid-range for loud weeds in areas where cannabis is illegal, and Reggie is widely used. Conversely, men can be categorized as Reggie by premium users who frequently smoke the most potent marijuana strains. When you need high-quality buds on a tight budget, mids are perfect. Tokers often break them out at events as a cheap solution for bigger crowds.



Mids are similar to high-end marijuana strains but are not quite as good overall. Vibrancy is the critical factor when contrasting the appearance of mid and loud buds. The former has some gorgeous green hues, protruding hairs, and trichomes. Some weed strains also include resin. These buds are relatively thick and free of stalks or seeds.


Aroma and Taste

Compared to Reggie, mid-grade marijuana has stronger appealing and more enjoyable aromas. Once the buds are crushed, these scents get stronger, though not quite as potent as those of loud cannabis. While each strain is unique, most have subdued earthy or woody undertones that enhance the flavors.


Psychoactive effects

The effects manifest after two or three drags due to the higher THC content in mid-grade marijuana. Within a half-hour, they get more intense after a gradual start. You initially get a light mental buzz that makes you feel content and at ease.


Although these sensations don't last long, they are powerful enough to make you feel upbeat and at ease. Additionally, heavy couch-lock is uncommon, although it might make you feel hungry and sluggish.


How to Differentiate between Mid and Loud 

It can be challenging to compare mids and loud. When compared side by side, the two have a few minor distinctions. The texture is the first. Buds on loud cannabis are dense, while mids are a little lighter. When touched, the former is also stickier, and some are resinous.


The colors on loud buds are more vivid, and there are many more trichomes. While not as brilliant, mid-grade cannabis is still appealing and lively. And while there are few stems in mids, the higher quality type has no seeds or other plant materials visible. Loud buds have a substantially greater terpene profile, which is evident by their potent smell.


When you smell each bud, the one with the strongest aroma is probably the loud one. This principle also applies to the flavor. It is better to choose a tastier choice with more complex flavors. While still tasting wonderful, mid-grade marijuana lacks the same flavor.


Are you concerned with THC compounds? Although mid-grade marijuana has a high enough THC content to offer you all the desired effects, it lacks the potency of more potent strains. After a few hits, mid effects begin with a pleasant mental buzz that brings on feelings of happiness, a slight bout of the munchies, and induces laziness. If you stay hydrated, the side effects won't be too awful.


While the intellectual high from loud cannabis is more potent, it also strikes more quickly. You experience many waves of exhilaration that keep you in a happy mood. Strong strains leave you couch-locked, tired, and sleepy because the effects stay longer.



If you're looking for excellent marijuana at a lower cost, mid-grade weed is the way to go. The buds tick all the boxes cannabis lovers look for. You get gorgeous buds that smell fantastic and taste great too. The effects are incredible and mimic those of dank strains. They're ideal for sharing with many friends at a social event. The psychoactive sensations are sufficient to get everyone buzzed without breaking the bank. 


So, mids are not bad at all. However, for stoners who don't want to be labeled cheap, you should stay away from mids and stick to the high-end loud. This will save your rep in the community. 





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