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cannabis news reports

The Global Cannabis News Report - Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Spain Bags a Record, and Shrooms in Jamaica

Cannabis and psychedelics are making news worldwide

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

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Spanish Police Confiscate Biggest Amount of Cannabis in History


Early in November, the Spanish Civil Guard reported that they successfully seized some 30 tons of cannabis during raids in Toledo, Valencia, Ciudad Real, and Asturias.

According to the police, this is the biggest haul they have ever made in history; it was a combined total of 32 tons worth a cool $63.74 million. The raids, called Operation Gardens, were carried out on several farms around the country. A total of 20 people were arrested, all of whom worked collectively to dry the plants and transported them to other parts of Spain as well as around the European Union, including Belgium, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland.


“The Civil Guard has seized the largest cache of packaged marijuana found so far,” they said in a statement. “It was equivalent to approximately 1.1 million plants,” they added.


Magic Mushrooms Has Potential To Boost Jamaica’s Tourism


Several Jamaican accommodations are now promoting psychedelic retreats through magic mushrooms, which contain psilocybin, a powerful hallucinogenic compound that is widely being used for stress relief and the treatment of many mental health disorders. As magic mushrooms was never made illegal in the Caribbean country, they are now trying to attract investors to help boost the psychedelic industry in Jamaica.


Reuters reports that there are at least 4 resorts in Jamaica that are now promoting magic mushrooms. Three of them were just established in the last few years since the government has given the green light for psychedelic use and promoted private investment to this niche sector. Representatives of the Jamaica Promotions Corporation disclosed to Reuters that there is clearly opportunity. “How we position this particular tourism experience will more than likely be aligned with the health and wellness industry,” Gabriel Heron told Reuters.


In the United States, going on psychedelic retreats is already highly in demand. People pay thousands of money to go on these healing, spiritual retreats which take place in beautiful resorts all over the country, and now you can count on Jamaica for that too.


Thai Government Considering Curbing Recently Decriminalized Marijuana


Last June 2022, Thailand became the first Asian nation to decriminalize marijuana completely. Thousands of Thai citizens celebrated this pivotal event, which quickly attracted many tourists to boost the tourism industry as they flocked to newly-opened dispensaries selling recreational marijuana to adults.

It was not without hurdles, as the decriminalization happened too quickly and without proper regulation, and this didn’t stop cannabis businesses from opening and operating. It’s still a success, nonetheless.


However, the government thinks it may have been a mistake.


This has resulted in a rally in Bangkok’s Government House last week, as hundreds of supporters of the new marijuana laws protested against taking back decriminalization. Public Health Minister Anutin Charnivikul was the main proponent of legalizing medical marijuana because of its potential economic benefits specially for Thai cannabis farmers, though there have been no regulatory legislations passed so far, reports The Associated Press.


Bangkok has seen dozens of marijuana shops pop up since June, as well as online dispensaries and stalls around the country. The police made it clear that marijuana consumption should only be done in private though these laws have not been followed. The rally last week called for farmers as well as cannabis shop owners who are risking the loss of their business, though many cannabis enthusiasts joined in as well.


“We want to ensure that these politicians are not trying to put cannabis on the narcotics list again. If that happens, our fight for years will mean nothing,” said Akradej Chakjinda to The Associated Press.


Since June, the government has said time and again that the legalization of marijuana was intended for commercial and medical use, and not recreational. The draft bill did not make it black and white; it banned smoking in public but failed to mention that recreational use was prohibited. After a wild ride the past few months, cannabis entrepreneurs in Thailand now worry what politicians will do.


UK Medical Cannabis Platform Seeks To Improve Patient Access


In the United Kingdom, medical cannabis use has been legal for many years now.


However, patient access to the drug is notoriously difficult. One of the many challenges faced by patients is being able to find a trusted doctor who can prescribe them the cannabis they need. To solve this issue, GP Dr. Leon Barron has launched a platform called The Cannabis Directory.


The Cannabis Directory aims to simplify the process of prescribing cannabis medications while streamlining the steps needed for current MMJ patients to locate a specialist. Patients can now use both the website and app to stay on top of treatment, while being able to share progress with their physician in real-time.


“We created the Cannabis Directory to remove some of the unnecessary bureaucracy in obtaining a medical cannabis prescription in the UK and to make it easier for patients to find trusted specialists,” said Dr. Barron. “Patients have a straightforward, independent route to find a trusted doctor via the Directory. We also provide GPs with an easy to navigate and trusted referral pathway for prospective patients,” he explained.


Ireland Considers Legalizing Recreational Marijuana


Ireland has just recently announced they are considering legalizing cannabis for personal use.


Currently, the Misuse of Drug Act which was established in 1977 allowed adults 18 and up to possess up to 7 grams of marijuana, or 2.5 grams of hashish/resin. However, the bill never discussed cultivation and sale of cannabis, which is why citizens of Ireland have had no choice but to turn to the black market.

To amend the bill, authorities need to debate on it, which may happen early next year.






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