$50,000 blunts
$50,000 blunts

$50,000 Blunts and Ridiculously Expensive Weed that Only the Super Affluent Can Afford

A look inside the new world of luxury cannabis and who can afford it.

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Mar 26, 2021

A $50,000 Blunt and Ridiculously Expensive Weed That Only the 1% Can Afford

$50000 blunts

For most people cannabis can be a pricey commodity. For others, it is an affordable lifesaving medicine. Yet for some, cannabis is status and nothing screams status like a $50,000 blunt. Yes, you heard that right- a blunt worth $50,000.

At least this according to the two hustlers that were trying to convince 2 Chainz from the vice show “MOST EXPENSIVEST” that their weed is worth $50,000 per blunt. Of course, the packaging looks amazing and the variety of different cannabis products within the blunt all add to the value- but dishing out 10s of thousands of dollars for a high seems a bit excessive.

However, this is the lifestyle of the affluent. Who are the type of people that would purchase a $50,000 blunt? I would imagine people who take their yachts out for summer vacation for flies to Europe for a weekend on their private jets or the type of people these guys are attempting to attract.

While it is potentially somewhat socially rewarding to be seen using the absolute best that society can offer- there comes a point where the emperor starts walking around naked, thinking he's got the best digs in town.

Bullshit or pure brilliance?

This is the question of the ages because if you are able to sell a blunt for $50,000, then you must be a wild genius! You are either the greatest sales person on the planet, or have found the dumbest most egocentric individuals willing to part with all of their abundant cash for a blunt that probably costs between $2000 to $3000.

While the two salesman will try to convince you that there weed is special and warrants this hefty price tag, weed is ultimately just a plant. Hell, I threw a few seeds into some pots with soil and managed to harvest 2 ounces of very good Bud. 

All it cost me was a bit of time, and patience and i was able to grow for under $10. Even if you were to grow your weed with the best nutrients, even if you cure it for a year and a cold room- a full oz will not cost you $50,000.

Therefore when it comes to these kinds of products, it's very difficult to pinpoint whether this is pure unadulterated genius or a money hack where two master scammers found a way to take money from those who have obviously far too much of it.

But is it good?

Well, I cannot say from firsthand experience, because I grow weed for under $10- simply by what was mentioned within the blunt indicates that the weed will get you high. Especially the 98% THCa crystals that were lined on the outer edge of the blunt which as heat is applied converts to delta-9-THC.

I am also sure that the weed inside is top notch and that in most likeliness they didn't skim on any of the products mentioned. The 24-karat gold wrapper just seems like overkill. I would much rather have some awesome hemp leaf dipped in rosin over the gold.

Yet it is painfully obvious target demographic for these kind of products are the same people who buy Tigers as pets.

High-End Cannabis Products

When I saw the video with 2 Chainz, my marketing brain started to tinker on the idea of what would be a blunt that would scream “status” while simultaneously not break the bank. How much would the average consumer spend on a high-end joint. $100? $200? $500? $1000?

The “Twins from Breaking Bad” as some of the commenters in Youtube called them, are trying to push the envelope in terms of what the ceiling on “expensive joints” are. However, I believe that the average consumer would be fine dishing out a $100 for a Blunt – called a “Benji”- for special occasions. You know, the blunt you smoke at your wedding or the blunt you smoke at the birth of your first kid.

I believe that high-end cannabis has its place within the marketplace – we simply need to find the right balance between the quality of the product and price point. Additionally, when you can tie in concepts like I mentioned before – you can let it become part of the culture. And when that happens – “Benjis” will be the hot-topic on New Year’s Eve.

Nonetheless – while most people will only be able to gawk at the blunts 2 Chainz smoke on a Youtube video – I think there will be a smart dispensary owner out there that will read this blog and start promoting these “special cannabis tokens”.

Perhaps, the day when all of the Covid restrictions are lifted and we return to some sense of normalcy we can all light up a Benji together and salute the good times.








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