cannabis laws of attracdtion
cannabis laws of attracdtion

Can You Use the Laws of Attraction to Bring More Cannabis Into Your Life?

The Secret was a hit book, but can it work for manifesting marijuana in your life?

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Feb 4, 2020

Cannabis and the Law of Attraction – How to make it work!

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A few years back, the Law of Attraction was framed in a modern light under a book called “The Secret”. This popular book also sparked movies like “What the Bleep do you know” and “The Secret – the movie”, which launched the concept into the spheres of pop culture.

Couple this with the expansion of our knowledge in the field of Quantum Mechanics – and suddenly, the “wooiness” of the Law of Attraction gets framed in a clearer scientific setting.

Over the past few years, I have been conducting my own independent research on the Law of Attraction and being an avid cannabis consumer – made the connection on how you can utilize cannabis to assist with the law of attraction.

Today, we’ll be talking about what the law of attraction really is and how cannabis can help you get the things you truly desire.

But before I show you the Cannabis-Tek, let’s look at the Law of Attraction (LoA) and find out what it’s all about.


What the Bleep is the Law of Attraction?

There’s this phrase that has always pissed me off – but is 100% true. “What you resist…persists!” It’s usually a phrase uttered by those “magical-angelic people” who are sort of “new age-y” or something along those lines.

However, the phrase is a fundamental principle of the law of attraction. So why would something you are resisting….persist?

It comes down to intention, action and belief – which technically is the bases for the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction basically says that “anything in your life is only there because in one way or another, you willed it into being”. In other words, we “attract” everything that we want and our lives are truly a manifestation of our “hidden desires”.

Some of you might be thinking; “I didn’t desire to be sick or in an accident or [insert bad experience here]!” However, according to the LoA, you actually did invoke those situations.

This is because the Universe doesn’t distinguish between “good” or “bad”. It only understands frequency and vibration. When you are happy or sad, you are emitting a frequency. The universe then resonates with your own internal frequency and brings towards you things that “vibe similar to you”.

And so, if you are focusing on “Getting healthy” then you will never “get healthy” because you are using vocabulary/belief that refers to the liminal.

I know this sounds insane – but hold on while I explain.

If you want Health – you need to focus on the conditions that sustain health, not on the “desire of health” because as long as you “desire health”, you will always “desire” and never attain. This is because your vibrational frequency is focused on “getting” and “already having”.

Thus, a more accurate way of “wanting health” is by declaring “I am healthy” as opposed to “I want to be healthy”.

Getting the picture? The mind/universe works outside of “time.” Within the landscape of the cosmos – you speak in “immediate terms” as opposed to “future terms”. As long as your desire (according to your own vocabulary) remains in the “future”, you’ll never obtain it in the “present”.

However, where most people get the Law of Attraction wrong is that desire alone is not enough to manifest your true desires.


Desire without Action

Here’s where most books/courses on the Law of Attraction fails miserably. If you want to obtain a future of your own design – you must “live according to that frequency”. In other words, you need to “invoke the way you would feel if all your desires were true”.

For instance, if you want to be wealthy. You need to “feel how you would feel” if you had ten million dollars. This means, worrying about the “bills” would not be on your mind. Spending without counting your money. Giving with a grateful heart. Etc.

However, it means “acting like you are a millionaire” as well. It means behaving like the object of your desire because “Like likes Like”. Another way of saying this would be “Birds of a feather flock together”. Except, in this case birds are desire + reality. To obtain what you desire, you must vibrate on the same frequency.


How cannabis can help you do this?

One of the biggest issues with the law of attraction is that the people who stop us from obtaining our true desires – are ourselves. We tend over-think things throughout our day-to-day actions – and when something doesn’t go our way, we immediately negate our intention and replace it with a negative intention.

I call this “negative future projection” and it’s a strange phenomenon where – when something bad happens to you – you immediately project a negative potential future based on your present negative experience. The next time something bad happens to you – just take a minute to see how you respond. Are you imagining future scenarios that are dismal?

Here’s the kicker – whatever you are imagining in a state of “heightened emotion” – literally invokes that reality. The future is liminal – meaning it’s not “set in stone”. It is our expectation that helps shape and manifest the “potential futures”. If you are constantly believing that a “negative thing will happen” – odds are it will!

Cannabis, allows you to break these patterns. It gives you a sense of malleability in relation to your mind. It can also disrupt a negative emotion and replace it with euphoria. In other words, cannabis helps alter your frequency by allowing you to change your emotional state.


How to build your own future with the Law of Attraction?

Here’s the simple formula;

  1. Set your intention/desire
  2. Start living as if “that reality is already true NOW”
  3. If you are faced with a situation that wants to remove you from the frequency of desire – utilize cannabis to break the negative spell and allow the euphoria to shift your perception back to the positive.
  4. Do actions that increase the conditions that will make your true desire come true
  5. Rinse and Repeat

It might seem like a small list of things to do – but this simple action is always not that simple. The trick is to remain positive even when things are not going your way, to know that everything is temporal and that as long as you remain focused on what you ought to be (but living as if that reality is happening now), over time – all your truest desires will come true.


Now LoA yourself a big bowl and get to work!



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