vaping over smoking
vaping over smoking

7 Health Benefits to Switching from Smoking to Vaping

Is Vaping Healthier Than Smoking?

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Laurie Lyons on Thursday Jan 4, 2018

7 Health Benefits to Switching from Smoking to Vaping

7 Health Benefits of Vaping Instead of Smoking from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Smoking is one of the most well known causes of premature death in the world today. Up to 20% of the world's population are believed to be smokers, a worrying statistic. While developed countries are continuing to see numbers of smokers drop year by year there are still numerous people starting every day. Governments have risen taxes and prices on cigarettes and tobacco products and are expected to continue doing so in the hope of pushing more and more people away from smoking. The introduction of Vaporizers and E-Cigarettes have shown a definite connection to the dwindling numbers smoking in the western world. In this article we will learn the benefits to switching to vaping and why you will never look back.


Health is your Wealth

It comes as no surprise that smoking is detrimental to your health. The combustion of the materials you are smoking reacts with your body in many different ways. Your risk of cardiovascular, respiratory and other destructive diseases are multiplied when you smoke and continuous abuse of your body in this way can have truly negative effects on your health. The chances of developing a life threatening diseases is majorly affected by smoking with 1 in 5 American deaths each year directly associated with smoking. Using a vaporizer you eliminate a lot of the dangers but not all. Cancer has been linked to smoking, with smoke being able to directly contribute to growth of tumors in many places in the body, not only the lungs. While information and help has become far more widely available in the western world the introduction of vapes and e-cigs has already made an enormous difference in convincing people to stop smoking by giving them a healthier alternative.


Far less Chemicals

Tobacco contains numerous chemicals which are extremely damaging to the human body. Up to 4,000 chemicals can be found in tobacco smoke, many of which make the addiction to nicotine stronger than when obtained without the tobacco. Vaporizers and E-cigarettes, while not being completely risk free, have shown in many studies to produce considerably less toxins than the traditional cigarette or smoke. While a lot of the chemicals associated with smoking are activated during the actual combustion there are still numerous contained in the cigarette before it is even lit. There have been considerable studies into the use of vaporizers to determine whether they produce similar amounts however it has been discovered that vaping your tobacco or dried herbs is considerably safer than smoking when it comes to the chemicals produced.


No more harsh Smells

It is a well known fact that smoke smells. Be it your clothes, your hair or the room you were sitting in the lingering stale smell of tobacco is not an attractive one. The smell smoke creates regardless of what you are smoking is a well known complaint among smokers. Non-smokers have a far more sensitive sense of smell than people who smoke therefore they are far more likely to find it offensive. While the smell isn’t completely gone through vaping it is significantly neutralised. Vaporizers or E-Cigarettes don’t use combustion and therefore rather than the smokey burning smell associated with smoking you only receive far weaker and less noticeable scents from your vape.


Massive Savings

If the health benefits of switching to vaping wasn’t enough the financial benefits might be. The price of smoking is raising gradually by the year. It is believed that vaping is roughly 80% cheaper than traditional smoking, with this considered, the potential savings to the average smoker are enormous. Smoking has become gradually more expensive over the past few years, this is down to respective governments introducing far higher taxes in the hope of discouraging new smokers from starting. While discouraging new starters, the new extortionate prices are also driving established smokers to quit. Vaping makes quitting so much easier and at a fraction of the cost of cigarettes.


You will feel Better

It is a well known fact that quitting smoking will improve your health. You will feel the benefits of quitting within 20 minutes of actually doing it when your pulse, blood pressure and temperature of your feet and hands return to normal. Gradually over the following weeks and months you will hit several points landmarks on the road to fully quitting. While vaping eases the nicotine withdrawals, it also helps potential quitters to stick with it where the withdrawals of quitting made them cave before. While not 100% healthy, vaping is considerably safer than smoking and you will feel the benefits of quitting both in how you look and feel. Make the change today and you will know why you did soon enough.


Family & Friends

While you may not think it, your smoking directly affects the people around you, your friends and family. Second hand smoke is almost just as dangerous as smoking itself and there are numerous deaths year in year out directly connected to second hand smoking. Second hand smoke isn’t the only reason your friends and family will appreciate your switch to vaping. You will feel so much more energised and be far more capable of spending time comfortably with friends and family when you switch to vaping. The gasping, coughing and all round lack of fitness will soon disappear.


Large Selection of Vapes

In a market which has only in recent years truly grown, vaporizers are taking over. Countless examples are available of all shapes and sizes. Depending on what it is you plan on vaping there is sure to be a vaporizer out there perfect for you. From E-Cigarettes to desktop vaporizers like the Volcano the range is truly enormous, however, the vape I particularly enjoyed using was the Firefly 2. Small, discreet and powerful, the Firefly 2 is quickly gaining considerable popularity and for good reason. Used mainly for dry herb it also has concentrate capabilities a welcome trait for any vaporizer. While not a major part of the choice process, the Firefly 2 is a particularly attractive unit with a nice finish and number of new age features. Overall, I believe the switch from smoking to vaping is the best decision you will ever make. Considerably safer and with a wide range to choose from, the transition to vaping should be an easy one with vaporizers such as the Firefly 2 available to help you.




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