cannabis infused drinks and food to give as gifts
cannabis infused drinks and food to give as gifts

8 Cannabis-Infused Food and Beverage Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life

Here are some gift ideas for the cannabis fan in your life

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Oct 24, 2021

8 Cannabis-Infused Food and Beverage Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life

cannabis infused food and beverage gifts

It's almost that time of the year when thoughtful gifts are given to honor and appreciate family as well as friends. If you have been confused about what special gift to purchase for the cannasseurs in your life that prefer their cannabis in food and beverages, you're in luck.

For every cannabis-friendly mixologist, chef, and host in your life, there's something special you can give them. Gifts like infused edibles, tasty cannabis products can be given not only during the festive periods, but also during regular gatherings, birthdays, or even wedding parties.


Cannabis Gifts for Cannabis-Loving Gastronomes

Here are some of the sharable cannabis-infused edibles that cannasseurs would love to be gifted.


Identity CBD Bone Broth

This product can be a cozy addition to a gift basket if you don't want to gift it alone. Every cannabis user wants a high-quality shelf-stable bone broth that has been infused with a sufficient amount of CBD.

The broth is made from Norwegian birds, and it offers a high amount of collagen peptides as well as 10 mg of CBD per serving. A cannasseur can enjoy a cold night with a serving of this product.

What's more astonishing about Identity's bone broth is that it comes in different flavors. Some of which include chanterelles and ginger ramen. Preparation is also easy and takes very little time. The mixture just needs to be mixed into hot water to form a savory broth. Some also use it as a base when preparing braises and stews.


Azuca CBD Sugar

This is an infused ingredient that would come in handy to the bakers and edibles makers in your life. A teaspoon of Azuca CBD Sugar contains 25 mg of high-quality CBD. This CBD Sugar helps these confectioners add their creative signature to their product.

An infused ingredient such as this can be used to create infused treats that have no odor or taste of cannabis.

It would be well appreciated because it can be blended into most recipes without altering the expected flavors. The producers of these products sell in quarters and full pounds.


Green Roads CBD Coffee

Save your friend the stress of creating their coffee CBD mix. Green Roads CBD coffee is a delicious treat that would be appreciated by wake n' bakers.

The producers make use of Columbia estate-grown coffee and high-quality hemp plants to create these products. From the sourcing to the cultivation and then the processing of the ingredients to produce this coffee, a lot of attention was put into detail. It has no detrimental effect on environmental and human wellness.

The profile of the hemp strain used to create each batch is displayed clearly in each bag. If you can afford to, you could try including the Brand's hemp-infused chocolate bar in the gift bag. Consumers of this product say that it reduces heartburn and anxiety, while also adding a gentle touch to the caffeine content.


Good Stuff High-CBD Hybrid Black Cherry Mixer

This is perfect for the adventurous mixologist(s) in your life.

It has a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio which induces an enjoyable intoxication. It comes in various flavors, like cherry lemonade and bold black cherry flavor.

Mixologists can use this product in place of regular spirits in conventional recipes. Rather than add an oz of alcohol, they could add 2 mg of THC and CBD-infused mixers.

Two cups of Good stuff contains around 4 milligrams of cannabis compounds. The dosage can be increased by adding more capfuls, so far the consumers wouldn't mind an extra-strong canna-cocktail.


Mello Sea Salted CBD Caramels

This is suitable for a group of friends who are also cannasseurs. These luxurious products come in an attractive and sleek box. It is easily shareable as it contains 20 individually wrapped caramels.

Each caramel is infused with 15 mg of CBD which is smoothly balanced with the tasty sea salt bits. The chewy caramels are of superior quality, well blended, and have an all-around delicious taste.


Stone Road Hash-Infused Pre-Rolls

This is for the munchies lovers that would smoke the limited releases of Stone Road's Pre-Rolls.

Each package of this product contains an eighth of marijuana divided into 5-packs of beautiful and sustainable Pre-Rolls.

Stone Road's Hash Infused Pre-Rolls offers its users a strong and heady high that improves digestion and also helps to stimulate an appetite.

The brand itself makes use of organic cannabis flowers which are grown on a registered farm in California. The special aspect of this gift is that all the joints in the package were rolled by hand.


Green Monke

This is a drinkable that comes in handy for soda lovers. It was produced for cannaseurs who prefer their sodas with a classic sweet and bubbly feel. Like most cannabis products, it also comes in fruity flavors.

Green Monke is packaged in a 12 oz can. Each can contain 3 mg of THC and 6 mg of CBD, which is just perfect to take the edge off after a stressful day. Its classic taste and texture endear it to pop lovers and it can be combined with herbs and low alcohol liquors.


Artet Tet & Tonic

This is a ready-to-drink cocktail that was produced to serve individuals that frequent nightclubs. It is perfect for family or friends who are all-night dancers. It can be taken in place of gin and tonic. It is an easy-drinking tipple, and drinking a couple all through the night won't be a cause for alarm. For every 12 oz of Artet Tet & Tonic beverage, about 5 mg of THC AND CBD is introduced into the body.


Golden State Honey Flower Sativa

This is perfect for menu planning sessions. This helps maintain organization and creativity while planning. You could even goft yourself this. The product has an appealing package that appears just as enticing as the flowers within.


There you have it!

A list of thoughtful gifts for the lovers of cannabis-infused food and beverages in your life. Most of these products can be purchased Nationwide at affordable rates.








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