Blood Bud
Blood Bud

Blood Bud: The Outrageous Claim that Buying Street Weed leads to Death

Blame The War On Drugs, Not The Desire For Marijuana

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Oct 30, 2016

Blood Bud: The Outrageous Claim that Buying Street Weed leads to Death


A few months ago, I read this opinion piece in the New York Times entitled, “Want to Make Ethical Purchases? Stop Buying Illegal Drugs” where the author essentially equated “buying illegal drugs” to participating in “cartel violence”.



While the base conclusion can be summarized to, “you are killing people because of your drug use”, it fails to address the gigantic-armor-plated-elephant in the room that the mainstream media typically ignores. It’s not the act of “buying drugs” that is the problem, but rather the fact that the illegality of drugs is responsible for the dynamics we currently implement on a global scale.



Currently, there is a connection between buying cartel weed and funding cartel activities, however, does this mean you should stop buying weed or smoking weed altogether? Personally, I’m an activist of creating local grower ops, however some people simply don’t have the luxury or the social network of people ballsy enough to ‘break the law’ in order to sustain their habits. Thus, the easy option is to simply participate in the massive machine known as “The War on Drugs”.



Pointing out the Flaws


Firstly, it’s completely natural to alter your state of mind through “intoxicants”. The problem lies in the fact that we currently have a system that limits your choices of intoxicants. Society is just fine and dandy with people getting shitfaced on booze or popping prescription pills, yet when you decide to eat a mushroom, munch down a cactus or spark up some herbs…suddenly you’re in the wrong.



Fundamentally speaking, there is no difference between the act of drinking a bottle of wine and shooting up heroin. Sure, there are differences in effect, physiological experiences, behavioral differences and so forth, but on the most basic level…you’re doing the same thing (Getting Sloshed). I’m not arguing whether one is good or bad, I’m pointing out that regardless of the substance, you achieved a desired effect of altering your brain chemistry to experience reality from a different perspective. Your motivation for doing so is irrelevant and morals have nothing to do with it.



Besides, we’re not the only animals on the planet that likes to trip. Dolphins, foxes and many other creatures of this planet have found ways to ‘get rowdy’ and we don’t call them junkies or place moralistic interpretations based on their behavioral patterns.



Therefore, the system of prohibition is a ‘synthetic reality’ imposed by special interests to modify or define human behavior based on a single point of ‘how things should be’ (according to them) for humanity as a whole.



The “Drug Free Society” mantra is by itself a fallacy as ‘drugs are very much a part of society’; ethanol and nicotine are sold on every corner, not to mention the pharma buffet of narcotics promoted on every T.V channel 24/7. Why is it that we deem “some drugs okay” yet discriminate against other drugs, which have its history deeply enrooted with our own? (Psilocybin, DMT, Cannabis, Mescaline etc.)



Why do we suppress our human nature by creating penalties for merely exploring our own consciousness through the use of plant-based technologies? This unnatural state of existence, like a mutated cell, will slowly begin to corrode the very body of humanity and create unnatural consequences to natural acts.



Which brings me finally to the War on Drugs and the unnatural consequences of this imposed restriction on human behavior.



truth about marijuana


The Truth in the Lie


It is true, that currently buying drugs do fuel some of the cartel actions outside of the “drug dealing scope” such as kidnappings, mass murders and so forth. The question is, are you responsible for this or is the War on Drugs responsible for this?



It’s playing the blame game. While the author in the New York Times article argued that it’s largely the responsibility of the users, I argue that it is because of the existence of the war on drugs that these murders occur.



Think about it for a second; what if all drugs were legal? What if drug use was not seen as a ‘crime’ or a ‘bad behavior’ but rather just ‘something we do as people sometimes?’ What if there was no real economic incentive for drug cartels to pursuit the cultivating and selling of drugs because a legal market existed to replace the demand for drugs?



Would we see the aforementioned cartel violence occur? The answer to this question is a solid no. We don’t see the same level of violence occur with the legal sales of cigarettes now do we? Nobody is chopping off people’s heads over territorial disputes. The legal market has avenues of dispute resolution which not only removes violence from the equation, it generates funds for public works and programs.



Marlboro, despite pushing the deadliest drug on the planet, is also forced to pay for ‘rehabilitation programs’. This comes from the pockets of the very people using the substance.



I don’t see how this cannot be the case for all drugs, including the hard stuff. I’m not advocating heroin use, I’m advocating freedom of choice and us (as a society) accepting the natural desire for humanity to alter their state of mind. To not fight human nature, but to embrace it and to learn how to effectively manage the risks involved with drug use. To generate wealth on these habits and fund the very programs to help “addicts” ween off their drugs and finally to eliminate violence from the entire concept of drug use.



ceramic bong for cannabis


Sifting through fallacious ideologies


You don’t have to feel bad about buying drugs on the street. Sure you’re money might be killing people in Latin America, but if we’re going to be self-righteous about our behavior, then you should pretty much boycott most of the electronics you use, driving cars and all that jazz. Much of your clothes are manufactured in sweatshops, using gasoline helps fund and maintain the Wars in the Middle East and your precious iPhone was probably assembled by a nine year old in some dirty warehouse somewhere in Asia.



Point being, the system is the failure…not you for exercising your human right of choice and the freedom to alter the state of your own body. If you want to stop the murders associated with drug use, you end the drug war…you don’t stop drug use (because that is virtually impossible).





prisons turned into cannabis grows



war on drugs and the prison population






What did you think?

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