cannabis and hemp drinks over alcohol
cannabis and hemp drinks over alcohol

Can Cannabis and Hemp-Infused Beverages Replace Your Boozy Drinking Habits?

Will THC-infused drinks eventually replace alcohol drinks for most people?

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Aug 3, 2022

cannabis beverages replacing booze

If you live in a legal state, chances are you’ve seen at least a few different kinds of cannabis infused non-alcoholic beverages.


From infused wines, beers, seltzers, sparkling waters, and pre-mixed cocktails, the choices are fascinating and interesting to say the least. Manufacturers have determined how to infused beverages the right way, providing consumers with a tasty beverage that may very well be able to replace alcohol. They taste just as good – sometimes even better – and they get you high or at the very least, relax you.


According to expert, the marijuana-infused drink market could be valued at $2.8 billion each year from 2025 onwards. However, many think these estimates are actually conservative since the drug is still federally illegal, but it could change drastically if the tides change.


Given how accessible marijuana infused beverages now are, you can literally replace them in situations where you would normally drink booze: in parties, at home, gatherings with friends, even festivals and concerts. They’re ready to drink, tasty, and it provides a similar experience to alcohol – but without the alcohol. Instead, you can choose from varying levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and/or cannabidiol (CBD).


But could getting high be a good alternative to getting drunk? We think: why not?


Tailor Your Experience


Cannabis drinks come in a wide variety of THC and CBD levels. From a mild 2mg of THC to as much as 10 servings of 10mg THC in a drink, the options out there are virtually limitless.


Newbies to the cannabis infused drink game can start with low doses, increasing your consumption gradually as it lets you have more control on how high you want to get. For many people, 20mg of THC is enough to feel a good buzz without getting too wasted. Pacing your drinks out just like you would with alcohol will let you have more control for a pleasurable experience without regrets.


Ideal For Beginners


Beginners have a wide array of low-dose THC cannabis drinks out there. There’s no need to worry about getting too high since low dose drinks let you enjoy social (or solitary!) “drinking” situations as you please. Simply take smaller sips so that you can gradually enjoy its effects. Whereas taking one THC gummy bear can deliver the same effects, one full can or serving of a THC infused drink will also give you the same effects.


Health Benefits


The compounds in marijuana have a long list of health benefits.


By replacing alcohol with cannabis drinks, you can enjoy a wide range of therapeutic and medicinal effects. From reducing inflammation to treating anxiety, depression, and even physical pain, drinking cannabis drinks can have you feeling so much better than you may have ever anticipated. Meanwhile, drinking alcohol does the opposite: numerous studies have shown the association between alcohol use and health problems: liver disease, breast cancer, increased anxiety, and much more.


Creative Ways To Imbibe


Cannabis beverages can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. They also make delicious mixers: you can simply add them to a non-alcoholic drink of your choice or use it as a mixer to create your own tailored cannabis infusion. Make a marijuana ice cream float, turn them into popsicles, enjoy it on its own… the possibilities for a good time are virtually endless.


CBD for a Relaxing Time


There are also CBD-infused beverages for those who prefer not to get high. Instead, you can count on CBD drinks for a more relaxing high. These can be consumed in social occasions, and can even replace your wine habit because they are also sedating and can be taken before bed.


In addition, CBD drinks offer many potent health benefits such as fighting inflammation, cancer, and anxiety. They also cater to more health-conscious consumers who don’t want to get blazed.


Improved Mood


When you’re having a rough or stressful day, cannabis drinks can improve your mood without you needing to light a joint or smoke it up.


In fact, you don’t even need a lot of it: a low-dose drink with as little as 5mg THC is all you need to feel better. In the past, you may have reached for a bottle of alcohol to make you feel better at the end of a crappy day. But with cannabis infused drinks, a little will go a long way in an uplifted mood. Studies have shown that cannabis does indeed do an effective job at improving one’s well-being; it stabilizes your mood while reducing emotional symptoms that you may have if you struggle with depression or anxiety.


Who Do Cannabis Drinks Appeal To The Most?


Sure, maybe cannabis infused drinks aren’t for everyone: some people may still prefer a glass of wine or cocktail, while others still prefer to have an edible or smoke a joint.


However, if you already enjoy consuming CBD or THC in reasonable amounts, and prefer actually ingesting it to vaping or smoking, then cannabis beverages could be for you. They are a generally milder form in a socially-accepted format (drink) which also offers the same benefits that you would get from THC or CBD. Additionally, individuals who may have health problems such as asthma, which prevent them from smoking, may see the value of cannabis drinks.


On top of that, recovering alcoholics can also benefit from it. Even those who tend to go over the top sometimes, blacking out occasionally with alcohol, cannabis drinks can give you the same social benefit but still functioning as a safe middle ground so that you don’t have to fall off the wagon. And you aren’t exactly sober in the process too.





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