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cbd edibles

A Guide To CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles Go Through The Liver As Opposed To The Lungs

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Nov 1, 2017

A Guide To CBD Edibles

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To many inexperienced cannabis users, or people who don’t have a high tolerance to THC, edibles suffers a bad rep. This is primarily because dosing with edibles is still hazy at best, and it’s pretty difficult to determine how much you’re really ingesting especially if you make your own at home.


Consuming too many edibles without much knowledge on its THC content can bring about several unexpected (and unwanted) side effects. Some of these include temporarily blacking out, extreme anxiety, falling asleep, and a serious case of couch lock. More often than not, inexperienced users also have no idea when the THC in the edibles are going to hit. You can easily go from zero to stoned suddenly without warning. Thus, the intimidating and overwhelming nature of high-THC edibles. But while none of these effects are fatal, patients who prefer the healing properties of cannabis combined with the long-lasting therapeutic benefits of edibles should look into using CBD edibles.


If you’ve been using cannabis for a while know, you’ll know that most edibles are high in THC content and low in THC. However, this doesn’t mean that the market doesn’t have its own valuable CBD-dominant edibles.

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Difference Between THC and CBD Edibles


CBD edibles are made using the same process that is used to create THC edibles. The active cannabinoids are extracted out of a high-CBD cannabis strain by heating it. After extraction, its then infused or cooked into different kinds of food. There are no limits to the kind of CBD edibles you can make at home: from savory food such as pizza, to hard candy, sweets, and chocolate.


THC is typically used in edibles to give a psychoactive high, but not all patients want to get stoned. CBD, on the other hand, is usually used for strictly medicinal purposes. CBD is a powerful healing cannabinoid that can even counter the psychoactive effects of THC, such as paranoia and anxiety, because it blocks THC at the CBD1 receptor.


CBD edibles can also be used by people who don’t have any illnesses or health problems. It protects the body’s overall endocannabinoid system and enables it to respond better to cannabinoids.

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Benefits of CBD Edibles


CBD aids in relaxation, fights anxiety, and treats insomnia… these are just some of the everyday uses of this special cannabinoid. People who consume CBD edibles can expect to feel a delightful body lightness without an altered state of mind. In fact, while there’s absolutely no way you can function at work or be discreet when you’re stoned out of your mind after taking THC edibles, CBD edibles are the complete opposite. This is a major benefit for many patients.


Some of the common medicinal uses for CBD edibles include anxiety disorder, inflammation, insomnia, chronic pain, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), arthritis, nausea, muscle and joint pain, and even certain neurological disorders. CBD edibles can also be used to kill cancer cells.


The reason why edibles are the preferred administration method of choice for many patients is because its effects last for several hours as compared to the effects one gets from smoking or vaporizing. This is important, particularly for patients with debilitating illnesses, because one or two doses of CBD edibles can provide relief for a duration of time that no other method can provide. Additionally, people with eating disorders can also benefit from ingesting CBD edibles which can help reduce nausea while providing calories, nutrients, and antioxidants that their diet is missing.

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Choosing The Right CBD Edibles


There are dozens of different CBD edibles on the market, and they are all priced differently; some are affordable while others are definitely more expensive. The price of CBD edibles depends on several factors such as the cannabis content, and complexity of the manufacturing process. Many companies also produce artisanal CBD edibles, and many more cater to specific dietary needs by producing gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and organic CBD edibles which are usually more pricey.


Finding the right CBD edibles for your unique needs will depend entirely on what you’re looking for. Ask your budtender about the THC:CBD ratio that each product offers since they all cater to certain medicinal needs, while others are designed simply to be tasty and appetizing.


What are your favorite CBD edibles and why? Share with us in the comments below and check out our CBD store here.











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