cbd weight gain
cbd weight gain

Can CBD Oil Make You Gain Weight?

Can CBD put the pounds on or does it help you shed the kilos?

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Nanci Chi-Town on Tuesday Jun 30, 2020

Can CBD Oil Make You Gain Weight?

cbd oil for weight gain

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is fast becoming one of the biggest wellness trends of 2020 and beyond. Nowadays, especially in places where it is now legal, you most likely will not be that surprised anymore to see CBD related shops crop up from corner to corner. You will also probably see CBD take in so many forms, from lotions to facials, and even candies! Coffee shops serving CBD infused concoctions and treats are currently spiking up in the country today. CBD latte, anyone?


A lot of people are already trying and enjoying the various benefits of CBD. However, there are still a lot of folks out there who are wary about trying CBD (which is perfectly common for new wellness products.)


Weight gain is one of the major concerns of those who want to try CBD. Namely because of its close association with marijuana (where the sudden urge to eat is one of the symptoms of users.) But is this really a warranted claim for CBD? You might be surprised to know the answer to this question.


But before I give you, in better depth, the more surprising answer to the weight question, I think its best we start with what CBD is and its uses and benefits.


What is CBD?

If you are still unfamiliar with CBD, then here is a quick rundown on what it is. CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound that is extracted from hemp (Cannabis Sativa Plant.) CBD is a different compound to THC, which is also found in marijuana. Unlike CBD, THC however, is the compound that can give users that psychoactive state (feeling high or stoned.)


CBD has many highly touted benefits that users swear by. Here are some of the major ones.


What Is CBD Used For?

The beautiful thing about CBD is that it takes the positive benefits of marijuana like relaxation and calm while eliminating the negative benefits like getting high. Think of CBD as the non-psychoactive part of the marijuana plant while THC is the opposite. However, it must be noted, that some people still feel that “altered state” while taking CBD (albeit a small 5% of users.) While this may be the case, it is universally accepted that CBD does not have a psychoactive effect on users.


So, what are the touted benefits of using CBD? Well, it has been said that taking CBD is a great way to help those who are suffering from chronic pain. CBD is considered to have powerful pain-relieving effects. There are already studies that show that CBD can reduce various painful diseases and conditions like sciatica, arthritis, and nerve-related pain.


This can be a great alternative to more powerful pain killers that can be highly addictive and can cause long term problems with overuse. That is why it is more important for CBD to be studied more intently, as the world may just get a big win from all its benefits.


Another big benefit of CBD is its ability to promote ease, calm, and relaxation. This is particularly beneficial to people who suffer from anxiety and depression. It is also something that is already backed up by many studies and is slowly being touted as an effective alternative to other more common pharmaceutical drugs that treat anxiety and depression but has a lot of unwanted side effects.

Anxiety and depression both have an unimaginable impact on families all around the world. CBD’s ability to ease those suffering from these without the need for those powerful pharmaceutical drugs may be the game-changer we all need.

Lastly, CBD also has some surprising beauty benefits like the treatment of acne. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that may be a potent solution for those having acne issues. CBD can also suppress the face from creating too much sebum (which is the reason for your breakouts.)

Whew, that is certainly a lot of great benefits, isn’t it?

Does CBD Oil Affect Your Weight?

Now, unto the big question – Does CBD make you gain weight? As stated above, CBD does not give off the effect of feeling “stoned” to users. It also will not give you the “munchies” or that feeling of excessive hunger. The main culprit for those symptoms is the chemical compound THC, which is also found in the same plant as CBD.

So, no, there is no strict evidence that says CBD will cause you to gain weight. In fact, all signs point to the opposite of this. The surprising part of all of this is that CBD might even help you to lose some weight. Although more studies are really needed to confirm whether this is true or not, some promising small studies say CBD may aid in healthy weight management.

These researches indicate that when CBD enters our body, the chemical compound may stimulate certain proteins and genes that help us break down fat. Plus, CBD may have an amazing ability to kickstart out metabolism and fuels our bodies to burn more calories. Amazingly, CBD may also suppress our bodies ability to produce new fat cells.

Again, more studies are needed to make these claims more conclusive (and there are more in-depth studies happening as we speak) but the early findings that are already brought forth are really promising indeed and may just take the fitness and health world by storm in the years to come.

CBD Will Just Keep Growing!

CBD may be new to the world, but its rising popularity is largely indicative of its benefits and untapped potential. From pain management to helping ease anxiety and depression symptoms, to various beauty benefits. CBD certainly is something to really watch out for!

And now, maybe, we can eventually add healthy weight management to the list of CBD’s main benefits. This could be a great addition to those suffering from obesity and various illnesses that causes weight growth. With all of those promising leads, it’s really no surprise that CBD’s potential to the medical world just keeps on growing and unraveling.








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