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weed conspiracy

Cannabis Conspiracy In America?

Is Big Pharma, Tabacco, and Alcohol Stopping Legalized Pot?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Jul 5, 2017

Let’s talk about Cannabis Conspiracies for a Moment

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First, before we jump into conspiracies and cannabis, I’m not one of those tinfoil hat wearing stoners who believes every conspiracy that he comes across. However, I am also not ignorant to the fact that conspiracies “do occur” and that it’s far more frequent than most of us think.



As a long time cannabis consumer, I have had my fair share of friends and acquaintances that consume cannabis. Out of my own personal pool of people, I would say that roughly 80%-90% of them believe that cannabis is illegal because of a conspiracy that started right after the days of alcohol prohibition.



Most of these people believe this because of one person, Mr. Jack Herer who wrote a book called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. If you haven’t read this book yourself, you can get it directly on Mr. Herer’s website for free.



Now, within this book Jack talks about many topics, including the origins of cannabis and the origins of cannabis prohibition of which he points the finger to three men in particular. We’ll call them the Hearst-Anslinger-Du Pont trifecta just to sound cool.




Essentially, through the efforts of these three men, cannabis became demonized and ultimately prohibited in 1937 with the Marihuana Tax Act.



Each of the men had their own reasons why to ‘hate on’ cannabis. Anslinger, he simply needed work since he no longer was necessary after alcohol prohibition. Thus, he needed a new vice to demonize to continue to have a job, otherwise he was as obsolete as a squared wheel.



Hearst, who owned a lot of newspapers back in the day, hated Mexicans and was especially plagued by a Mr. Doroteo Arrango or commonly known as Pancho Villa. Villa and his ‘banditos’ would frequently raid the Hearst haciendas which were located in Mexico. Seeing that Anslinger was going to play the “race card” to make cannabis illegal, Hearst had no problem spreading lies in his newspapers about the ill effects of cannabis, particularly within the Black and Mexican communities.



According to Herer, Du Pont was interested in making cannabis illegal not because of marijuana, but because of Hemp which threatened the expansion of his petro-chemical businesses. The only real competition he had was from hemp which could virtually make everything that he was going to market.



As the story goes, these three got together and worked to convince the American public that “Marijuana” was the devil. Sub sequentially, they are known as the Fathers of Prohibition within the cannabis community.


truth about cannabis

Is any of this true?


Well, as with any conspiracy, the facts aren’t 100%. We cannot entirely say that ‘THIS’ is the reason why cannabis is illegal mainly because there were plenty of other places where cannabis was being prohibited prior to the Anslinger-Hearst-Du Pont Trifecta.



However, there still is compelling evidence that all of this did occur, and judging by other conspiracies within the United States, it isn’t too unbelievable either.



What do I think personally? The odds that a group of people got together to make cannabis illegal is extremely likely, mainly because we continue to see these shady tactics today.



There are entire industries that depend on the existence of prohibition to survive. Take away drug prohibition and you’ll have private prisons, the DEA, rehabilitation clinics and much more taking a massive economic hit.



More importantly, when we see pharmaceutical companies fund “anti-cannabis” propaganda and had a policy in place that only sought to find the “negative effects” of cannabis within their studies…well, it starts looking and smelling like a conspiracy.



Hell, the entire War on Drugs is a conspiracy set forth by Nixon in the 70s. He needed to squash protests and…well…hate on black people and minorities, and thus invented the war on drugs as a means to do so without challenge. If you don’t believe me, one of his aides actually admitted to this…so no longer a conspiracy but rather fact.



Then we have incidents like the Gulf of Tonkin, which was a false flag operation that duped the US into going into Vietnam, MK Ultra that drugged unsuspected Americans, implemented mass propaganda for the purpose of mind control and most recently, the overthrowing of Gadhafi which the official story talks about overthrowing a cruel dictator but really was about stopping him from creating a gold backed currency for the continent of Africa.



Putting on the Tinfoil Hat


One of the reasons why I believe cannabis is illegal comes directly from MK Ultra that dubbed cannabis as a “mind control inhibitor”. People tend to question the official story when they are smoking marijuana. Additionally, when you learn about the shady origins of prohibition, you can’t help to start asking, “What else have they lied about”.



I don’t think cannabis users are tinfoil hat wearing folk, however, I do believe that they are more likely to question at a higher frequency than non-smokers and this is a good thing. We need more people who exercise their critical thinking abilities because there are enough sheep in the world. Perhaps, cannabis can create an awakening of a generation of critical thinkers.


Oh…and Tupac is alive!













What did you think?

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