cannabis marketing predictions
cannabis marketing predictions

Cannabis Marketing Predictions That Are Now Coming True

Future Cannabis Marketing Predictions Are Coming True

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Dec 16, 2018

Future Cannabis Market Predictions that are Coming True

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Earlier this year I wrote about “where the real money in cannabis will be” and today I’m going to show you an example. My hope is to show you that the market for cannabis is virtually untapped and what we’re seeing today is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


The smart money within the cannabis industry will be in the diversification of infused products. This doesn’t necessarily mean psychoactive, but could include things such as terpenes, minor cannabinoids and even parts of the plant such as the root, seed and leaf.


While these products won’t get  you high, they will still provide some medical benefit (not the focus) but will also open up the world to a new array of fragrances, tastes and effects.


First Cannabis Perfume Hits the Stores!


As I predicted earlier this year, the landscape of cannabis products will evolve. We’ll start seeing designer products aimed at a mass consumer market. Not particularly cannabis users, but people in general.


The first real world example of this is Imeon which relates to the Hindu Kush Mountains. Interestingly it has hints of Hindu Kush in it, but no THC.


These scented perfumes have terpenes in them, lemon, tobacco, frankincense and other ingredients and provides a very unique smell profile. This is by far not the first of its kind, there are other cannabis perfumes out there, but they smell like weed.


Imeon is one of the first that simply uses cannabis as an additional ingredient as opposed to trying to mimic the smell of the weed itself.


By adding in cannabis, the smell profile of perfumes can drastically change. While currently the bottle can only be purchased in store for a whopping $95 USD per pop, it’s definitely showing us what the future of marijuana could be.


Don’t forget the Terpenes


We know very little of the minor cannabinoids and terpenes found within the cannabis plant. As we continue to study these elements, we’ll find new and exciting ways to incorporated it into a host of new products.


As mentioned, these products won’t be focusing on getting you high, but rather will use the terpenes and cannabinoids to complement their products. Terpenes also has a major application in the world of eating.


Chefs are already playing around with different dishes, infusing foods with new flavors and aromas. Soon we should expect seeing sauces, dressings and spices with cannabis derived elements in them. Once we reach this point, we’re entering into a new era of cannabis.


What should you do to prepare for the boom?


I know a lot of you are bummed because “growing weed” has been the cream dream for most stoners within a retail setting. However, most of us won’t ever get the opportunity to sell weed directly to the consumer in such a way. There are already major players within this sector making it infinitely more difficult to break into the market.


If you truly want to reap the benefits of cannabis legalization, start working on creating by-products of the market. We’re talking about the perfumes, sauces, dressings, clothing lines, etc.


Hemp/Cannabis can make up to 50,000 unique products with its pulp, fibers, cellulose, oils and much more. Popular Mechanics believes in 1937 that Hemp would rule the world. Sadly, the wall of prohibition stifled the evolution of these products, but now that the floodgates are being lifted, it’s creating a unique new opportunity for the market to participate.


The trick is to think outside of the box. Don’t typecast yourself within a particular niche. Use the cannabis plant as just another ingredient within your product and find a way to market it to the masses. If a Terpene-Infused Hot Sauce tastes amazing and doesn’t get you high…retailers like Wholefoods and Walmart will eventually stock it.


Start Experimenting


Too many people are focused on the cannabis market with the aim of growing and selling cannabis products. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, there is a lot of competition. It’s quite obvious that Pharma will try to corner the cannabis market in terms of medicine, and companies such as Coca Cola and alcohol companies will try to corner the beverage market.


This leaves everything else up to us to create and the market is huge. It’s time to start getting creative and experiment with new products using cannabis as just another ingredient. Focus on creating products that will be easy to consume or high end luxury products (especially within the first 5-10 years post Federal legalization).


Within the next 20 years, countries such as Mexico will begin to supply cannabis in its raw form to companies in the United States for processing. It’s best to set up your infrastructure before the floodgates are finally opened. I would even go as far as to say that we could see this type of international commerce scheme occur within the next five years.


Marijuana Marketing Predictions That Are Now Coming True! from CannabisNet on Vimeo.











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