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Caveman Jeff Sessions Can't Understand Cannabis Support

His Anti-Cannabis Policies Don't Make Sense To 80% Of America Now

Posted by Reginald Reefer on Monday Apr 24, 2017
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caveman jeff sessions


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty odd years; cannabis legalization is very popular lately with close to two thirds of the US population behind the idea that legalizing weed is something we should do. The statistics are even higher when we’re talking about Medical Marijuana, with close to 80% of the population supporting that notion.



In fact, since the late 1960’s, the approval for cannabis has seen a steady increase as more information about the plant came to light debunking myths and lies spread by the government to maintain the Status Quo.



Yet for some reason, we have an Attorney General that was thawed out from the Paleogene Period and placed in charge of the Department of Justice, who sub-sequentially dictates drug policy in the US. Right off the bat, he started vomiting his anti-cannabis rhetoric in high hopes that the US population would rally behind him and once more raise the banner to wipe out the “scourge of marihuana” as the golden heyday of drug prohibition.



Unfortunately for “Beauregard”, his anti-cannabis sentiment was met with hostile opposition from the general public. Seeing that Mr. Sessions cannot comprehend ‘why people are not liking his policies’, I’d like to make it simple for him and explain to him why the people want cannabis legalized and readily available for use within a recreational and medical and industrial application.



In order to ensure that Beauregard understands, I’ll speak classic caveman in my titles to help communicate the message.




“Unga Bunga, Bunga Ung” – Cannabis is Medicine



The US government has known since the very beginning of cannabis prohibition that it indeed was medicine. When they were doing “studies” on the plant to determine “what makes it bad”, they found compelling reasons to “why it’s good” instead.



In fact, when Nixon commissioned the Shafer Commission the idea was to find ‘scientific evidence’ to support the notion that it’s “okay” to arm a division of law enforcement with military style weaponry/training to literally wage war against the people of the US and the world by means of the Drug War.



After extensive studying of the plant, weighing out all the evidence and having a panel of experts dissect everything there was to know about cannabis at the time, they recommended that we ‘Do not move forward with the War on Drugs” and rather “legalize cannabis” seeing it was much less dangerous than alcohol.




Nixon ignored this, and then waged war on us all.



Fast forward to the late 1990’s, post Raegan’s intensification of the War on Drugs, California decides to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. One of the main motivations for the push to legalize was due to the medical relief brought to cancer patients and AIDS/HIV patients who suffered from appetite loss, pain and withering syndrome.



Today, we find that more than half of all US states have some sort of legal marijuana scheme in place. With close to 200 diseases being “treatable” with cannabis whether for symptom relief or actual healing, people are more convinced than ever that cannabis must be legal; especially where pharma has failed.



So of course Jeff, if you’re policies are all about “taking the people’s medicines away” you’re not going to be welcomed with open arms, but rather will feel the pointy side of a steel-toe boot.





Wachonga, bunga langa tem” – When enough is enough



Dear Beauregard,


This year we’re hitting the 80th birthday of Marijuana Prohibition. That means for 80 years you and your ilk have been trying to ‘eradicate cannabis’ and as a result of your efforts have arrested between 16,000,000 to 21,000,000 people since 1971.


Additionally, you have spent more than a Trillion dollars over the past 40 years and to what result? Your policies enriched drug cartels and made drugs even more available to children (the people who you claim to want to protect). We just can’t keep on doing this anymore, it’s the literal definition of insanity. We don’t understand why you don’t ‘get it’? Your policies have failed, your system is a violation of our natural rights and isn’t doing anything to make the world “safer” or even “soberer”. This is why we have to let you go, the world has changed around you and no longer are you or your ideas relevant in our society. It’s one of those “sorry, not sorry” situations Jeffery, we hope you understand.




The US Population



Perhaps an official “break up letter” to Jeff Sessions would put things in perspective. The fact of the matter is that the population of the US has had enough. There are too many negatives to the Drug War with little result to their goal of “eradicating drugs”. Not to mention the hypocrisy of “legal drug manufacturing and distribution within the US” under the guise of pharmaceutical medicines. It’s not marijuana killing people, rather the legal drugs are claiming more than 28,000 people each year. In states that have legalized weed, they have seen a 25% reduction in opioid fatalities since legalization.



When you have had 40 years and one trillion dollars to do something, only to achieve the exact opposite…enough is enough.





“Twingi, tuwang loma loma” – The Future is Green!



Finally, Jeff Sessions, the future of this world is green whether we’re talking about energy, food or medicine. People are sick and tired of the ways of old, where we burnt everything for fuel and dug holes to cover our trash like a cat shamefully burying its excrement in a sandbox.



Cannabis provides a pathway to a greener future, from being able to create biodegradable plastics, paper, cloth, food, fuel, medicine and much more. In fact, the estimation of products to be derived from the cannabis plant is set to over 40,000. That’s commerce Jeff, that’s investing in jobs and safety and security. It’s providing a means to a better life…and you want to take it away?



You ‘Can’t understand’ why people aren’t supporting your anti-cannabis rhetoric anymore?



It’s simple…



WE WOKE THE FUCK UP! Maybe it’s time you do too.




jeffrey sessions and big tobacco



trump on cannabis


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