Cannabis Prohibition
Cannabis Prohibition

Cannabis Prohibition Turns 80 Years Old Today, Lets End It Now.

Vote For Change, Cannabis Should Be Legal

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Aug 29, 2016

Why Dinosaurs Must Die – The Story of Mr. Prohibition




Cannabis Prohibition is nearing its 80th birthday, meaning that if it was person, it would be turning senile with a slight case of Dementia. You can see this with the irrational response from the DEA and their ilk towards the public acceptance of cannabis.



The DEA recently re-declared that cannabis has no medical value and has a high potential for abuse despite the fact that there are over 20,000 publications that support the fact that cannabis is medicine. One would think that by now the DEA would at least admit that cannabis does have “some” medical benefit, but seeing that they are birthed from the ideology of yesteryear, it is true what they say about old dogs; You can’t teach them new tricks.



I imagine that if prohibition was a person, he’d be a heavy set balding man, hunched over with gnarled fingers pointing at those “young whippersnappers” with their music and strange haircuts. The smell of death would be clinging to the body and clothes of old Mr. Prohibition as he rants to himself about the “good ol’ times” sitting on his crooked porch watching the world go by.



Why are you still clinging to your life Mr. Prohibition…do us all a favor and just die!



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The Political Dinosaurs Must Die



If Prohibition is an old man, politicians are his thoughts, his ideas or even his brain cells keeping him going. Warrior of the “just say no” era still sitting in power after so many decades of screwing over people and throwing a significant portion of the country in jail.



Did you know that since 1971 to present day, more than 20 million people have been locked up for drug related crimes? The fastest growing industry in the United States is the prison industrial complex, which we could say is a close cousin to prohibition and a distant relative of Old Man Slavery.



These policies were fabricated by Prohibition. Bending to the will of corporations that benefit from prohibition, our current drug laws were crafted in the obscurest parts of Mr. Prohibitions mind.



Yet as time passed, the world evolved around Mr. Prohibition and now he finds himself alien in a new world. The moralistic approach to lawmaking, which appealed to earlier generations no longer has any value within modern society. Our standards of morality have shifted away from a religious indoctrination to a more humanist philosophy. “To each his own” is the motto of the new world.



Yet still, those same politicians that have been banking on prohibition have failed to adapt to the new views of the world. They still cling on to their old rhetoric and despite scientific evidence and public support, continue to maintain their position on the Drug issue.



The world is very different than it was forty years ago. Hell, the world is very different today than it was ten years ago and at the rate of innovation in today’s age…it will be very different in the next five years. This is why we require dynamic leadership that has the ability to adapt and change as required by the times.





Politicians that have spent their lives in politics are technically not qualified to lead our current and future generations. This is why I believe that these political dinosaurs must go the way of the dodo.


Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized In The US


Drugs aren’t bad. They are merely tools to enhance or to inhibit and it should be the responsibility of each individual to use them accordingly. These old political dinosaurs will never be able to grasp this concept and thus it is about time that we get rid of them, just like a malignant mole on your back; cut them out!



The world is changing too fast for Mr. Prohibition and his buddies and it will be up to use, the current and future generations to Darwin them out of existence. If you have an interest in politics, whether state or national level, get involved and show the world that there are alternatives to Dinosaur politics.



Fortunately, Mr. Prohibition contracted a terminal disease; awareness. People are now aware that not only is his policies dangerous and toxic, it’s based on lies and cannot and should not be enforced.



Let’s hope that Mr. Prohibition flat lines one of these days. The world would be a much better place if he did.





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