mexico weed in cali weed
mexico weed in cali weed

Did You Know The Best Marijuana in Mexico Actually Comes From California?

The best weed in Mexico is still coming in from Cali!

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

mexio marijuana is from califronia

You might have heard about how popular California weed is across the U.S. but its influence beyond the borders too is staggering. As of 2021, California weed was recorded as the most trafficked weed across the Mexican border into Mexico. If this is coming as a surprise to you then you will need to stick around as we show you why it is so.

Current situation of cannabis laws in Mexico

The first thing to state is that recreational cannabis is still very much illegal in Mexico but this has not stopped the influx of California weed into the country. California on the other hand has existing laws that allow recreational marijuana to be sold to adults over the age of 21. This disparity in laws has produced a situation in which California weed is readily taken across the border either through planes or pedestrian borders to a public in need. Trends have shown that many Mexicans are readily procuring cannabis in San Diego and taking it across the border. While some are for recreational purposes, many people are also keying into the benefit of medical marijuana.

It is to be expected that such action won’t be met with much appreciation from the Mexican authorities. Nonetheless, the Mexican government has repeatedly shown that it is willing to lessen federal laws for medicinal cannabis. The government created room for Medical Marijuana, Inc to issue legal permits for Mexicans to import CBD products. As expected, this importation is facilitated by a doctor’s prescription but it shows the wriggle room the government has given medicinal marijuana. The majority of these prescriptions are catered for with products emanating from California.

Factors promoting the influx of California weed into Mexico

California readily sees a great influx of tourists and visitors from Mexico. The existing recreational and medical cannabis market has also influenced this a great deal. Many of these tourists and visitors end up buying California weed either to explore or to actively indulge. After being opened up to the wonderful goodness embedded in cannabis, most cannot resist the urge to want more. This prompts the drive to take it home and share it with family and friends back in Mexico. This has spurred the movement of California cannabis into Mexico and continues to till date.

A rough index of this factor was exemplified by Pablo Guzman who is a cannabis consultant with Southwest Patient Group. From his observation of about 200 customers the group attends daily, ten percent of the, are from Mexico. While he states that the group readily advises them on existential laws in the U.S and Mexico, some of these products will eventually be taken back. This reality didn’t just occur today, it has been a norm for quite some time now. Medical marijuana in California dates back more than 20 years and Mexicans and American citizens living in Mexico have been taking cannabis into Mexico since.

Tijuana now plays host to a specific breed of consumers who are only in the market for California weed. These are not the regular criminals or sick stoners that many have come to identify weed with. Instead, they are professionals across different fields who are also sound physically and mentally. Yet, they appreciate the euphoric and relaxing effects of California weed and are willing to pay much more for it. These customers can separate products based on their THC and CBD content and are also very particular about the source of the weed making them more painstaking.

Mexico; from cannabis exporter to small-scale importer

If we are to delve a bit further into history, it is surprising to note that Mexico was once a major exporter of cannabis into the U.S. This went on for almost 100 years before the tide changed over 20 years ago with the former becoming a small-scale importer from the latter. This change is prompting binational cannabis advocates to push for reform of marijuana laws in both countries. Cannabis remains illegal in the U.S despite it being legal in many states and this is still the same reality in Mexico.

Tijuana cannabis activists have it better than others in different parts of Mexico. Thanks to its border with California, a cannabis dispensary is easily just a mere stone's throw from Tijuana. This allows residents of Tijuana to be more exposed to cannabis cultures in California which most end up replicating in marijuana. While this remains illegal, it is easy to see that the Mexican government might soon have no choice but to change its attitude to changing times.

Mexican medical marijuana reforms

Baja California and other parts of Mexico have seen a rapid increase in the use of cannabis. This has concurrently influenced a change in the stereotyping of marijuana users among the populace. The change in attitude in the country is being banked upon to influence the government in establishing room for medical marijuana. A proper working structure as shown in California is known to have a great effect on reducing the activities of gray markets. The Mexican government is being urged by many advocates to look in this direction but a lot of work is to be done if this is to be achieved.

Over the years, different personalities and arms of the Mexican government have weighed in greatly on the medical marijuana issue. The Supreme Court in 2015 ruled in favor of a family that used cannabis-derived oil to help their daughter who was suffering from severe epilepsy. Fernando Belaunzaran is also a former congressman who was very vocal in calling for the legalization of medical marijuana. The Tourism chief of the country has also proposed legalizing medical marijuana in states with many Americans. These states include Quintana Roo (Cancun), and Los Cabos in Baja California.

Bottom Line

Only time will tell which way the Mexican government will sway in the years to come. One thing remains sure at this time, the need for medical marijuana in Mexico will not leave any time soon. Families will be in need of medical marijuana and tourists and visitors will always want access to their desired California weed. This means that for now and for a while to come, California weed will continue to populate the Mexican space.    





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